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Sarah Wallace Oct 2016
when you look at me
lightning breaks.

I fear I won't wake
but a storm begins inside of me

and I beg for wings to fly
As in a catastrophe
I am swallowed by the intricate sea

and thunder
as my heart pumps
and I can't feel anything on earth

because I'm spinning now,
in space.

Lightning and collapsing of walls
the end of an empire of defences

and I fall, defeated,

as I rise
your eyes explode in
tsunami waves

and somehow I find myself
back from where I came

in the abyss of the rain,
in the daylight hours
whispering my name.

in the sky in it's melting of yellows and pinks
in it's colliding against the surface of your hands

and as I die

so beautifully inside

I am born again
Sarah Wallace Jan 2016
Falling in love with you was like a mute finding their voice, like a blind man that could suddenly see, but this time it was my heart that healed, the moment you kissed my cheek. It wasn't a feeling one can express, it's a certain knowing that's absence could not be understood until its presence takes your breath away.
Sarah Wallace Jan 2016
Have you ever fallen in love with a soul? A soul you must have known long ago. And time seems to have no factor to the way you feel. It's exhilarating from the start. Like a fire blazing through the forest. It turns everything to dust but for a while it's the burn that's captivating. Moments so small, yet they've stuck with me for years. It was the way you talked to me, like our conversations were fascinating. It's the way we walked and the birds flew, I think that maybe the butterflies in my chest did too. Or maybe the fact I was so young that I didn't know how truly precious you were yet. Or the man who I loved that could not love me back? He burned down everything in sight. But my god were our moments beautiful. I still remember laughing at the sky with the thought of you. In these moments was I just naive? Or will I ever again taste that kind of magic people call love.
Sarah Wallace Dec 2015
How is it that you consume my thoughts?
Why must you have a place in my heart but such a small part of my life, I wish you were so much more. I wish you would love me beyond your wildest dreams. I wish that I knew you. Your hopes and your dreams. I wish that the first time we kiss is when heaven arrives on my lips and when our eyes meet so does the entire universe. I hope that when you speak to me so does the stars and the moon and the sun. I hope that when I light up it makes your heart pulse and blood rush to your veins, into your heart. I hope that your soul finally wakes up and recognizes it deserves the beauty in mine. I hope that our love is real. And not only the wishful thinking of my mind.
Sarah Wallace Dec 2015
Soon, under the moon lit sky the old you will die. It will shed like old worn out snake skin. And you will be new again. Your shadow will face itself and cry out with fear, but my dear you must see it in order to heal. For so long you have pushed it under the rug, had the past tugging on the last piece of your heart. But my darling let yourself fall apart. It's only when all your pieces are strewn out across the floor, that you'll see how to thread them together once more. Like an old man once said, the messenger is dead and your thoughts only live inside your head. You are a soul that exists in a body. Your skin looks young but my darling you are so old. I told you once that words can pierce you but your wounds have left you with beautiful scars. Because it's the beacon the light shines through, so others may see your beautiful heart.

Soon under the moonlit sky, the old you will die.

But in the morning,
You will
Sarah Wallace Dec 2015
I think that when we love
We never cease loving
Our hearts only learn
The process of forgetting.
Sarah Wallace Dec 2015

"What is love to you?' She asked

He glanced at his feet, then back up at her.

"It's whenever our eyes meet"

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