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kate roxanne Jun 25
countless of possibilities
to create, to be different.
countless of assurance,  
to be confident, be contained.  
countless within countless  
in this wide universe,  
where do I stand a chance?

kate roxanne Jan 9
Countless reasons
is just a disguise
for rejection.

kate roxanne Jan 8
Even if I write a thousand
of poems and stories,
he will never know
how much he means to me
because he never reads
and will never be a fan
of novels.

kate roxanne Jan 8
could never compete,
for love is a war of hearts.
and your love is a battle,
I must not begin.

kate roxanne Nov 2020
All the thoughts in just one bubble,
if it wasn't for the help of a needle,
I would have been dead.
Safety pin isn't a saviour,
it is just prevention, a thing for intact.  
But who would have thought that
a needle could save a life?

kate roxanne Nov 2020
Touch me and be obsessed with the roughness of my skin,
kiss it while sacrificing your sacred heart,
let me feel what it's like to have a wanted and pure love.
Pin me down like it's my first time doing it,
cause I'll never know.

kate roxanne Oct 2020
I looked at the stars,
hoping I could see a glimpse of your face
but you are gone
and looking at the stars would not
change a single thing for my longing.

Death Anniversary of Kalila.
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