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46m · 28
Faith Is
Seanathon 46m
Is looking into the darkness
Knowing that it's not sea, but sky
And trusting that there are stars

Is an outreached hand on high
Knowing that no such embrace will come
But grace, will arise

And choice
Is the soul struggling inbetween
Weather or not to believe
In all which exists beyond our own eyes
Stars can only be hidden
I bought him a drink
But not that kind
Unable to grant answers in any amount
All I could offer him was this
The most basic human commodity
And I did
I offered him time
Praying for that kid.
1d · 64
Time is a river
A perspective
A current washing through your fingers
2d · 107
Faith Beneath
Just a blind man can have faith
In the firmness of world beneath his bed
So I also will believe in myself and my God
And that I will arise anew each day
To begin again
For as long as he wishes
I am his
With hair falling before quiet ears
And mind bent steadily on pages of ink
Resting softly above the earth
Her chest rises and falls
In steady unison
Her pulse patters faintly like little feet
And with quiet eyes, she looks up suddenly at me
And winks
My past and I had this really subtle language we used. When one was annoyed, appalled or feeling a certain positive thing. It only took the slightest sliver of a look to communicate things. But as awesome as that was, it's in the past. And I'm alright with that. A memory this is.
I do not worship nothing
Because it's the opposite of something
Instead I find only slight praise in those moments
When a quiet something new emerges
From what I perceive to be
But probably isn't
Nothing at all
Nothing is something. How Intuitives write.
2d · 55
The Inevitable
Never let it be said
That I took a bite too big to breathe
That I scorched the earth beyond repair
That I cut down every growing tree
That I delved too deeply into the questioning unrepair

Never let it be said
That time itself is now regrettably by
Or that I was never truly willing to try

Never let it never be said that my faith ever waivered, without purpose or reprise

Never let it be said that I said no more
Never let it be said that my breath will not end
Never let it be said I will not endure
Never let it be said that I was not of men

I was
I am
I'm not a Calvinist. But I am me. A human nonetheless.
Tall tower of Ecthelion
White tree of Númenor
Crash not over me with tidal waves
But restore the trust
The peace perceived and the strength of men
As it was before between the earth
During the younger days
When the sunlight was bright with gleaming eyes
A Stoningland Prayer
As eyes see surely
Blue lylac on a green hill
Wavering with ease
So also these yellow sails
Grace the white canvas born free
Wildflowers and lylac scene
Park bench sitting
Hands aching

As strangers ask
Quiet questions pass
Like cotton seeds

As an opportunity
The breeze
Passes us by

2d · 31
Through Leaves
You are my view through youthful trees
A glimpse through out of focus leaves
Slightly akilter yet without runoff
You make me want to paint anew
With paint for you
As if I had once been sought
Not all that I write is about me. Thank God lol
2d · 31
Watching Rivers
It's like I spend my life
Speeding through rivers
With the occasional wade or float
But when I sit and let the water catch me up
My life no longer flies
Instead the world passes me by
For a change
For a change indeed
2d · 302
Over And In Time
Trees over rivers
Dew over blades
Water over gravel beds
Rain clouds over Western plains
And I
Trust in the inevitable over doubt
See courage over the fearful flame
And think over and over abundantly
Yet over that in time I will be
Or so I proclaim
Geez man... Be more idealistic
2d · 36
Faith Gives More
Faith makes faces shine
Like crumpled tin sheets in the sunlight

Gives the backing of Giants
To those once considered meek

And shows one's own ability to believe
In all that ever could be

Faith brings both warmth and luminosity
To the cold, small, twisted mind of man
Faith Gives more than any un
4d · 81
Pencils pray not to be picked
Brushes roll away and hide
Conversations intentionally aim and miss
Ivory keys pretend not to be alive
The original concept grows wings on the wine
The original truth tries it's best to lie
And I am the one who is for want of all practice
Never let it be said that I never tried
Is a deep word
Meaning more than envy itself
Envious is craving your feet on the other side of the world
Where no road ends
When the same rain falls
And when all things turn inevitably
For better or worse
We are all on the same green Earth
Envious. Because wanderlust is such a trap.
Declarative me, saying what I was
With a question inbetween

Feeling better as if I'd breathed again
In the quiet stillness of unthinking

In such words I lose myself for a min
Until hours catch up and overtake me

As if questioning what I was and then
Sets me free to begin and be

This is how I tend to write and then
This is why, it's is not, and for me
How I Tend To Write
4d · 80
Walk Along
No mention of stars or sea
Or of sky or song
Or of rivers reaching
Roads winding
Or of trees singing quietly
As we walk along
None of it lasts
Nearly half as long
Or compares to the truth
Within the pursuit of you
As we walk along
How a verse evolves with each line.

