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Sarah Milliron Jul 2017
Goodbye dearest friend,
I will miss you.
I will miss the memories we made,
The laughter we shared.
We've changed since middle school.
I grew up,
You stayed the same.
We've changed since you've started dating,
Fighting more.
Not talking to each other.
All over her.
I didn't like the way she treated you,
You don't notice what she does.
I care about you.
You were my best friend.
I will never be the same.
'I'm sorry' will not work,
This time.
Sarah Milliron Jul 2017
I am from sapphire forged in 29 days that came out during 1997.
Precious moments locked away and kept close,
Sleepless nights and panic attacks are nothing new.
I am from playhouses and plastic foods,
Pigtails and tapping shoes.
I am from Jim Beam and lighters.
I am from bad and good,
Insane and sane,
Strong and weak.
I am from faulty wiring and bullets,
Attacking of the heart and freefalling.
I am from scrubs and shocks to the heart.
I am from wounds that never healed.
I am from happy and sad moments,
Laughter and tears are my life.
Hidden anger and no closure,
I am from many things.
Staying positive is one of them.
Sarah Milliron Jul 2017
Bright ***** of gas gleaming in the sky,
Millions of miles away from Earth.
The perfect nighttime lullaby twinkling in the mind's eye,
Providing a sense of rebirth.

Seen through the whole galaxy,
Yet untouchable.
It's a true tragedy --
Most are discoverable.

Hidden by city lights,
And the sun.
Debuting colors of blue, red, yellow and white,
Maybe they are past loved ones?
Departed to the other side,
Present to be a guide.
Sarah Milliron Mar 2017
On my mind day and night
Memories and dreams
Bringing my life light
But not everything is as it seems
Feelings not being expressed
Forever meant to be repressed

Just friends we are meant to be
Brought together by fate
Hoping one day you'll love me
If it doesn't happen I won't hate

Known for years
Watching from the sidelines
Fought back tears
Waited for you to see the signs
I'll care about you forever
Even if you love whomever
Sarah Milliron Oct 2015
The vast openness of the world impairs  my very essence
The world is too incomplete to fix me
I can't go on
I need to heal my brokenness
My madness
How can I?
The sun goes down bringing the moon into action
The moon shines light on the broken and sad
The stars to compliment it
Creating a safe haven for those who can not create it themselves
As I bask in the moonlight I hope it'll sew my pieces together
Making me whole again

The moon ends its cycle on my side of the Earth
The stars are now hidden again
The bright light of the sun masks them from the world like people who don't have a voice are drown out by the ones that do
Every night and day it's the same process
Making others feel as incomplete as me
Sarah Milliron Jan 2015
Im just a broken girl that was dealt a ****** hand in this world
I realized that there was something wrong with me because I've felt sad all the time
The word comes out of what I have
Even the word itself sounds dark
16. I feel lost after my aunt died. She was my rock and kept my family together. The glue.
15. I bawl my eyes out to a home video of me as a baby as my dad kissed my forehead. I miss him so much.
13. Fathers and daughters are everywhere. No one to walk me down the aisle. Thoughts of killing myself came into my mind regularly. I shoved people out of my life because I don't want them to care about me anymore and save them the heartache if I happened to die.
12. I broke into a million pieces when I found out my dad died. Abandoned by my mother because she'd rather drink away her problems than to face them and be with her two daughters. Late phone calls from a strange number. I unplug the phone. The award of a DUI was given to my mother. I grab a knife and want to slash my wrist to let the sadness and pain out of me.
11. "I don't like it here Daddy. I just wanna go home." Running a business can change people. More stress. More drinking. Bankruptcy and food from churches.
8. Late at night wondering why my mother came into my bedroom and told me to put shoes on. Little sister asks "Where's Daddy?" Mom says "He's at the bar. We're gonna get him and bring him home."
6. Getting in trouble a lot at such a young age. Parents wonder why I'm acting out.
5. Ran away from home because my parents were too busy with my sister. Yell at my parents to stop fight. Who listens to the kid anyway?
4. A glass breaking in the kitchen waking me up in the middle of night. See my parents fighting.
3. Late nights spent at parties and sleeping on people's beds or couches while my parents are drinking their stress away.
Zero. While I was in my mother's belly I wonder if she ever thought I would become so broken at a young age.
Sarah Milliron Jan 2015
I feel depressed
My wanting of being loved
Has left me stressed
My heart has been shoved
To many times to see
I feel dodged
Why can't I just to be me
I just need a little nudge
I know that I'm not alone
I have people who comfort my needs
I only have to change my tone
And do good deeds
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