Seanathon 22h
To the sounding chill
Past the open sill
I could never compare

My voice but a whisper
And hers a symphony of a thousand crickets
All performing piano consonance on the air
Just Outside, Right Now
More ups and downs
Highs and lows
Ins and outs
All around
With thoughts abound which fall like snow to melting grounds
Citizens Cope play me out
Because knocking me sideways is what this life is all about
Expansive un
O' mind unkind

Prestigious thought
Occurs to who?

My never where
O' not of which
Mine unto you
Gibber gabber
On a dime it turns
Vertical and sharper than any knife
Falling to one side
And the next thing you know
You’re not there anymore
In life
This is about sudden change and the shift in perspective. How quickly things turn on this human earth. Like finding songs, changing directions and the like. Some things just pop up out of the nothingness of the unexpected life. Why? Why did you choose? Why did you try? Or not... Just because. LOL.
When they curse and cry and weep and wail
When they try and throw you down like a stone
Don’t sink or slurk, but float
And that alone will be enough, to know
Pity The Foolish Mouth
I dare you
    To sit or stand
    To draw or write
    To paint or wrong
    To not be so **** polite
    To force or feel
    To be without phone
    To stand in rain
    To not be so alone
I dare you again
I dare you alive
I dare you once more
    To stop thinking about it
I dare you to try
Nothingness of Mind
If you need me
I’ll be floating
Awash in a puddle of memory
Unaware in a sea of opportunity
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