I like this one.
Pull me out of the threads
Like a ragdoll willing
Almost excited to climb the cotton mount
And fall with goose feathers down

Sacrifice a fruit on the alter of passion
But do not deny me this one little thing
This basic, simple, moment left
To let my head fall ever down

And when I wake from such a falling out
And my time spent surfing on goose feathers runs out
Would you bend the rules of time for me?
Would you unwind the clock with parts ferocity on the ground?

Because even if you must
I beg of you
I plead
Please don't make me wakeup to this morning now
Waking Up A Dream
4d · 68
Abuse Of Sleep
There is no peace

When you find yourself
Persuing sleep
As if it were non-exsistance

There is no rest
In such restlessness of spirit
For a friend. Along with prayers.
Like a ripple...
Spreads the inner arrogant statements of self
Which you'd never tell someone else
Because even sounding them out sounds loud
But you believe in them still
In the quiet subconsciousness of self
Like the echoings of an inner cavern
There is something there
Because something that once cast shadows fell
The sun it rises slowly as you walk...
This is me
Standing on a tower cold
Pushing up the clouded skies
With fingers stretched wide
Trying to hold back the rainy clouds
Until this imitation month
Which proclaims to be a daughter of May
Proceeds to pass us by

May isn't for rain
Stealing her sisters MO
4d · 26
Worlds Around
Perspective is perspective based
As it takes no magnifying glass to find
That there are hidden worlds all around you to be found
Long lasting and prior existing
With Windows tall, and short, and high
If you'd only take the time to see them
And open your eyes
There's no telling what world next you'll be wandering through
Just to leave behind
Worlds Around
4d · 22
I'm so selfish
That I've only wantrd my own distractions to distract me

In those ways which I will certainly be
At peace and free

Because time passing alone
Isn't enough to please me

Let alone someone else, near by at present
As it was never meant nor will be

But instead it's the foolish selfish desire
Which I've let govern me, sadly

For more time now than I care to admit
I've called by name, these distractions and me
5d · 46
Cloud Spirit
I fell from the sky
Ages ago
And that is why I like the rain
Because it reminds
And disguises that I, am not home again
Because when it rains
I can smell the clouds
I can even pretend
That I’m living in the sky again
I fell from the sky
6d · 106
Dear May
Dear May
Check your memos
Your voicemail and fax
Because it feels like April today
And it's a full twelve days
Since your sister has supposedly
"Gone away"
Dear May
6d · 45
Thought Selfish
Are thoughts all the happier
When they think they're thought?
Or tucked away in a book pressed flat
And stored away for another day?
I think not
At least speaking for myself and for my own thoughts
They are quite demanding, unfolding
And unwilling to thought of as naught
6d · 81
With a song in my ears
And a smile on my face
This is the small window of change
For me
Where I can be charming and unafraid
Truly comfortable
In this informal space alive

The power of music.
6d · 110
Her Hair In Rain
I do not need a flowing river
Or a mane of branches whispering to me in the morning dew
I need only the last the sunlit rays of day
The final sight to be seen
And though you say it does not
Being there certainly does make the rain smell more true
It doesn't matter which. If there's want.
7d · 88
Learning to be selfish
Unlearning how to think
Aware of the ocean bottom fear
I am not
But still in my mind
And steady my will
Lord strengthen my prayer
My resolve
My being
I used to be thunderous
In all ears and a roar
But now I'm like lighting instead
And when I strike
There is only a sudden flash of light
As a ****** of fire appears before
Instantly born
Where the static clouds meet the metal earth
I am timing incumbet, electric incarnate
And as my will touches down
My foes are torn
I mean, I'm still loud some days. But I'm older now, a little wiser, and I've learned how to pick my moments of  exertion.
7d · 68
Dear Alan Watts
A dither of doubt
Doesn't do justice to this

