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Scarlett O Dec 2014
I have loved you,
At first sight.
I have loved you,
I have loved you,
I have loved you,
in secret
and behind closed doors.
I have loved you,
for all of your wonderful qualities,
for your big heart,
for the ability you inherently possess to make me laugh,
or cry,
for your power to make me happy,
or to make me red with FURY.
Just your ability to make me....
I have loved you,
even for your lies.
I have loved you,
even for your manipulations.
I have loved you,
for your superior attitude,
and even for the way you used me.
I have loved you
in every way there is to love someone.
My love has changed,
and grown,
it has evolved in every way,
meant to hold on to every thread of love;
left over.
I have loved you,
without respite,
from the pain
Of loving you.
And I still,
plain and simply,
Love You.
Work in progress, but sometimes it feels good to post; purge the words, purge the feelings.
Scarlett O Jun 2014
A feeling
so ecstatic
so joyful
so memorable
and nostalgic.
A reposeful warmth,
draped like a blanket,
ove the slick black ice,  
encrusted on my soul.
A Polarity
The sun might be yanked from my face
Just something I needed to get off my chest.
Scarlett O Jun 2014
I am the gamble,
the chance.
but I promise,
the reward,
        is worth the risk .
  Jun 2014 Scarlett O
Calli Kirra
You're so mad,
And I'm so sad
But there's so much more fun to be had
Scarlett O Jun 2014
As much as I want to,
I just can't stop thinking of you.
Scarlett O Jun 2014
I'm just not sure of anything or anyone;
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