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Sometimes when I hear certain
I see you there,
Singing behind them.
The day is new and not yet lost to summer heat.
Flowers blush and preen in morning breezes.
Let me whisper fears before the day consumes you
My fickle friend, another shadows your affections
Distracted lover another twirls for your attention
I'm losing confidence, and I think I'm losing you.
In the remaining shadows, leaves still brandish dew
A poem about teen, love and morning worries
 2d Seanathon
I might seem a bit mystic but I’m good at heart

As a small garden rakes over my eyes and a head digging in and scrapping away

She says,

My heart is like a cleft pomegranate
Bleeding crimson red,
And dripping every seed on the ground
It’s ripe and over-full,

My dissatisfied heart,
My heart it is more human than I,
More than life itself

My heart cries but my eyes are dry,

And behold my friend
This is what I call my brief tragedy of flesh

So set me free and away
So I can lay at peace
 Jun 30 Seanathon
cry yourself to sleep
and tell yourself it will be better in the morning
 Jun 23 Seanathon
The day was wet and cloudy
I took all of moms plants outside and gave them a little water
Then the sun shined blindingly bright for a moment then dimmed
As a white butterfly fluttered around her plants
She’s still here with me watching over me
And proud I haven’t given up
I feel her love surround me and hear her words .. you are so strong and you are my my sunshine when it rains. While I once was her sunshine she is now mine. She’s the light that keeps me going and the reminder that there is no time to waste
She always shows up in the darkest times when I’m ready to give up
 Jun 23 Seanathon
LS Martin
Stop thinking about him he's not going to change
 Jun 23 Seanathon
as we walked,
i had turned obsolete.
you never explained
what/how i didn't meet
short little poem i wrote the other night but it has a lot of meaning in it to me
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