saylor Sep 13

A Horizon is just beyond the grasp
Of the great reach of my fish-net, I can
Near see the sun that kissed the end of sky
And settles within its golden embrace.

Northern winds grapple my silent locks of
Hair, and it smells of thyme and salt. The sun
Is mere a glow of hope, she now beckons
Me with her love and light over the mist.

Pale wings lift my shoulders to meet the sun,
I feel the wax begin to melt and drip.
As the ocean does swell forever near,
The Horizon is ever growing far.

The waves extend their outstretch’d arms in
Swirling tides to greet my fall, a final time.

I wrote this for english class but liked it, so here it its. Sorry for the hiatus, anyone who cares.
saylor Feb 1

it is odd
how, when washed
in a different
type of light

the world shifts
and things are not
quite how they used
to be.


**1/31/17. long time no see!!
saylor Dec 2016

night time, the time
slows its ticking.
a candle dies,
consumed by
it's own

words retrace
their path, wind
up the seedy teeth-
and into the depths
of which they came.

saylor Dec 2016

the moon is my lover,
and the ocean, my muse.
i was walking today, and
she reached for my fingers.
we slept in the sand.

saylor Nov 2016

melancholy sweeps the shore today,
entwined with the translucent
haze that has settled over the horizon.
the usually agitated ocean now
laps languidly at my ankles.
or is this all in my head?


saylor Nov 2016

company, a
retreating tide,
the light from my eyes.

alone in my mind,
yet ok with the
quiet of the


saylor Nov 2016

the rolling sigh
and salty breath
of the cool embrace and
the unforgiving tide
hold the deepest eyes
of long-forgotten time.

11/22/16. I'm at the beach currently so...
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