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Scip Feb 2013
Who is this?
A writer speaking to another -
to whom it may concern.

What sadness do you attend to?
That peculiar grief encircling you.

You hear whispers that blight your grounds,
Clinging unto you with very much different sounds,

So insane - so sane - so insane,
One after the other, the stretching claws of
this morbid bane,

Uncalled for, but in laden laid,
Hush little one - there is for no reason
to be afraid.

"But why is the fear so real?"
You may ask and knock the door,
"Why are things so perplexed?"
You may wonder
while lying on the cold and ***** floor,

But then a question better -
'Why - are we even here?'
Why are our feet standing on this ground?
Whilst all stories are getting sadder,
What materialism blinds us from -
is what our ears had grown deaf and
had forgotten of one much important sound,

Hush little one - close and open your eyes again,
Are not the skies so vastly laid and beauteous?
Now bring your attention from where all things had began,
Are not the trees that bear fruits, growing and in surplus?

Hush little one - for we are all small and insignificant,
Those who are arrogant will fall,
And yes - we are mankind, the one chosen,
bestowed proprietary as a vicegerent ,
But the mountains laid are ever more
sturdy and tall,

Hush little one - all of us were born to die!
And do not mistake my hush as to undermine,
Hush! Silence the world and close your eyes!
And let your heart and mind open
to find the shine!

The light that bursts and could cure the heart,
A light like no other -
that no darkness could tear apart.

Hush - and clear your mind,
Hush - for you have forgotten of The Lord Benign.
Scip Aug 2011
The mind rushes to seek itself,
But what really is the mind seeking when it hasn't yet known what it is to be seen?
                        Still the mind rushes to seek itself,
Running to the deep ends of it's world to see what they mean,
                         Verity is not a thing to look for only on the inside,
It is in front of us encircling of what is yet to be known,
                        They are not riddles of what the mind asks,
All laid out in measures to be shown,
                        Of realization and wondering tasks,
'Why am I here?' the mind would ask,
                       How long do you think would all of this last?
Scip Jun 2011
I see through those eyes
Minds are full but hearts be hollow,
Along with smiles
Through a jubilance that they follow,
An elation brief a reality confound,
Come arise oh dormant minds,
Do not be appealed – do not be bound,
This world will consume you
Until you leave all behind.
Scip May 2011
Oh Mankind of different sizes and colors!
From different fathers and mothers,
Man we may look different,
But our corporeal aspects are made the same,
Man we may act different,
But what we use to act are much the same,
We go hungry if we don’t eat,
Thirst for water if we don’t drink,
Man why don’t we take a seat?
And break that wall we’ve made, that brink,
You hear as I hear,
With the tips of our fingers feel as I feel,
Taste with the same sense,
See with the same lens,
But surely now the brotherhood of mankind has been forgotten,
Make it breathe again,
This materialistic world is what had made you forsaken,
Of each other’s needs from which where we had began
Scip May 2011
Appealed I was to this sanctioned land,
As I ponder to its contents and to its meaning,
Is this all there is to this materialistic blend?
All this amusement of man’s creation brimming,
Until a man would dare say that this world is his!
Even when death awaits in each one’s corner,
Still man drown to the phrase ‘ignorance is bliss’,
And his God is this world his own desired adorer,
But sad will be man when his adorer would end,
That when the heavens and the earth would be diminished asunder,
No refuge nor help will be found, absent of even a single helping hand,
Did not they witness before, the rain poured down along with thunder?
Would be too late for atonement at the Hour,
Judgment will be made,
And at that time man who took this worldly life for granted,
Would burn and be devoured by Hellfire,
Burned by his own ignorance and desires.
Scip Mar 2011
Are you there where both conscious convene?
In a web where the world would pass you by?
I could go day by day and tell you what they mean,
But I’d be veiled by madness to your eyes,
The truth but could only be felt than told,
It is beyond this ungodly world that you hold.
Scip Mar 2011
Since the age of fourteen
I felt like I was someone else,
Mom never got through me
I broke the lamp in half,
Satan was there I now know,
Mom even said I had he’s eyes,
Then the guitar broke It wasn’t much of a show,
Oh how the world is filled with lies,
I await for the day when the world dies,
Then drugs and alcohol stank into my mind,
I drove with him as fast as I can go,
And I hit a tree and left some traces behind,
I’m alive a miracle I should know,
Still his voice was there saying hello-hello,
And I painted his eye day to day,
With a few skulls in grey shades,
In his govern I was along his way,
Oh how my soul did slowly fade,
Then God came and showed me things,
The voices now lesser than ever before,
For his voice familiar I know what he brings,
But still his prism and his eye shines evermore,
For many blind man that breathes in ignorance,
Surely it is not a bliss but merely catching enforcements,
Oh how man drown in ambition,
Don’t they know that this world is transient?
Continue and die a fool,
You are but merely a master puppet’s tool,
Wake up man this world is not what you envision,
It is not long till the eye would breathe ,
The world would shake in its own collision,
There will come a day where all souls would leave.
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