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your presence is the reason why I went mad.
I couldn't contain my love for you in just one corner,
it's all over the place.

everytime I see you,
I can't help but smile.
You became my happiness
and what could happen,
if there's "us" in the future.
what awaits for you and me,
I'm stuck with you.
and it will last for a long time.

kate roxanne Oct 4
To meet the brightest sunlight,
you need to see its purest dawn.

kate roxanne Oct 2
I don't know where it all started?
is it the way my legs restlessly move when I'm with them,
is it the way I talked about deeper things or how pressured I am,
is it because of my presence?
I don't know where it started but all of them grew a distance,
I could not see them or maybe, because of my poor eyesight.
I don't know when.
I should stop kidding myself,
they grow tired of me;
listening to my rants, watching my legs move restlessly,
taking care of me.
Countless of reasons.

- Kate
im just spitting words. it's 7am and I havent slept yet, the anxiety kicked in last night. I don't know if I would survive this day but yeah. lets hope for the best.
kate roxanne Sep 28
Don't ask me how I am only to be followed by,
"How's your love goin'".
It's not cute, it irritates me.
I forgot about it,
I certainly could not even remember how an actual human touched my heart like my faves did.
Don't chat me all of a sudden just because you find my profile picture
pretty or stunning,
it is not who I am.
You might regret it, I have scars, not just in my body but it's all over me.
Embedded in my soul.
Don't talk to me as if you know everything and understands it,
cause everyone who easily accepts it, leaves.
Don't tell me I will be okay just because it did not happen to you,
I am not okay and it will take time.

You see, its easy for someone to spit out words and questions.
Tell you things so you can feel better about them, I get it.
You might admire for the way I look but can you even face the monster in me?
Even I, could not battle this.
what makes you so sure that you can
**** this?
You're just good to me because what I've been through but after that,
after you think that I might be getting better because of you,
I know you will change and leave.
So don't ask me these questions if you're not going to stay and be consistent,
It will end up in deep repugnance.

kate roxanne Sep 28
should I or should I not

kate roxanne Sep 27
but if I ask for one person to carry this baggage with me,
to help me loosen up,
to be my anchor,
would that be called 'greed'?
if I ask that one person to stay
and share his dreams with me,
or maybe,
could just be his companion
for life
would that be called a selfish act?

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