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But can't tell you how to do it
It's the hardest thing to do
Especially after a heartbreak
How do you love yourself?
I wish I knew
4d · 150
Usually when it happens I'm upset
I fall apart and I'm crushed for a bit
Not after this time though

I just feel numb when I'm alone
Not really caring about anything much
Less myself

It's scary but I don't know what to do to get rid of this

The pin dropped
The glass heart shattered
If you thought there was a happy ending
You haven't been paying attention
Jun 17 · 168
It's not always
Sean Hastings Jun 17
The fights that are the worst
Right before a break up
Knowing that it might not
Be able to save the relationship

The worst thing is the



Jun 14 · 33
I wish I could tell
Sean Hastings Jun 14
When the good times were ending

When the love was getting cold

When friends were getting ready to leave

I wish I could tell when my happy days

Were becoming the past
Jun 12 · 617
Sean Hastings Jun 12
The pin is standing on point

Right on the edge

Finally quiet enough

Waiting for the fall

That will shatter the glass heart
Jun 9 · 278
Do you regret
Telling me you loved me?
Because I made you my world
Do you regret our friendship?
Because you were my day one best friend in college
Do you regret trying to get to know me?
Because I shared my traumas with you
Do you regret adding me?
Because I annoy you with messages
Do you regret reading this poem?
Because I wasted your time like many others
A open poem to those who left my life and those still in it
Jun 8 · 196
All my favorite
Songs are sad
Due to my past?
Maybe just how my heart is?
All my poems have a tinge of
Or just the remnants of this old heart
But why do I still write about you?
You hacked and slashed me into pieces,
Taking a quick exit when you could
Leaving me alone in the aftermath

You haven't been apart of my life in years
But why does my head still tell me how
You are going to slither back into it to
Destroy me again

You don't have power over my life anymore but why do I still feel powerless
Because it doesn't seem real
I can write and no one can tell which relationship it's about
Current or the past
I write about my feelings because if I say them out loud then they become

Jun 5 · 355
Pretty lies
Tell me pretty lies instead of the harsh truths
Tell me you love me even if you don't
That you'll be here forever even if it's two days
Tell me you miss me instead of forgetting me
Tell me everything will be ok when I know it won't be
Jun 4 · 33
I've hurt so many in the past
Broken hearts by the number
But one is finally happy
One is finally happy

So many have been hurt
One day they may heal
From the brokeness that I left them
They may all hate me

But hopefully they heal
Hopefully I heal eventually
As long as one is finally happy
Out of them all at the end of it

For one to be happy

I'm glad it's you
Jun 2 · 33
Angels and Devil
It's hard being surrounded by angels
When you are the devil
They are kind and caring and thoughtful
Full of life and constantly show the good in life

Then there's you, the devil
The fallen from Grace and continues to do so
No matter what kindness you put out
It's no surprise that you continue to fall

Despite being surrounded by angels
It's nothing new to fall when you are the

Jun 2 · 37
She's finally happy
Putting the hurt behind her
Getting away from being in bad places
She cut away those who hurt her and
Finally realized the heart that needed healing
Was hers

She's finally happy
And you are part of the happy
You help make her happy
I see it in the way she looks at you
The way you open the door for her
In the looks when you aren't paying attention

She's finally happy
She's been through so much pain getting here both from me and others
Finally having the stars align

You are apart of the happiness
But should it turn to pain
Like others before
Heaven or hell

I will put you through more pain than she ever experienced
May 26 · 57
Sean Hastings May 26
I wish life was more like a book
I can read the thoughts and feelings
Of those close to me
It would make it easier to know who
Would be there for me if everything came
Crashing down

It's hard not knowing who would be there
Who would catch you as you are falling
Because everyone says they would be
But not everyone will be there

After so many people who said they would be here forever
And forever being a short time how can you know?

It's hard for me to tell, when everyone likes you but no one cares about you
May 25 · 59
Sean Hastings May 25
Guardian angels come in all shapes and sizes
They can be someone you met once
But you changed their life
And they look after you from up high

But some come from close to your heart
Family members taken away, you cry too soon
The pain won't ever leave, and they know that
But protecting you sometimes doesn't come from being next to you
Sometimes it comes after they leave
Lifting you up when you are down and filling your heart when you are lowest

Guardian angels come in all shapes
But yours is the best one looking after you and nothing can hurt you with them looking over you
May 19 · 63
Sean Hastings May 19
Usually I do not care if anyone reads my poems
I know a few do and even if they lie and do not it doesn't bother me
But sometimes I want some to respond
To say something and talk to me

