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Oct 6 · 253
Sunrise Fling Tanka
Seanathon Oct 6
Steady shadows wince
At the sunrise smiling wide
Seeing it's lover
Saying casual goodbyes
To it's famed fling named goodnight
Sunrise Fling Tanka
Oct 6 · 143
Fever Want
Seanathon Oct 6
It's easy to be most confident
When the action is present
When the purpose is known
But give yourself nothing but time to see
Nothing but quite days of drifting snow
And there in the waiting you will find
That the precious thing which you wanted most
Was just another line of string
In a wrapped up life slowly being unrolled
Whatever we want, is most often a human want.
Seanathon Oct 4
Someday I'll play this song for you
Someplace where only you will hear
And only we will see
Appearing suddenly as a mountain fog in the morning Spring
And you'll know the breadth of my thought breathed for you
The gifts I once created too
Long before we were we
Trying to be more truthful. In order to catalog. To move on until the dawn.
Oct 4 · 95
Please & Thank You
Seanathon Oct 4
No monument of me be made
Or carving placed once I am gone
But please instead
Let my borrowed words be but a memory of mine
And if you should find yourself compelled by them
And must appreciate them based on a similarity of mind
Letit be done so, quickly, quietly, personally
Don't ***** out a single stanza in the name of me
Thank you
I'd appreciate it most greatly
Please & Thank You
Seanathon Oct 4
The most ardent kiss which the asphalt will ever know
  Is when mother nature bows her head
    Purses her clouded cotton lips  
      And gently drops a trillion kisses on a square stretch of highway
        Until they puddle up in joyful memory
          And the autobahn is lost in a contented, smitten, bliss
Raindrops Over The Autobahn
Oct 3 · 59
Seanathon Oct 3
Life is grain broken
Barley thrashed and pulled apart at the seams of bread and beer

Grapeless wine
On tender loving vines in a budding vineyard still

Intent on being our sustenance from the start
Such things are born at the hands of man but by the will of Gods kind heart
Beneath Heavens, From The Earth
Oct 3 · 107
In Love With An Ideal
Seanathon Oct 3
In mind a young mans fortune told
His sky colored and emboldened by light

Though the story is winding like a forest old
Falling into complexity at every summers end

It's in discovery And time
Which you are found

Lest I find
That I loved not you but this image of mine
He named her and I couldn't help but laugh, at his lack of a tangible definition.
Seanathon Oct 3
It's newfound lovers beneath the first starry night sky shared together

It's a child playing at the tail end of a wave, just wishing for a second longer it would stay

It's a moment consumed by a clockless mouth

It's the most pleasant forget which you can find within yourself

It is a passionate glory in a war without spears

It is the flowing rivers of song in communicative ears

And therefore in being, be it the evermore near

Such love at first words is all that you wish you could hear
The First Time You Speak - nuff said
Seanathon Oct 3
They aren't just standing there
Breathing in and out your air

They are standing at the very spot
Seeing with the same clear eyes

And feeling that which you once did
The breath, the silence, the reply
Part want, part passionate distaste for it. Sharing as such.
Seanathon Oct 3
White ivory
Tapping down grey city streets
On a sparking hill once wild and free

The earth in love
And her daughters eye smiling quietly
Beneath flowing hair and golden sunlight

Their countenance
Making Monday breathe more easily
With the promise of afternoon sunshine to be

Seanathon Sep 29
I love the Stars
Cold and distant burning warm on approaching day
Darker than the lover's heart once torn apart until the newfound comes
And ways present themselves

And in falling
Streaks across the sky proclaiming love of our atmosphere
With a tale of residue tagging along and just behind It's former way of life

And in our eyes seeing
A sparkle alive in this familiar, love found, way

A star entering loves atmosphere
Is what I see in the dawn of this new day
True story...

But man, my allergies sure are killing me. Truthfully, I wish I was outside of this ragweed atmosphere right now. (;

Goodnight cold world, I'll see you (later) in the morning.
Seanathon Sep 25
There is no time left in my life
     For fitted dreams and windless sheets
     For trees without low limbs to climb
     For years without ever seeing the sea

There is only that which stands here between
     The hopes
     The plans
     The quiet dreams

And yet I find, in the eyes of mind and present being ⁠⁠— And for the sake of those who walk beside
     That there ought to be more to find in me
A verse about searching. About the realization of moving and time passing. People changing and the earth spinning.

