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Sarah Michelle Feb 2011
Like sticks and stones
You'll break my bones
I'll scream before you strike me

And flinch and groan
Drunk off patron
You thought that you could buy me

I'm not some drone
That'll grunt and moan
Just so that you'll like me

And If you don't condone
You're on your own
Your stupid *** can bite me
Sarah Michelle Dec 2010
Wind beneath trees
the birds and the bees
vibrations of your voice
as I rest my head against your chest
You impress me
with your ability to undress me
so quickly
the skys like my heart
on fire
you tear me apart
I melt
and never felt
until now
Have I been asleep?
walking in a lucid dream
It seems the bridge
between reality and perfection
has broken
and I am stuck on the other side
where the grass grows greener
once you implied
you loved me
and wanted to love me
again and again
my young friend
you are far too lovely
trust me
when I say
I could never grow bored
you fill that empty core in my body
I float above life and watch the people trudging by
wishing they knew
someone like you
that could make them feel the way that I do
Sarah Michelle Dec 2010
Worldly obsessions take hold
of the confident and bold
regressing in will
swallow that pill
craddle that bottle
watch him wobble
with ignorance
and greed
drop to your knees and plead
with the lord
you're bored
and sore
from the whiplash of life
the universe is trife
my words corrupt and slaughter
flowing like ***** tap water
I speak for the dumb
I hear for the deaf
breath for the breath
and this should be enough
what makes you so tough
you snarl and growl
fowl as ****
In your skin tight jeans and pick up truck
good luck
Sarah Michelle Nov 2010
skin tight black leather
duct tape
rambling nonsense and
intensly derogatory terms
life is nothing but a bar
over run by fake plastic beauty
with overpriced wine and overpriced steez
******* kayne west
Sarah Michelle Nov 2010
I am what I am
for I am
a perfect reflection of a fantastic source
created in a cyclical format
I may only be wrinkled never ripped
for I am
What I am
Sarah Michelle Oct 2010
like leftover food
i awake every morning
plastic rehab bed
Sarah Michelle Oct 2010
I'm sick of your **** scene
your american dream
seemingly perfect
in everyway
the tasks you complete everyday  
in cyclical motions
avoiding chaos and commotion
cause god forbid you'd have to face your pain
you're far to weathered to handle the strain
complain complain complain
you're too ******* smart
and too ******* vain

It makes me sick

like xanax and ***
that these days the world beats
to only one drum
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