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 Aug 2018 Scarlet M
Epigram 085
 Aug 2018 Scarlet M
In flirtatious quiet
we dodge eye contact
and escape studious looks
in hope that one might fall in love
with the other without even a single word.
 Aug 2018 Scarlet M
He just makes
Me wonder how anyone,
Including me, could have
Ever been afraid to love
 Jan 2018 Scarlet M
Pagan Paul
Once upon a time
my quill danced across your skin
as raindrops on a blade of grass.
The ink spilled like tears,
words formed around your beauty
tracing the curves of a Goddess.

Once upon a time
my heart flirted with your love
as bees above a flower head.
The feelings poured like honey,
caresses formed around your beauty
crying and caring for a Woman.

Once upon a time
my body moved with your body
as waves on a lonely beach.
The pleasure flowed like water,
tides formed around your beauty
ebbing the moans of a Lover.

Once upon a time...

© Pagan Paul (2017)
Lie still little rabbit
your hummingbird heart
holds you

it’s okay -
     it’s okay -
          it’s okay -

you lie still.
 Jan 2018 Scarlet M
I write, but why write? Well,
because it's my rite; and
to spare you my tears,
I'll make sure to be clear:
It's not rite as in 'right'
as opposed to a wrong,

like a discordant note
that's misplaced in a song
or a 'right' so bestowed in
divinity's throng, handed down
by a deity mighty and strong, but

a rite, like a ritual, rather habitual.
This you will gather, and
this you'll process, and
with deepening fervor,
we'll further progress: It's

addiction to diction,
to poems, to fiction
where syllables,
fill up whole pages.
The friction, of
pen against paper, just
gives me the vapors. The

clacking of keys, makes
me weak at the knees.
Some may call it disease and
express their disgust, but
my lust for these words
I just cannot appease.

So with all of my might, and
from morning to night,
I equip with my tools, and
I write and I write.
 Jan 2018 Scarlet M
 Jan 2018 Scarlet M

Some people can recognize
A tree or a front yard
and know
they've made it home

The walk from the car door
To the front porch
Becomes habitual
Instead of intentional
They get lost in the
Contentment of familiarity

But what happens when you
find yourself
So adrift, so off-course
That you've worn a path in the circle you find yourself walking in

What if the place you're looking for,
Your home
Was never really home After all

But rather a false sense of security
Wrapped up
In a pretty pink ribbon
On top of the layers
Of gripping manipulation

How many circles can I walk in
Before I give up looking?
How long before I'm lost for good?

Home for me
Is not the familiar walk
To the front door
Or the yard with overgrown grass
that makes weeds look like bushes

Home is a sea of senses
Blending together in perfect harmony

Home is walking in
And seeing red
Red skillet
Red chair
And my favorite redheads

Home is the smell of
Fancy hand soap
Fresh laundry
Fragrant candles
And farty brussel sprouts

Home is the first sound you hear
A chuckle
A musical
The clearing of a throat
Our favorite tv show

In a nutshell
Is freedom

Freedom to laugh
To cry
Or maybe both at the same time
To yell and to vent
Without the burden of shame
Or regret

So home
You see, is more
Than the tree
Or the porch

Those things could vanish
And leave you stranded

Home is laughter
And friendship
That won't leave you lost

It is safety and belonging
That says
“You are okay”

It is the weight of a burden being Lifted off your shoulders
Home is love
Leaving my mom’s house was scary and relieving at the same time. College was a terrifying adventure that I was diving into. My first year I met incredible women who loved me deeply and became my roommates. They redifined what home is to me.
 Dec 2017 Scarlet M
Dave Legalisa
I must be
too insane
of loving you
this way,
as though
I'm only staring
in stars,
impossible to reach
in any way.
i don't know why I wrote this.
 Dec 2017 Scarlet M
Dave Legalisa
the only thing I hear
in this night wishing
I could just disappear.
Live? For what my dear?
There's nothing in me
I can endear
for you to stay here.
 Dec 2017 Scarlet M
 Dec 2017 Scarlet M
My wildest dream is this
That I would mean to you
What you have always been to me
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