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sheri Sep 28
of mind,
no longer

is the will to
give all
of my

nor the
time to
how to
let it

i'm just
and i'm on the verge
of a mental breakdown
sheri Aug 4
i see not
my beauty
but the ugliness
and the negativity
that the world
has filled
in me.
It's amusing how a mere reflection of me speaks louder than both my words and actions.
sheri Jun 9
it's a mess of
our hair strands
being tangled
and our breaths being
matched by its

the closeness
of our lips
yearning to
feel the other's

our hands
being entwined
like puzzle pieces
that were meant
to be

oh, how lucky
i am
to be me
and how unlucky i was after that heartbreak.
sheri Jun 7
the aroma
of the coffee
was not what
kept me distracted.

nor was it
the loud voices
buzzing all
around me.

the people
talking about
how their day
that was not it

it was you,
the unique presence
of your loving soul
that sat across
from my chair
that made me feel
at home
amongst strangers.
dedicated to: my feelings of unrequited love
sheri May 29
i long to be
more than just
the person that looks
at the screen
to keep in touch
with what you're doing

you say that
you're just
a click away
but it feels
more lonely
without you
actually here

the photos that
you send of you
from somewhere
miles away is
somewhat comforting
for my aching heart

but can you
just stay here?
stay by my side

the bed's just
a reminder of
an empty space
and it hurts
to see it
"hearts will still beat for the ones it loves, even if they're far apart from the one they adore, right?"
  May 28 sheri
Sharon Flynn
red flames
blush across cheeks
sweet cherry lips
purse with cherry juice tang
while fire inspires
with cinnamon
and essence of rose
romances the Sun
with red velvet petals
that speak out loud
I dance with
sparkling red nails
and brilliant red toes
feet able to dazzle with flare
as my hair glows red
and my dress smells like cherries
flutters out in a circle
in the playful breeze of the wind
  May 28 sheri
Sharon Flynn
girl dressed in a lapping
blue-waters gown
stands in a nest
of long-legged storks
remembering a moon
just exactly like this
in a hazy light just before
the dark garments of dawn are torn
is he looking out
over the water's edge
thinking about her
as she is thinking of him?
keep dreaming, the water says
as the dish runs away
with the baby's spoon
and speaks kindly of dreams spun
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