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Dec 2019 · 55
Sasha Raven Dec 2019
Remove my pain, remove my fear,
there won't be rain, there won't be tear...
With all this cruelty I have to cope,
on the horizon, there's no more hope...
She is my peace, so she is my dove,
although I don't know what was love...
Into this world, yes, I was born,
some, they treat you with the scorn...
All I need is a lot of faith,
to defeat that shadow - wraith...
It always follows behind my back,
its soul is evil and so "black"...
Nov 2019 · 164
Sasha Raven Nov 2019
I was living in the dark,
there wasn't any spark.
My days were not so bright
and every day I had to fight.
It was anger and no love,
staring down and not above.
But, then she knocked on my door,
ah, and I was happy, not so poor.
She gives me all what I need,
she doesn't know what is greed.
Winter's gone, she is spring,
the birds around divinely sing...
Aug 2019 · 167
Sasha Raven Aug 2019
So many coins, in the crypto flood,
but, only a few — running in my blood ...
I HODL them, and yes "To the Moon",
they will explode, very soon, soon, soon ...
Sounds cliche, but there is one more coin,
I HODL it, I would invite You: "Let us join!"
I do not care, if the rhythm is just so wrong,
the producer will arrange this — one more song ...
I break the rules, I am writing what I feel,
TajCoin is mined with this Blockchain wheel ...
And yes, my poems like always, not so long,
be Yourself, I do not walk with the throng ...
Apr 2019 · 141
Sasha Raven Apr 2019
For sure, I will prefer Steemeum and Steem!
They are so amazing, great, but you will deem?
And, all the time, this incredible app just runs,
it will shine in all its glory, like a million Suns!
Steemeum is just the beginning, it is just a start,
we are inviting you, to take the role, to be a part!
You might say: "He is just so stupid and so green!
And so much empty talking, I have never seen!"
All you need is to create a Steemit account,
to me, Steemeum app is a source and a fount!
Yes, I have a feeling, that Steemeum will rise,
I hope some day you will say, that was wise!
Apr 2019 · 737
Sasha Raven Apr 2019
Have You ever heard about the JSEcoin,
I am inviting You in Their team — to join!
It will fly, very fast, straight to The Moon,
so create an account today, or very soon ...
It is a cryptocurrency and very easy to mine,
in the nearest future, it will shine, shine, shine!
You wonder, maybe You are so confused?
I was too, doubted, but now I am amused!
And, all my words have not been spoken,
on the net, read more about the JSEcoin token!
It uses small amounts of electricity — CPU power,
JSEcoin seems to me, like a mighty tower!
Sasha Raven Apr 2019
Have you ever heard, about the castle - Stain?
It is standing in so beautiful land, called Oberkrain ...
When I go there, my eyes have no time to rest,
that is the place of "mine" and I feel the best!
In the Spring, I listen to the birds, how they sing
and so far in the distance, the distant bells ring ...
When I was young and foolish, it was like my home,
it sounds silly, I felt like a ruler of the Rome ...
I’m so much older now and the times are hard,
they don’t respect you, there is no regard!?
In my heart, all these memories remain,
I will always know the laughter and the pain ...
Mar 2019 · 214
Sasha Raven Mar 2019
They always ask You first: "What are You?", instead: "Who are You?" They will like You for what You are, and not for who You are ... - ©Copyright: Sasha Raven
Mar 2019 · 293
Sasha Raven Mar 2019
"A phenomena: We listen nowadays music, mostly with our eyes and not anymore with our ears. We are becoming blind and deaf." - ©Copyright: Sasha Raven
Jan 2019 · 823
Sasha Raven Jan 2019
SanusCoin is about the precious water,
a pearl - like the father loves his daughter ...
In the future, I will write a poem or a song,
to the SanusCoin community, I belong ...
Dennis Perini, has convinced me - to join,
you would not believe, but I love this coin!!!
There are mighty treasures in Their store,
you will love it, adore it, so much more!!!
I promote SanusCoin, it is my mission and my life,
will sign up, even my girlfriend and my future wife ...
And yes, in the SanusCoin future, I believe,
search for the treasures – and do not grieve …
Oct 2018 · 1.5k
Sasha Raven Oct 2018
Yes, his daughter wears a beautiful name - Lana,
imagine, they will talk about her even in the Louisiana!!!
And she has her own cryptocurrency, named - LanaCoin,
it’s easy to mine, so I would like to invite you and to join ...
One day, you will hear the rumors, about its glory,
don’t say then, you didn’t hear my warning - story ...
LanaCoin is in Blockchain, more and more respected,
they mine it every day, in their wallets is collected ...
With LanaCoin, you will increase your wealth, or - income
and so much peaceful, definitely you will then become ...
LanaCoin, it’s for Jure’s daughter, it’s a precious gift,
until this day, LanaCoin value is growing fast - so swift ...

— The End —