I can never stop smiling when I'm with you.

Shuddering and in tears
I awake from a nightmare
As I sit up you stand quickly
to sit beside and comfort me

As I cried you held me
while I told you the story
that made me so sad,

we were fighting...
about what I can't recall
but as I begged you to turn around
you continued to walk on
away from me
I yelled "I have one hug left!"
you paused, but only for a moment.
just as you began to take another step
I sat up.

bad dream comfort

You slip out of my bed
as I'm falling asleep.
Though, I'm still feeling
your warmth around me.
My heart beat is steady
my breathing is quiet.
You may not hold me in your arms
until I've fallen asleep,
but being close to you is comforting.

You always leave me beaming.

I don't want to think about it...
Falling in and out.
I have a lot of love for you
I don't want it to burn out.

I never want to forget
the feelings you've made me feel.
The way I can't stop smiling
when you're done laughing
or squeezing my hand...

How I feel as you kiss me
or when you're just sitting nearby...
I don't want to stop feeing warm and bubbly
the thought makes me want to hide.

Tonight I turned into one of those couples that I would stare at when my family would take long road trips. Tonight, a dream of mine came true. Tonight I really loved, singing together in the car with you.

It's so hot in here,
is it because of you?

After all that we've been through
I'm so glad that I still have you.

I feel your hands
all over my thighs,
as you rub and caress me
I feel my heart rate rise.
I try to think about something else
but I simply can't be bothered right now...
You're all I'm wanting right now.

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