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Broken girl standing there
You’re so afraid people will stare
The truth is, they don’t care

Broken girl standing there
Every day you stare thinking it’s not fair
Is that why you colored your hair?

You feel invisible
You wanted to be seen
So came the colors purple, blue, and green
Broken girl you are so keen
Why do you do it?
So others will feel sorry for you?
You don’t want the attention
I don’t want others to know
I can handle it on my own
I’ve handled it just fine on my own
You are breaking
You are already broken
There is nothing wrong with me
I am normal
My brain is normal
My body is normal
No one is normal
You don’t need to convince yourself that you are
Normal does not exist
Nothing is wrong
Nothing is wrong
Nothing is WRONG

Where did you go?
I don’t know
What happened to the person everyone used to see?
I don’t know
I am not sure that person existed at all
What do you feel?
I feel nothing
I am fine
Are you really?

See me
Please see me
I need you  to see me
I can’t speak
I can’t wake up
I can’t say what I need to
See me
Please don’t be mad
See me
I’m so tired of fighting
See me
I want to stop
See me
Can I please stop
See me
Before it’s too late
I am tired
But I can’t sleep
I am never full
So I always eat

I am angry for no reason at all
At people who have done me no wrong

This is depression
It grabs you
It pulls you under and changes your thoughts

You are not you
You are it
It controls you
It tells you what to wear
It tells you how to think
It tells you what to say

Meanwhile you fade away
They don’t recognize you
You don’t recognize you

You are a stranger to them
To everyone
Even to yourself
Because you aren’t you
This is depression

— The End —