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S Bharat May 1
The War

I remember
No white and no brown,
But gasp for air
I drown!

S. Bharat.
S Bharat Apr 29
The Lamb

Frolicking in garden, it became mute.
It thought itself as lonely as destitute.
It was threatened by the wolf in wood
And afraid to be taken away for good.
It was but young and had yet to flock.
The wolf tried it as a stumbling block.

S. Bharat
S Bharat Apr 29
Let Me Tell You

Dear friend,
I saw you and found
That you are unhappy.
Please, don't feel sick at heart
After looking at those
Who are happy and revelling
At this moment.
Let me tell you one thing.
They are at peak of their joys
And have to come down.
Time flees.
The person looking outwardly happy
Can be nervous from within.
The person who continuously
laughs is lonely.
The person whose smile
Soon deserts
Him or her is really
In need of somebody's company.
The person who wants
To be surrounded by others
And in popular zone is not stable.
You may ask then
"Who is happy?"
I'll say, "No one!".
Those who claim to be happy
Are deceiving others
And themselves too.
Those who leave the people
In search of happiness
Are the ones who long for
The company of the people.
Happiness is temporary.
Mind is truth
And truth is permanent.
Keep it in your mind.
You will never be sorry.

S. Bharat
S Bharat Apr 27

"Look at yourself.
You are wrong all along.",
She blamed.

"Okay! I accept that
if you think so.
Will you believe
if I say that
there is nothing of the kind?",
He said.
the silence pervaded
all over.

S. Bharat
S Bharat Apr 19
My Childe

Bloweth a wave of air
By the sun doth rise.
An Angel doth appear
In a Lassie's guise.

"I will take birth
As thy childe - wise,
Fairest on the earth
With pretty eyes."

"The God's grace!"
Quietly I replied
Glowed her face
And she smiled

"I change thy race",
Quoth the Lassie,
"As doth fair dress
Enrich form classy."

"Thy wife be the gal
Purely thou love
Be thy beautiful pal;
Be thy heart's dove"

"Speak heart to gal
What lie deep in mind
How she doth enthral;
How she is so kind."

"Call her in a way
She shall surely come",
Lassie doth say;
"Me - thy child at home"

"No, My Childe!
She won't come."
"Is she not mild?
She hath other home?"

"Yes, My Childe!
She hateth me,
Soon goeth wild
And will scold thee."

"Forgive me, I see no ray",
Imploringly I do plea.
"This maketh her no day.
But unknown doth see."

"She too doth thy care.
No, Pop, think no evil.
A mask she doth wear,
Being afraid of Devil."

"Wish Mom doth dare,
Beareth me in no dispair",
Lassie doth disappear.
Her voice vanisheth in air.

S. Bharat
S Bharat Apr 18
On Birthday

Wake up, my shining pearl!
The moon has bidden adieu.
You are such a lovely girl,
The god can't help loving you.

Wake up, my little sparrow!
The day is fresh and new.
Take yourself out of sorrow.
Everyone is waiting for you.

Hello, the chaos will ensue,
Dear, if you avoid them all.
They are dying to see you
Since the previous nightfall.

S. Bharat
S Bharat Apr 17
The Tears

An empty heart
in curled arm
Pretends to be
solid rather,

Trickle down
the tears warm
For I feel myself
the other

S. Bharat
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