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  Sep 2018 sarah celia gentry
I can see you, woman
in wading
boots, where the moon
comes up right
over there,
while I dream a sleep
with you, like a slow
swim, two vessels afloat
in water that broke
the levees but never
your spell, I swear,
I could stare
at the river that rose
singing songs about flowers
that spilled from your lips
until I wanted to cut out
my heart to sail your way
like an origami waterspout.
happy is a good look on you
that glowing smile on your face
like you've just won a race
like you've won first place
but you haven't
and you smile anyway
how do you do it?
just smile your way through it,
like you know that
happy is a good look on you
Late night thoughts
Like a butterfly,
I first saw her under the summer skies,
As like a butterfly–
She's beautiful, wondrous, divine,
And sometimes, from time to time (like a butterfly)
The thought of her flutters through my mind,
With it being every time I see her eye to eye,
All I ever feel are butterflies
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