Do I need to be more blunt?
Do I need to call them out?
The blonde bestie, sista sista, sweetheart, my secret fan?
Or do I say nothing like always and simply drift to the back of readers minds
May 18 · 104
Making it
Sean Hastings May 18
I'm trying to make it on my own
Going out on my own
Showing myself and others I can do it
Baby steps for now but moving
I may not be making it greatly
But I'm not barely making it
I'm just making it on my own
Can you be proud still?
May 12 · 44
Sean Hastings May 12
They say a good man will bring out good
From his heart
But a evil man will only bring wickedness
Out of his heart
But the world isn't this black and white
It's gray and confusing
Am I bringing good out of my heart?
Or am I the evil that some think I am
May 10 · 132
Mother's day
Sean Hastings May 10
Another year comes and goes
And this holiday comes every spring
Celebrating mother's and what they do
Mother's who do extrordinary things

I still celebrate every year each spring
But not celebrating you
Other mother's made me their own
And for them I cheer for they are
And you are not and will never be
May 8 · 247
Hello hello
Friends, strangers, family
You can be one of these
Or all of them
But hello hello
To a greeting or nothing
I'll still say
Hello hello
Apr 30 · 55
Sean Hastings Apr 30
Love can be like a gentle rain
Showing you the beauty that's around
It can also be a raging storm
Filled with destruction in it's path

Like nature love can change just as quick
Apr 28 · 43
Sean Hastings Apr 28
I'm always scared I annoy people
Especially my friends
I always reach out and send messages
And snap pictures through the day

I'm scared to be alone in my thoughts
When the one person I talk all day is busy
I'm alone and scared to be
So I reach out

But I feel like I'm harassing and annoying
Pushing people away from me
When I'm trying to just not be alone
So I'm sorry to annoy

But hello from the alone
Apr 27 · 44
Sean Hastings Apr 27
Do my friends know I love them?
Do my soulmates know how much they mean to me?
Do those I lost touch with know I miss them?
Time in endless but passes so fast
I try to show it but I can only do so much
So to my friends I still love you
My soulmates make me whole
And those that got left in the past,
I'm sorry
Apr 25 · 43
To The One
Sean Hastings Apr 25
To the one who took me on field trips
To the one who picked me up from school
To the one who bought me video games when I broke my leg
To the one who called my nightmares
To the one who cared for me

To the one who tore my family apart
To the one who left my sister without a motherly figure
To the one who made me not trust anyone
To the one who made me question peoples motives
To the one who made me grow up while still a child

To the one who almost broke me
Apr 23 · 114
Sean Hastings Apr 23
The old world is dying
The new world isn't formed
So monsters roam
And evil lurks
Don't be fooled
Don't be alarm
Monsters aren't under the bed
They look like me and you
Apr 22 · 38
Sean Hastings Apr 22
I really want to show you my writings
Show you the pain the caused
All the scars you left behind
Blown up relationships
I wish you can read
And see what you done to me
But you don't care
So I'll write to an empty audience
In the mean time
Apr 9 · 39
What do you see in me?

Do you the sarcastic funny kid in class
Or the exhausted adult who barely sleeps
Do you see the romantic?
Or the heartbroken man who's not sure what love is anymore?
What do you see when you look into me?
I stare into the mirror
I'm not sure what I see anymore
Apr 3 · 47
Good ole days
Surrounded by brothers telling stories
Doors opening as more come in to join
A blonde goddess jumps in my arms
As the room starts spinning a tear comes
Your babies grew up, the good ole days passed
Nothing will be the same everything is changing
If only you can go back to the good ole days before you realized they were gone for good
Mar 31 · 250
Sean Hastings Mar 31
Every ex that took a piece of my heart
Slashed and cracked it leaving for broke
I thought that was it
But every soulmate gives a piece back
Fills the cracks with gold repairing all
The imperfections
You see my heart isn't the same it was a decade ago
And I wouldn't change it for the world
Mar 30 · 40
Sean Hastings Mar 30
You may feel like life is kicking you
when you are down
Raining blows down on you
when you are weak
Stand your ground though
Sharpen your steel on each hit

Then fall like a lightening strike on the world
And soon the world will here the thunder of your name echoing
The world will know who you are
Mar 27 · 42
Sean Hastings Mar 27
Growing up it was always forgive
Those who hurt you, be the bigger man
Turn the other cheek and love them back
As my thoughts turn to what you did
Can I forgive you?
Should I forgive you for tearing apart my family?
Making me growing up at 12 years old thinking my dad might die
With you exiting my life to never return
Forgive you?
I can't forgive you and won't
Mar 26 · 177
Sean Hastings Mar 26
Some will move heaven and earth
For those they love
I will go through hell and fight every demon
To give you a better life than mine
Mar 22 · 41
Sean Hastings Mar 22
Every fight is a crack
Every argument expands
How much can a heart take
Before it breaks?
Mar 15 · 53
Sean Hastings Mar 15
You hide in shadows
Always reading never speaking
Thinking I can't see you
But I see through the shadows
You can't hide from me
So just come out and face the light

