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On the twelfth day of Reggae Christmas
My boombastic love gave to me:
12 tangy totos
11 ragin' reefers
10 lightin' lighters
9 hefty island boys
8 bowls of cereal
7 dabs of oil
6 blazin' bubblers
5 smokin' spliffs
4 grams of purple
3 beautiful bowls
2 boombastic bongs
and a brand new marijuana tree.
The 25 Days of Reggae Christmas
Sasha Iqbal Dec 2016
Perilous, fiery eyes glaring from a high perch
Hurtling flames amidst the dark woods
Orange and red glowing silently
Elegant feathers of fine dust
Night is prime time for the Hunter
Ignited with colour and flame
Xeric feathers radiating heat, you'll wish you'd never came


Sasha Iqbal Oct 2016
So graceful it flies with wings if silver
Few have glimpsed it we've yet to discover,
With kind gentle eyes and a horn of gold,
It's story is yet to be told.
With a gleaming white coat and 4 little hooves,
You can't catch it whenever it moves.

The twisted horn which is said to sparkle,
Never had the need to darkle
It lives where the season is always spring,
And where it can rule as king.

~The Pegasus

— The End —