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Alle 1d
if i could go back to
when i was five
i would tell myself
be careful around sharp objects
(they’re easily misused)
don’t lie about who you are
(it takes such little effort to lose yourself)
be happy with you
(no one could ever take your place)
don’t be so ******* yourself
(you’re not perfect, but no one is)
  6d Alle
You miss a meal,
Then it turns to two,
A day passes,
And no one notices you.

Craving nutrition,
There goes a week,
Those many hours,
Longing for something to eat.

Using the same excuse,
"I'm not hungry, I just ate,"
The numbers keep dropping,
Was sixty-three, now fifty-eight.

You can't go back,
People are noticing you,
They say you should eat, and you say,
"You have something better to do."

It's harder than you think,
Just leave me alone!
Stop telling me to eat and drink!
If I need you, I can find my phone.
This poem is about an eating disorder, it’s dangerous and those that have it can be greatly effected. Not only them, but those around them as well.
Alle Jan 14
our relationship was
filled with toxic chemicals
       s l o w l y but
                    s u r e l y
crept into
my body
          my head
                    my heart
the way your love
  Jan 14 Alle
as I’ve learnt,
a long time ago

a blue sky,
doesn’t make
a beautiful day

for beauty,
even in our perception
lies within
Alle Jan 13
her lips stretch
to show sharp fangs,
dripping with venom
her throat palpitates
as she lets out
a warning hiss;
she is a snake,
poisonous and deadly,
and i have been warned
time and time again
to stay far,
far away,
but as usual,
the allure of danger
calls to me
and i inch
closer and closer,
heart beating
faster and faster
— her body tenses,
prepared to strike —
but as usual,
i ignore everything in my
unlike other snakes
i have encountered,
this one has
the power to
strike back
  Jan 13 Alle
Alex B
Someone stole my color
And threw it to the wind
Scattered like ashes
I don’t know if I’ll ever find it

Someone stole my color
From the face I know so well
I saw it in the cotton candy clouds
And the teal ocean swell

Someone stole my color
I guess that’s where it went
The world looks so much brighter
Like something heaven-sent

Someone stole my color
And that’s what no one knows
Depression isn’t black
It’s the color of a rose

It’s the light orange in a sunset
And the yellow of a peach
Light blue, my favorite color
So simply out of reach

Purple like my favorite eyeshadow
No, lavender, I’d guess you’d say
And my favorite music artist
Although he has passed away

Someone stole my color
Now everything’s too bright
I suppose sometimes darkness
Isn’t the opposite of light

Someone stole my color
So I’ll wear grey and black
As if in mourning
Until I get it back
  Jan 12 Alle
Abi Cash
It controls her
She can't stop it
It's a constant battle
She can't drop it

It has become a habit
She can't quit
It's taking over her body
Bit by bit

The scars fade
But the memories don't
She wants them to leave
But they refuse.. They won't

It's an on going battle.
It's a fight she never wins
It's a constant struggle
It's a war that never ends

It's her sweet escape
It gets her lost in her own place
She gets to control the pain
As her adrenaline starts to race

She grabs it off the dresser
As a tear falls from her cheek
She presses even harder
Reminding herself not to shriek

No one understands
No one ever will
This habit now controls her
As the world around her stands still

But now the room is spinning
Her head is getting light
She falls back in her bed
Refusing to put up a fight

She takes one last breath as she turns out the lights
Then she closes her eyes as she calls it a night
No one ever understands my scars
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