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F    the poetry is in the streets
Darrell Landstrom
20/M/FL    "It rests in changing." —Heraclitus. Poet, aspiring philosopher, and absolute bibliophile. Feel free to message me about anything! Tumblr: Darrell-landstrom Instagram: Dillon_lynch_99
19/Non-binary/Ohio    3 dailies, and still can't post poems in the actual poem box. Lol
Elissa Deauvall
19/F/Ontario, Canada    i feel a lot so i write about it. welcome
19/F/Somewhere at Sea   
M    ABOUT MY POEM My poems remain explorations of the subconscious erotic They are lunar anamorphic streams of consciousness from the deep chaotic subterranean glitz of ...
A man is talking on the telephone behind a glass partition; you cannot hear him, but you see his incomprehensible dumb show: you wonder why ...
Winston - Salem    don’t you keep your secrets well? like i did
South Africa    twitter: @msomifaya the eyes are fine; it's your perspective that needs a new lens.
Cincinnati    I write poetry sometimes
Sylus Fox
Hillsborough NC    I would pour my soul into this if I had one anymore
Maine    "there's a girl who writes you. she doesn't know how not to."
izzat haziq
borneo    i was everything that i couldve been but i didnt
moonlight as an astronaut
Carmen Noir
England, UK    The sun touches you in ways that I cannot and I have never been more jealous of anything than I am that goddamn fucking sun.
Chestina N Craig
Long Beach, CA    Poet who is just now finding her voice. Enjoys film photography, drinking wine, sunshine, the ocean, and yoga. Has no idea what she is doing ...
F/Ottawa    The French poet Aragon said: "By the time we learn to live it is already too late" 19 Instagram: missglassrivers وردا‎‎‎‎‎‎‎
Xan Abyss
Palm Springs, CA    I sing/write lyrics for a band, if you like my words, you MIGHT like my music (probably not though). Check us out on facebook Https:// ...
twelve caesuras
suicide notes, love poems    i could never be the girl with the big tits and curvy hips so now i'm the one with the dripping lips and paper under ...
Pursue love always, no matter the pain. "I'm sinking like a stone in the sea. I'm burning like a bridge for your body." Check out ...
Leigh Marie
Boston, MA    "We're almost there and nowhere near it. All that matters is we're going."
beth stclair
England    i love writing. i try to let my subconscious write the poems for me. year of birth 1969. you can purchase my book at barnes ...
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