To the self inflicted wound of how

Carved out like wood
And collapsed like stone

The engraving is known
And read often aloud
To a mind bent on listening
To such wavering doubts
"And if we lack self confidence..."
7d · 39
Silent Meaning
Ill will held on
Dries out my hands
And cracks in the sky are never welcome
Hence why the attempt is never planned
Though apart from my old self
I find, I am
And yet
With contented say grown out of sigh
Though I may be quiet
Having pushing myself far away
In the silence, know this
You are always welcome
Le nathlam hí
7d · 43
In A Straw Field
Straw hemmed down
Crackling beneath collapsed feet
And folded underneath
Like a prayer
I'm bound to you and to this moment
Like a song
I wait for the inevitable record scratch
And the crackling repeat
Of whenever we roll
Over the breaking backs of the strawfall down
On the bed we made
Where our young bodies first did meet
7d · 140
Drops In A Puddle
Overlapping like our hands
But colder, quicker
And in an uncontrolled fall
Free until splash, dew part
The rain drops in the puddle there
Are not like us at all
Rain Drop Ripples In A Puddle
May 10 · 65
Goodnight, Dear World
Seanathon May 10
Dear world, dark world
Colder and older than the start of time
More lost than the downward eyes
Which seek the feet of man

How your crusted epicenter stands
As the foothills choose what is before
To walk the path of least resistance

And so

No more will I let stand beside
This burrowed unrest in my chest
And so now I say without hesitance
Dear world, goodnight
Be at Peace
I am at home in your rest
Weariness brings about a different kind of fondness for me. A fondness of sleep. Zzzzzz....
May 7 · 277
The Final Whisper
Seanathon May 7
When the only whisper
Left in loved ears
Is wind
Then all will fall and flow over itself again
The final whisper is wind
In your ears.
May 6 · 67
Seanathon May 6
Time is focus
Focus is energy
Energy, mentality
And the mind is time
Unawares of me
May 3 · 159
Regardless of Ratio
Seanathon May 3
You know
There will always be
More smiles
More good people
Almost Always
May 1 · 135
Seanathon May 1
This song is the sound
Reincarnate of love
Feels like to me
In the absence of be
And yet
This song is the sound
Of reincarnated love
May 1 · 58
Highway Beside
Seanathon May 1
Cars roll by in subsequent order
Aimless yet guided
Aware of me yet not
And so, gone in an instant
Though similar in nature
Are thoughts
Are cars
Are these other lives
Are these
Highway Beside
May 1 · 212
Finding You True
Seanathon May 1
Stop picturing yourself
As happier somewhere else
And focus on finding
The most joyous you
In what is currently true
Finding You True
May 1 · 83
A Mind
Seanathon May 1
A door
Large and impending
Leave it ajar and I'll be regretting it
For a drafty age to come
Just being honest.
May 1 · 36
A Window In Rivendell
Seanathon May 1
With armchair oceans
Window territories
And cavernous vaults beneath wooden beach
Oak and timber, rock and stone
Stretched out in the cold of winter contained
Find a new home for your quiet feet
And in months, when spring born summer ends
Fall back into the ease of a rustling sleep
With the choice to never begin
Beneath a canvas of life
Which keeps growing and falling
Ever onward and over again
May 1 · 284
Plotted Path
Seanathon May 1
Lay me out like tiles on a floor
Thrown down as if my order didn't matter
When really I am, the plan is me
A succinctly styled corridor
A path to walk down beneath the feet
Like tiles
May 1 · 60
Seanathon May 1
That is the glorious peeking dawn
Youthful flowers in a denim vase
Pure beauty beneath, behind the face
Apr 22 · 131
Seanathon Apr 22
When spirits are roused
Minds set afire
And dust sent flying by the awakened feet
Hands aching for action
Not just for resistance or victory
Not for power or blood
Nor for conquest or feast
No, such hunger growls due to the inaction of man
From the settling sunlit rays of dust
From the empty corridors
From rememberance of fire being felt beneath the feet
Apr 22 · 138
Seanathon Apr 22
The greatest secret
Allowed to survive in this place
Is that this place is hers
And that I am here
Next to her own
About two tall people
Apr 22 · 135
Two, Alone With Song
Seanathon Apr 22
When you can see the vibrations
On the sanguine strings

When you can soak the sounds
And rinse it from the unsaturated air

When the quiet head fold softly
Falling atop the masters knees without a conscious care

That is when
And their matters not, where
Two, a master and a hound, alone with song.
Apr 22 · 54
In Due Time
Seanathon Apr 22
Who I am
And if I'm good enough
True enough to be
Should not be my concern
Because when someone wants to see you
They generally see

In due time
All is seen
In due time
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