Seanathon 17h
I am too much of an all or nothing
Not enough of a contented now

An exhale warm in the breath of time
And a tall windmill standing still

With a quiet mind that won't shut up
And an open mouth to catch the rain

Unceremoniously I stand
On a world of ever encircling change

And I am the same
Am I the same?
Who knows if I was always this way? Definitely not me... Lol. Question mark? Lol.
Seanathon 20h
The warmth and roundness of me.
Is only there due to the edges taken off by you.
Stones In A Riverbed - The Christian Life
How you fire fury
How you freeze ferociously
A vein of lightning
Running ever furious
Never to be kept, but free
Could mean one thing or another. Need the original key/sight. LOL.
Before the autumn comes
Before the trees are torn by the harsh winds
And the world is consumed by leafy snow

Before the fires edge and burn out slow
And dark soiled Earth is turned to rust

Before the autumn comes again and then
I will find myself
Once more and last
In the springtime of my youth the pass

For there my fate will not be determined
For all are falling, all are fast

But before the autumn comes again
I will outstretch my strong summer arms
And try and hold the winter back

In the springtime of my youth to pass
In October I do battle and each war is always different. It's no longer about making enemies or friends. It's not about ME or this frail human history. It's about the blessing of being able to try and fail. The freedom to be without restraints for a few days (like when I was a younger guy). That freedom to me means oh-so-much.
Eyes upwards
Turning clouds
With rolling chin
And a smile to the sky forever
He grins
At the vantage point of where it begins
Skyward Eyes
Did you know?
That greatest couple
Ever left for alive
Are estranged in the sky?
Barely glancing, never seeing
They're now just a hint
A reflection within the other's eyes

Although, back in their more youthful days
Oh boy, oh boy, were they alive
Burning with passion and cooling with shade
Ever imprinting looks on each other's minds

But now only shade is ever thrown at the shine
Because the two original lovers are estranged in the sky
And ostracized to a life on high
The moon said "I love you" and all the sun could say was "I know"
The slowest pain
  In the back to explain
    Is when someone you've known
      All along from the start
        Pulls out the knife
      Slowly inching by inch
    Almost surgically
  Barely missing your original heart
An old write about an old misunderstanding. It's sad really. But I did my part.
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