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Saurabh Tak Jul 2020
that hang alone,
You wait,
for those stars,
One day,
they will fall.

The sky will light,
albeit for a brief moment,
When they do,
wishes come true,
You just wait,
they will all fall.

Poor stars,
each of them priceless.
Each of them,
falling for a dream.
Dreams are weird, I just find it weird that a star has to fall for a dream to come true.

Poor Stars!
Saurabh Tak Jan 2019
Lets be friends, a little
Walk with me just for a while,
Hundred dreams, one life
How to chose, what I strive

Lets be friends, may be, just a little
Walk with me just for a mile
See through me, beyond my smile
Be a stranger after that, if you will
Lets be friends, may be, just a little
Walk with me just for a mile
See through me, just for a while
Be a stranger after that, if you will

With you, paprika
la vida es deté una mica
Lets open the doors to life once again
Lets cry together,
lets smile together
even if just for a little while
Walk with me just for a mile
See through me, beyond my smile.
Saurabh Tak Jul 2018
We are, but stories - walking and talkin,
each one unique, each one gawkin,
Stories unheard and unseen,
waiting to be heard and waiting to be seen.

Saurabh Tak Nov 2017
Hey, don’t just remember my face,
Remember me,
Remember my soot black eyes,
And, in them - the reflection of your green eyes.

And don’t just remember my eyes,
Remember me,
Remember my touch,
The touch of my lips on your nose.

Don’t just remember my touch,
Remember me,
Remember my caress,
And the two of us melting together after a heated mess.

Don’t just remember my caress,
Remember me,
Remember my warmth,
And your cold feet feeding on it.

Heyii, don’t just remember my warmth,
Remember me,
Remember my smell,
Me cooking for you and the smell of ‘spices exotique’ on me, soaked.

Don’t just remember my smell,
Remember us,
Remember us, on the River Seine under the Tour Eiffel,
Where you and me, became a ‘We’.

Don’t just remember me,
Remember us; let it haunt your memories,
Remember that moment and every moment after that,
When dreamland was real, and being with you was what life meant.

Don’t just remember me,
My soot black eyes, my warmth or my caress,
Remember you and me, Remember us.
Saurabh Tak Jul 2017
Tumble down, fall part, fragment,
Become the figment of the imagination,
that enchanted your dreams.

Create the spell,
Beautiful and powerful, like the whispers of Merlin
Torch that dark sky.

Scorch, blacken and smoulder,
Mold thou from the ashes,
The Fortune of a Moghul.

Hold your head high,
Become that figment of your imagination,
Jiggery pokery your spell;

Roar like a Dragon,
that wit and intelligence,
The world shall bow to you.

Saurabh Tak Apr 2017
Peace and Prosperity,
Flowers and Food.
Those are the promises I make.

Spring & Fertility,
Laughter and Joy,
That is the future I promise.

I ask for 'Blood'
I have a never ending thirst.

War, fight and Battle,
is what folks call me.

I have promises to keep,
All I ask for is 'Blood'
I have a never ending thirst.

I can wipe out a race and bring equality,
Steal all that is mine - trust and fraternity.
I am 'War' and I have promises to keep.

Burn it all to the ashes,
No music, no cries.
Peace it is! I am War, I deliver my promises.

I ask for blood,
I have a never ending thirst.

Babies and Widows, is all that remains,
A land without men and ****.
As good as it sounds, 'innocence' is what I claim.
Engulfing the little hands in the shade of long beautiful hairs,
Hatred is what I breed.
Future and Fertility - I keep my promises.

War is what I am,
I have a never ending thirst.

Caucasian, brown and black,
I will swallow them all,
there would be laughter all around,
mine, my laughter!

I AM WAR & I have promises to keep.
I ask for blood,
& I have a never ending thirst.
Dedicated to little kids and innocent lives lost in a war
Saurabh Tak Sep 2016
A message
a message is all I waited for,

Empty, empty screens,
was all I got.

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