Or a shorter title for this would probably just be "urgency" since there's a definite twinge of that within these words. The immediate desire to leave and better yourself. To be free and let go, moving on from all of your prior shortcomings. Because shortcomings ****. But time certainly is ever ticking.

And why between, you may ask? Because the earth beneath is what grounds us flat with it's gravity. And I was looking up at the time. Walking Beneath the Branches of Realizations.

See ya!
Seanathon Sep 24
The rain unsettling shakes more than me
It shakes the summer out of the pensive trees
The quiet out of the evening still
The confidence out of the newfound skill
And more so than the colored leaves
Which newly rest on dampened ground
As the sorting of the rain gives way
Resulting in a plethora of familiar sounds
All merging beneath and moving fast
Like a symphony of cicadas in the summers past
Known only to one in time as the same  
As the parting whisper of trees in the rain
Written on a whim tonight, when I first heard the rain greet the evening trees and their fading leaves. True story, the idea behind this is that the trees part ways with their leaves, just as we human beings will one day have to part ways with our children. Slowly, steadily and with a whisper.

Sep 20 · 491
Seanathon Sep 20
If no one reads
If no one comments
It still exists
It still IS
Seanathon Sep 20
You strengthen me
Stretch me tall in fond pursuit
And call my waking trees to move with subtle hints

Familiar as the folding sound
Between quiet rustling parchment leaves
Becoming new our newest sounds as an inkwell drawn

Like a sunlit jewel your dulcet glow
Is stumbling down a penciled path of painted memory
Colored by every season anew with the hues of you

Don’t cry when I am no more seen, my felicity
It was always and with you in mind
That you made me want to try
Painted Words Between Distant Mailboxes is built around a song, a sketch, a classic story. Separated by time and space no more. These lovers turn now, to face a new fate, having not been left alone in an empty word. "Through the long and lonely night." We persevere until the dawning bright. Shines back at us with joy.

Sep 20 · 136
Each Morning
Seanathon Sep 20
From the moment I wake
And stop breathing haste beneath ceiling fans
How I wish to create
Though I cannot always due to morning fog
And its mind over me
How it strongly takes
Two cups at least
How I Feel
Sep 20 · 117
Seanathon Sep 20
When I jump
And finally leave behind
This old Earth's atmospheric mind
It will not be to orbit any one or thing
Instead when I leave it all behind
It will be for the clearest of visions
Well communicated in kind
It will be for the truest tidal wave of being
That I leave my only I behind
A few words about change and how I approach such things. Tested and true. Steady, etc.
Sep 19 · 432
Salmon In The Sky
Seanathon Sep 19
I love when colored salmon spawn
And leap with ease over towns on high
With rippling waves and glistening sheen
How they bound between these rocky outcrop clouds
And spread their whispy tendril fins
Across the cascading pinkish sky
I love the night just before it breathes
Quiet as waivering gills unseen
When the salmon color seeps into the sky
Seanathon Sep 19
With the last ounce of daylight
   A quiet wish takes flight

Like the beating wings of dragon flies
   Faster than a heart can hold
   Clearer than a clouded sky
   With dusklit distant humming hues

Here is the wish intent on finding you
   Wherever you are in this storied eye

I cannot see you
   Though I wish
   (To find)
This started with the sentence... "There isn't enough daylight left." And continued with the question of "why?"
Sep 19 · 139
A Rally
Seanathon Sep 19
Tennis is like poetry

Back ... and ... forth
And back ... and ... forth
Back ... and ... forth
And back ... and ... forth
Back ... and ... forth
And back ... and ... forth

Until one line breaks
A Rally
Sep 18 · 197
His & Her Tankas
Seanathon Sep 18
Radiant dawn born
Like the morning dew dripping
Off of the treetops
And the planted hopes within
That he won't be lonely when

Radiant dusk dies
Like the aged life left alive
After grass clippings
Fall outside the window still
For one final time, he cries
I had absolutely no clue how these would turn out, but I'm quite content with how they currently are. Having started with the rather bare idea that these two verses should be relational, but not necessarily growing.

His & Her Tankas is a pair of poems about an aging couple who are in the process of saying goodbye. Her, to the hope that she would have outlived him in order to minimize suffering. Him to his situation, inability to cut the grass as before, his dependency on those around him, and also to the loss of his wife.


