4.5k · Mar 2011
Ballet Shoes
Sarah Ellis Mar 2011
I slip my tender toes into your familiar bind,
your pink laces twist up my legs
and animate me.

En pointe, my toes are perched upon their boxes,
and your silken arms embrace my ankles
as if I walk on nothing.

Fuetes swing you around and I am a circus ride,
turned into painted porcelain,
a spinning doll.

I spend months with you, scuffing your soles, tearing your cloth,
burning your laces, stretching your lips.
We become old.

One day they will put us both in a tiny fabric box,
only to spin when it opens, only to dance
at the soft tinkling of a bell.
3.0k · Apr 2011
How I failed calculus
Sarah Ellis Apr 2011
The glint
in Miss Jessel’s hair
was so simple, so quick,
that I almost missed it,
like an answer to a riddle.
Suddenly, I cared about derivatives
even less.
So casual, how she tossed her strands,
and yet how cleverly she caught me.

It wrapped me up tight
in a cotton memory
of home, when I was nine,
beneath a fort of pillows
and hiding from the night.
Her glint of blonde hair now
was the light from my hall then
that peeked through my door
to tuck me in.

My parents’ shadows
walked across my bedroom wall
and I saw them in her hair
now, as if my past were a part of her body.
My father’s silhouette from twelve years ago
snuck in to Miss Jessel’s hair
as if he were going to bed
down the hall
in the nape of my teacher’s neck.
2.9k · Mar 2010
Sarah Ellis Mar 2010
The devil never came out of his cave
until the angel was in his presence.
My devil never attacked the angel
until I released his leash.

I let the devil eat the angel,
My angel, oh it's dead.
His eyes so blue, his lips so red
He's dead dead dead.
His wings are frayed
his heart betrayed,
my devil to rest was laid.
Insatiable curse
You've built me a hearse.
I rue the day you were born.
I trap you in verse,
but coldness gets worse
and now I lie empty and worn.


The turtle and hare
scorpion and frog
devil and angel
he and I
light and dark
we're similar in that
we're opposites
divided by a line
of compare.

Never in my life
have I felt so dead
if it weren't for my rising lungs
I would find a bed.
2.4k · Mar 2010
Sarah Ellis Mar 2010
I know what lots of people think
I know just what they say
I hear them talk behind my back
I hear them every day

But no one really knows who I
Or anyone can be
If all they do is criticize
The part of me they see

There's more to me than dull, gray eyes
And bushy, **** hair
I know I'm short with crooked teeth
And I don't really care

If all you see is **** me
Then look deeper inside
Look into my innerself
And see just what I hide

I always envied all the girls
With popularity
The girls with perfect shining eyes
I fumed with jealousy

Even though they laughed at me
And called me certain names
I still dreamed to be like them
For this, I was insane

'Cause why on Earth should I regret
That I don't look like them?
I like myself and how I look
On the outside and within

Anyone that laughs at girls
Less beautiful than they
Should come to see their hearts of black
Are worse than eyes of gray

Sticks and stones may break my bones
But words won't break my pride
'Cause when we're dead our body's gone
And we're left with what's inside.
2.3k · Mar 2010
Lion and Warthog
Sarah Ellis Mar 2010
The Lion and the Warthog

A lion fierce, and proud, and cruel
Once led the largest pride.
They hunted well, starvation scarce,
The fear spread far and wide.

A warthog aged with years and fears,
Knew something must be done.
This hunter, killer, must be stopped,
So a clever plan he spun.

The warthog saw the lion pride
Hunting flocks of sheep.
"I bet you can't cross River Wide
With just one solid leap."

The lion swelled with pride and roared,
"You speak a foolish lie!"
He'd never done it once before,
But he'd been challenged; he must try.

Said warthog, "If you cross it now,
I'll let you eat me whole.
But if I cross without a scratch,
Here you'll hunt no other soul."

The lion leaped for River Wide,
And splashed into the waves.
He climbed back up and dried himself,
His pride, he could not save.

The warthog's turn had come at last;
He pushed a broken tree.
It fell across the River Wide,
He walked across with glee.

"There, you see, you'll hunt no more;
Your pride has you in bind.
It's brave to leap the River Wide,
But braver yet to use your mind."
2.2k · Mar 2010
Catch the Moon
Sarah Ellis Mar 2010
You hide in night like whispered song
I lie awake for far too long
I see your light, elusive flame
Never flicker twice the same.

I cannot tear my eyes from you
I cannot bear this love you brew
I reach with broken finger tips
You whisper silence on my lips.

"I am a star," I hear you sing
"Something for me you must bring
Pull the moon straight from the sky
And I will love you 'til you die."