King of broken hearts
Mar 14 · 129
Sean Hastings Mar 14
Icy winds
Cold fronts
Frosty evenings
Even with all this cold
Still warmer than your heart
Mar 13 · 233
Dear ,
Sean Hastings Mar 13
When you look back at now
When you look back into the past
Hopefully you smile at the memories
And laugh at the crazy times
But don't dwell there too long
If you do it may drag you down
Quicker than the rip currents
You will be lost with no future

Already lost
Mar 9 · 40
Kindest regards
To the ones who broke my heart
And left without a reason
To the ones I broke and almost broke myself
To the friends who drifted off
To the ones I miss the most
I wonder what I mean to you
To my haters, I don't give a **** about you

Kindest regards
Mar 9 · 141
People are hard to read
Playing a role in each other's lives
Different perspectives, different actions
You could know someone for years
And know nothing about them
Mar 8 · 160
I shouldn't of been surprised
with you still on campus,
you had the time and energy
To buy the jury against me
The guilty verdict coming to no surprise
No matter my side
Forever guilty and the devil
Mar 8 · 28
I wonder
I wonder how many say they are better off without me in their life
Saying I was the problem or the pain
Causing them to not succeed
I wonder but only for a minute
Because my soulmates need my attention more than the past
Mar 6 · 405
A soulmate may not have your heart
May not of been in your life long

But their connection burns in your soul
For the rest of your life
Mar 2 · 41
First sight
I was sitting it the lounge waiting for class
Talking to my friends, half asleep
Barely focusing on anything
When my friend yelled hey and I looked around

He was walking towards us and I paused

He seemed to tower over everything
Exuding a confident but welcoming presence around him
Every step so sure in it's placement

He turned then I saw his eyes
As if the clay she walked on transported to his eyes
Until he stepped into the light
The clay disappeared leaving gold to rise to the surface

He smiled as he got closer
Showing a kindness and warmth to it
As if he was welcoming friends he haven't seen in years back home

He gave a couple hugs and greetings to my friends before turning towards me


I'm Sean
Dec 2020 · 67
Sean Hastings Dec 2020
At one with the outdoors, one would think she's Artemis
Animals adore her more than I
Tied hair back boots laced up she sets off
Finding peace among the trees
Enjoying nature as nature enjoys her presence
She appears as calm as the trees around her
Though a hurricane sits underneath to protect those she loves
The wilderness is one with her and her with nature
Many will call her different names but I call her love
Dec 2020 · 69
Sean Hastings Dec 2020
I could be read by one
Or millions
Win awards for my writings
Or have them ripped apart
But no matter I will still write
For that one who may need it
Or want it
Dec 2020 · 354
Sean Hastings Dec 2020
You are even here yet
But the effects are already here
The broken crown slowly coming to
A King of Broken Hearts no more
The love of a child fixing and mending
A heart so use to hurt but no more
The love you bring is revealing what could of been all along
No Queen no soulmate no one else to heal
Only the heart of Charlotte Rose was needed
Dec 2020 · 50
Sean Hastings Dec 2020
Born after a tumultuous year
A year like no other
Filled with uncertainty, anguish
Pain and heartbreak like no other

But a light is shining, CRC
A year reborn with a flame
Of hope to keep us going
Bringing light out of darkness

Will next year be better?
Will anything change?
It starts with you
A Phoenix lighting flames across the nation
Dec 2020 · 47
Who are you?
Sean Hastings Dec 2020
Who are you?
Who are you anymore?
Where are you?
Do you think of us?

After you left?
Exiting our lives when we were young
Clinging to good memories from the bad
Wondering about the future

You got remarried I know that
Do you have other kids now?
Are they your kids now?
Do we not exist in your mind anymore

I used to ask these questions and ponder
But now?

You don't exist and still won't
My accomplishments are mine and mine alone
I make my Father happy and not you
When I get married, have kids you won't be included

You don't exist in my life

Hopefully I don't exist in yours either because

Who are you?
Dec 2020 · 146
Charlotte Rose
Sean Hastings Dec 2020
Charlotte Rose not even here and stole my heart
Already wrapped around your finger
You will drive me insane and worry me all night

When you finally come I will finally know
A love that will never fade
One that will burn to my end

A rose
beautiful but ready to sting
Protected and brilliant

I will be there for you no matter what
For a love of a child is greater than anything in the

Charlotte Rose my heart and world
I can't wait to meet you
And for you to read this when you are older
Dec 2020 · 133
Sean Hastings Dec 2020
It's hard to write at times
Sharing what I feel
Heartbreak comes easy to me
And I'm happy

Any uneasy feeling I keep bottled
Hoping it'll go away
Because I don't want to jinx
What makes me happy

But if it's one thing I know
Darkness always comes back
For it never leaves

The King of Broken Hearts
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