I didn't intend for the metaphor of Dusk and Dawn to be represented by an aging His and Her. It just kind of happened like a free cup of coffee.

It appears.

Thus is the nature of creation.

Have a nice Wednesday and enjoy.
Sep 18 · 78
Sensing Vs. Stirring
Seanathon Sep 18
There is the immediate air out of which you breathe
And those who live for it
And those who see the effects of the breeze
And attempted to speak for it
This is the politest way I've found to put it. Though neither is wrong, they're just different.
Sep 17 · 224
On Plane To Austin
Seanathon Sep 17
Think of what you want the most
To share with another human being
And if you can’t envision your lover there
Simply being
It will never be so
2017 - On a plane to Austin, a stranger told me something really worthwhile. And now I give it to you in verse form.

When you're questioning if you're with the right person. Get out of your own head and take a mental look at the future. If you can't see your current interest there. Can't envision your life together (or whatever). Pick up your phone and let them know that your search goes on.

Sep 16 · 115
Pen & Quell
Seanathon Sep 16
We remember heartache for a spell
Not because of the significance of those who have cast us off
But because it's the brightest color red
On the first of many canvases
That is until
The permanence of togetherness
Bring together both pen and quell
Not quill. Not a typo.

Pen and quell the memories of past lovers with togetherness.
Sep 16 · 198
Seanathon Sep 16
You’re a hole in the ground
When I’m looking for a break in the clouds
An old phone number resurfaced in my life today. And though I was very flattered, I was also very aware of why I wasn't very talkative back then. It just wasn't what I wanted and then some. Sorry.
Sep 16 · 124
And I'm Glad
Seanathon Sep 16
Just let me sit neath the wild blue yonder
Brooding like coffee on a quiet thought
With eyes full of horizons
I’m found in the lost
Brooding like coffee on a quiet thought
Sep 16 · 141
Crazy Weather
Seanathon Sep 16
It is September
And this mountiantop mind
Cannot make itself up
Or make itself out of the true sight
That this warming snow exists
Sep 16 · 411
In truth (fireflies)
Seanathon Sep 16
I cannot pull a star out of the night sky for you
But I can
With an uncupped hand
Coax every living firefly alive
To glow for you
OG title was going to be - Just To Make You Smile
Sep 16 · 191
Dinner For Two Million
Seanathon Sep 16
One day words will buy me a steak dinner.
Instead of me buying them another glass of wine.
Sep 16 · 113
Seanathon Sep 16
Have courage
In darkness
Only death
Can take away
Your every sense
Sep 16 · 59
Just Belief
Seanathon Sep 16
I could euphorically find and dive into a pleasure yet know by this good man, goodnight. But I won't.  

I could buy myself tastefully, everything I could ever want in this life, and be perfectly lost for but a second. I know.

I could kindle an old flame, stoking it bright, though all that would do is just burn us both.

I could go out, be seen, eat my fill or hide. And in pretending so know that no one else does.

I could try every old well-known thing under the sky and be unimpressed. I think.

Because the only thing that turns "I" away and doesn't circle back to "Me" is belief. Just belief.
Just Belief
Sep 16 · 56
Hitting It Out
Seanathon Sep 16
Square me up with a new a vengeance
  Strike thunder of a different kind
    Pray not to see my gleaming face when you're ahead
      But hear me first
        Boom loud with anticipation
          When you're behind
I've seen thunder strike from the ground up. And it's ****** amazing!
Seanathon Sep 16
Leaves learn first to fly
Once the test of death behind
Is last in their sight
I find it ironic that they only get the freedom to fall when they stop growing. Interesting. And if you're reading this, I hope that this colored your day in a positive way. *wave*
Seanathon Sep 16
All of the superficial, super-******, similarities in the world...
Are not worth an ounce of misunderstanding.
Or two ounces of lifelong regret.
The Right Choice Undoubted - Glad Indeed
Sep 16 · 97
All Will Fall, A Tanka
Seanathon Sep 16
Succeed a hundred
Even a thousand times more
Only to prop up
Your former self minded life
As all will fall when we die
Not to be gloomy. But we all lose to death in time. Which is fine.
Seanathon Sep 16
Doors close like conversations
Cold as attics below basements
So we are an abandoned home
Until I light a candle and rekindle
Always me
This is about some of my friends in real life. Perhaps it's my distance, or I truly am either intimidating or odd. But I always feel like they wait for my signal. To talk. To reconnect. To ask how I truly am. Not how is work and such... But how I am.
Sep 16 · 67
Love Each Day, A Tanka
Seanathon Sep 16
Kiss this youthful day
With a passionate prose tongue
And hold her hands close
As if tomorrow wont come
Though it ever will do so
Don't waste another day
Not saying words
Which should've been reinforced long ago

