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Sarah H Apr 2017
You broke my heart
Like you do anything else
And unknowingly
Because when on the inside
I was crying
All you could hear
Was the joke on my lips
And when on the inside
I was dying
All you could see
Was the smile on my face
Sarah H Mar 2017
I lie in bed at night
Wondering what it would be like
If I were dead
Not a very pleasant topic
I know
But important none the less

See, I don’t particularly want to die
In fact I quite like living
But sometimes
Sometimes you just wonder

Would they cry?
Would they share funny memories?
Would they know which poem I want read?
(It’s Do Not Stand at My Grave and Weep)
Would they miss me?
And most importantly,
Would they remember me?

After a while
Would they still think of me?
Or would I become
A faded memory
That only comes up
When looking through old photos

It may sound selfish
But I want them to remember me
Every year on my birthday
I want them to feel sad for a minute
Because they miss me

Is that reasonable of me?
To want to be missed
And remembered
When I’m gone
Sarah H Mar 2017
‘It’s like you never feel anything’

I do

You just can’t see it
That’s a good thing
Me keeping it inside
That’s a good thing

If you could get inside my head
You'd see how I am a nervous wreck
You'd see how each decision sends me in a frenzy
You'd see how each morning I wake up terrified of what might come

But luckily you don't

I can't have you ruining my reputation after all
Sarah H Mar 2017
Is it worse to forget
Or to be the one forgotten

Should I pity my mother
Because her mother forgot her
Or pity my grandmother
Because she doesn't know her own child

Or should I pity none

Because that is life
That is the way life is

You live, you forget
Nothing is remembered in the end
Sarah H Mar 2017
We were climbing the stairs
Catch me if I fall
You said jokingly
I will
Even though you didn't
Catch me
When I fell
For you
Sarah H Mar 2017
Every night I dream of you
Of conversations we could have
Of touches we could share

But then when I see you
All those dreams go away

Because no matter what I imagine
It all fades into nothing
Compared to the reality of your smile
Sarah H Mar 2017
Why do people insist on labels?
Everything has to fit
But what if it doesn't?
What if I don't?

The only thing that I can say is that I'm me
Shouldn't that be enough?
Shouldn't that make everything clear?

Today you are you! That is truer than true! There is no one alive who is you-er than you! - Dr. Seuss

I am me
You are you
And that is all
No explanations needed
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