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Torn is not unmendable
Youth is not invincible
Just as age is not infoulable
Too old too fast
Too wise too late
But aware at least until the very last
Age Revealed
Blasted prescious seconds lost
Like cannon fire in the wrong direction
It's a shame to sink such prescious metals
Into an ocean so deep and unforgiving as this
Not very significant though. If the memory faded this quickly.
I am thunder
Silver fire
Felt like a hot tin roof beneath young feet
And scolding
Smoking like the copper wire
Paper on a guillotine
Slicing through an echo chamber
I am the terror of a plastic souls desire

That is
Until only bane of self remains
And all once again are made the same
Even when uncomfortable. It's unexplainable for sure. No words can or will ever do it justice.
A waivering head
With memories coursing though every finger
A grip on sleep once lost
Is held directly in hand
Though it cannot hold a candle to the perfect dark
But to pay the waking watchman's toll
Over and over again
Is no good for a weary traveler stead
Instead it's said, once lost in dreams
Such a peaceful hopeful magnificence
May be never found again
Let alone remembered upon awaking
It's hard to sleep in such a manner. Slightly torturous in truth.
Seanathon Oct 6
Steady shadows wince
At the sunrise smiling wide
Seeing it's lover
Saying casual goodbyes
To it's famed fling named goodnight
Sunrise Fling Tanka
Seanathon Oct 6
It's easy to be most confident
When the action is present
When the purpose is known
But give yourself nothing but time to see
Nothing but quite days of drifting snow
And there in the waiting you will find
That the precious thing which you wanted most
Was just another line of string
In a wrapped up life slowly being unrolled
Whatever we want, is most often a human want.
Seanathon Oct 4
Someday I'll play this song for you
Someplace where only you will hear
And only we will see
Appearing suddenly as a mountain fog in the morning Spring
And you'll know the breadth of my thought breathed for you
The gifts I once created too
Long before we were we
Trying to be more truthful. In order to catalog. To move on until the dawn.
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