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Scilla B Feb 16
i always wrote about the day where i would lose love
days turn to night
and night turns to morning
i haven’t slept yet
daydreaming about you calling

you can call me for anything
even if you wanna cuss me out
cause i know i’ve been a pain
coming back into your life
knowing i’m gonna walk right the **** out again
you know i’m scared of a lot of things
but i’m gonna blame you
because blaming you is easy
being victimized is all that i know about

what bad news do you have to bring to me this time?
why can’t we ever go for dinner
and not bring up old times?
why do i have to own up to my faults
and you drown yours in your dabs that you take before lunch time
maybe because blaming me is easy
being victimized is all that you know about
Scilla B Aug 2019
haven’t seen u in years
in a dark room is where i disappeared
masked my smile
showed no fear
until i did a couple of lines
and all my truths re appeared

u don’t understand how much i would love to do u in bed
naked thoughts that i fought
oh how, it’s must be a pleasure to do u in bed
but if i try
around this time
i think that i will
rip these wounds again
i’ll burn u alive
i’ll be the bad guy
i don’t even think that we could be friends

here i am
and here u are
i swear i had about fifty demons in my head
for each demon that i had
i would multiply it by ten
and those would be the minutes that i would do u in bed
and if i did
i would use that excuse to see u again

i’ll find some drinks to drink with u again
i’ll find some lines and make pretty designs
have you do them off my chest instead
and if i did
i really wish i did
i could dream the nasty thoughts i had
of when i did u in bed

haven’t seen u in years
in your dark room is where i disappeared
wondering when i will see u again
Scilla B Jul 2019
He likes my idea
He says I’m awesome

I’ve been feeling this way
Freedom, goodbye to the rage
Sunset picnic dates
I wanna fall in love
Tired of being afraid everyday

It’s a chance I’m willing to take
Baby what do you think
How about we do it this way
He’s likes my idea
He says I’m awesome

When the night gets cold
I won’t run from you
Make you a poem
And a new song too

So baby what do you say
He likes my idea
He says I’m awesome
  Jun 2017 Scilla B
Sometimes, there is no fairy tale ending. Honestly most of the time, there is only a melodramatic soap opera rerun with a white noise background gnawing at your eardrums. The same way your laughter now claws at the back of your throat, and your teeth grind against each other when the sun is out. Sometimes, you can't share your happiness with the person that helped you find it. It was like someone hit a switch and now your thoughts run rampant, searching for a reason why you no longer go for a jog in the morning. Why you sleep in past every alarm you were so careful to set the night before. There's an art form you've mastered in talking yourself out of everything you loved to do. There are long nights you take breaks from howling at the moon to ask yourself if something is wrong with you. Sometimes, and I'm so sorry to say but, you just can't be loved. Sometimes you just aren't good enough. You, alone, a lonely sailboat in the middle of the ocean, so pitiful the waves are meticulous in never letting you capsize. An SOS squeezed out of the last living fibers of a shriveling raisin the mirror reflects back. So you call and leave voicemail after voicemail, leaving out how you didn't get better. How you wished the story didn't have to finish so soon. How you wished for a happier ending.
Scilla B Jun 2017
We passionately kiss
Sweet like the mango fruit
I will not let my man go no never give him that boot
Because without love
I'm dancing in this small bland room
I'm singing the blues
While having the blues
I'm looking for my strong hearted king
Could that be you?
Could it be.. you?

I'm sweet like the chocolate kisses
Like your genie baby,
I can grant you wishes
You say you wanna be wealthy,
More with the riches
Your taste is the richest
And I promise so believe this
Home is where the heart is
So come and move in
You should just move in

I would like to know about the secrets your lips can share
So romantic, what a poet
Your words dance on my chest with care
And they slide to my belly button and how you catch them is where
You lick them up with your tongue and I retrieve it making moans in the air
And we're making music
All the people they listen and they stare
Outside my one bedroom apartment where we affair
My baby he,
Laid me gently singing lullabies stroking my air
He stroked me gently leaving me blessed without prayer

The day he moved in
I moved my demons out
We made love
On a hand-me-down couch
And I've never made love
He had me crying out
And my sunflower bloomed
To the stem is where it grew
That made a garden beautifully bloom
In a hot bland living room.
My strong hearted king,
It was you.

— The End —