Live fully, darnit
Sep 16 · 94
As Worlds Crave Worlds
Seanathon Sep 16
Because you are
         A whole universe is
         I am addicted to you
Because I am
So addictive it can be.

To lose yourself in another person and their lack of answers.

Sep 16 · 64
Seanathon Sep 16
Still cups
Quiet unspokens
The hierarchy of all those who swim

What does it mean?

That you can take my silent ignorance as a token
That you are capable
And I am unwilling
Flirtatious IRL
Sep 16 · 120
Meaning And Being
Seanathon Sep 16
The greatest trap of all for mankind
Is that of being and not being
And when there is no God
Not being begins to look awfully friendly
Being doesn't necessarily imply the other.
Sep 12 · 83
First Fall
Seanathon Sep 12
Your raven hair
A recollection now
Like the memory flown before your own

In the storm-lands flat as gasping chest
Your ghost was static on my fingertips
A whirlwind in my inland mind

How your wingless thoughts and seamless ways
Taught me to fly
On that fateless day
First Fall
Seanathon Sep 11
There is more to living
Than just a breath
Or a heartbeat being

Just as there is more to swimming
Than the ocean
Freshwater streams
And the pools filled with meaning

Simply put

There is always more
To be
Than being
I love it when my mind turns off. When my thoughts are no longer thinking and I can finally find myself, simply being, in the words. You know? That peaceful rest where your eyes are full and your mind is quiet with thought?

It's like the settling of the sea after a cup of wavy caffeine. Awake, alert, alive, but free. One with the simple truth of being. I am, though I will not be forever. And THAT is OK with me.

At peace and loving it.

Seanathon Sep 11
We love the sea
For her deep impartial parts
Which demand respect and remember fear
Waving Waters - An honest series

Just one of many loves
Seanathon Sep 11
We love the heart
For how it beats aloud
For none to see and only one to hear
Pounding Heart - An honest series

From the twelve loves
Seanathon Sep 11
Between collarbone
and eyes, your smile fair and fine.
Like fields of fast grown
barley, your brown hair reminds
Me, of jealousy flowing.
A Jealous Tanka - Her brown hair fine like fields of barley - MK
Seanathon Sep 11
Through the trees it peeks
Like a breath of Fall
Caressing the mirror of Summers last look
Holding the eyes of all
Of the passers by
Who happen to look
And luckily happen not to catch cold
At the very sight of miss Summer
Growing ever older between two trees
I saw it this morning. The first sight of Fall.
Sep 10 · 305
Know Now
Seanathon Sep 10
The goal is not
To write as your most exaggerated self
The goal is to write the least like yourself
And the most like the feeling
Which you now know
The goal, no, the feeling is now
Sep 10 · 119
The Twelve Loves
Seanathon Sep 10
We love the rain
We love the night
We love the heart
We love the sea

We love the snow
We love the sun
We love the quiet
We love the trees

We love the dawn
We love the song
We love the sands
We love the birds

We love the warmth
We love the cold
We love the girl
We love the earth

How we love and love
And for a short while, our world
This is the shortened version of the twelve earthly, distractive, loves.

Each one gets its own individual poem, two of which are available right now.

Just taking my time and enjoying each one.
Sep 9 · 160
Seanathon Sep 9
You bade me come
Like blades of grass and shields of rye

Like wind in mountain meadows past
Like sun and moon and sky

Your hand outstretched a breath from mine
Midst mire known to sink

I reached
And took you in with a sight so deep

You bade me come alive
This one started with a sound, which lead to a sight, which lead to a question, and ultimately brought me here. THAT is how this came to be.
Sep 9 · 179
Seanathon Sep 9
Some days you just feel
As man was not mean to be
Often times, it's just how a thought strikes me. The light in a certain way or whatever. It doesn't necessarily dictate the mood for the entire day. It's just a small, short, burst of poetic perceived truth.

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