How long, how hard, how fast I fell
For such a deep, enchanting spell
I cannot say how high I flew
Just to catch the moon for you.
2.0k · Mar 2010
Sarah Ellis Mar 2010
The moon reflects my face
in the rear view mirror
as I drive forward,
passing strangers
late at night

Trees like weeds
they flutter, lean
street lights: stars
the radio keeps me comp'ny
as I slowly lose your voice

in thinking;
stars losing their twinkling
it's so dark down here
in my sea of dreams

Swimming underneath whales
with concrete bellies,
and lined, gray backs,
covered in minnows
as small as I.

It makes little sense
why I swim away from you
the stars no longer shine
down where I follow the line
of skinny, yellow fish.

Faster, faster
I dart to the grotto
of coral, reef, sand
It's my home for now
though it's fathoms away
from you.
1.4k · Mar 2010
Sarah Ellis Mar 2010
The threads, the temple
Sing the rainwater!
Splotches scattered.
A boat? No...
She is now the container.
Then she brings
The handfuls, washed.
1.3k · Mar 2010
Shark Tooth
Sarah Ellis Mar 2010
The biting wind combs through my hair;
The salty water stings,
The crashing waves soak through my jeans;
The sun on seagulls' wings.

A shark's tooth swims below the waves,
It settles on my toe.
I ****** it up before the waves
Can send it back below.

I learn the tooth, each groove, each edge,
So small, the blackest black
I hold it tight, can't let it go,
I cannot throw it back.

A hunter great did own this tooth,
So many battles fought.
The tooth of such a great white shark,
The king that can't be caught.

He left his mark, his legacy
Amid our human air.
Born three million years ago,
His only bone his only heir.

If I could ever be so great
To win such endless worth,
I'd want to leave my token, just
To leave my mark on earth.

The shark, he wanted just the same
He's gone, his tooth's with me
His spirit should be kept alive
So I gave his tooth back to the sea.
1.3k · Mar 2010
Sarah Ellis Mar 2010
The night belongs to you
I'm not real until
You're holding me

You gave me your guitar
I gave you my heart
And we're strumming
Until the sun comes up
Sarah Ellis Apr 2011
Working at the amusement park is a grand old time.
There’s nothing like having to hide
In the ticket booth when you wanna smoke a joint
So your boss doesn’t find out and fire you.
Every ride has bright, multicolored lights
And this is how I waste my time away.

The closest bathroom is half a mile away,
Those Porta-Johns are full all the time
And always smell like Marlboro Lights
It’s where those teen brats like to hide.
A kid always asks for another toy gun from you
And immediately bends it all out of joint.

Jocks, barbies and snotty kids mill around this joint,
Throwing all their money away
Buying more and more tickets from you
Screaming, complaining, cheating all the time
And there’s no good place to hide
With all these obnoxious lights.

They’re poor substitute for big city lights,
They only illuminate this cheesy joint,
Don’t even let ***** gutters hide—
I’m surprised they don’t want to look away.
Cotton candy disappears in your mouth every time,
But you think it’s worth it, don’t you?

The only boy who ever liked you
Works across the park, beyond the lights,
But you miss him waving at you every time
Because some skeez is yelling, “Let’s blow this joint!”
And a mom drags her eight kids away
Screaming, “One more word and I’ll tan your hide!”

Why do the five-year-olds always play hide
And seek in the Fun House? “Hey, you!”
Where the **** are your parents? Go away!”
Finally Anna, who manages mini golf, lights
A gloriously white-papered little joint
And we smoke until closing time.

This is where I hide, and yet these lights
Are poor substitutes you know, for home, the joint
You tried to get away from, before you wasted your time.
1.3k · Apr 2011
Sarah Ellis Apr 2011
I live in a box
Full of yellowed papers
And a kitchen half-painted
Viridian green.

My little house
Always smells of your coffee
Because tea for one
Is lonely in the morning.

I draw the curtains sometimes
And crawl in that queen-sized bed,
Confessing all my secrets
Beneath our tent of sheets.

If they could bottle you
I would add a slice of lime
And drink you dry,
My Communion.

I come home each night
Carrying you across the threshold,
And we play hide and seek
From the world outside.
1.1k · Dec 2010
He Looks So Fine
Sarah Ellis Dec 2010
When I saw him in class he had his head bent down
In the farthest corner of the room
With a leather coat and a crooked smile
That was all I needed to swoon

He’s not a **** or the lead in the play
But he’s got a Harley and he swept me away
And the girls all think they can get to his heart
But they don’t even know where to start

(‘Cause all they know is)
That he looks so fine, yeah he looks so fine
But they don’t know that he’s already mine
Yeah he picked me out from the misfit crowd
And someday we’re gonna get outta this town
He looks so fine, he looks so fine
And the time we spent was sublime

When he asked me to prom all the girls were surprised
They watched as he looked me right in the eyes
How silly that they thought they stood a chance
To get him to take them to the dance

He knocked on the door at 7:04
I answered in a periwinkle dress
And he smiled at me in a new black tux
(What a fox!)
And you can guess the rest

(‘Cause all you know is)
That he looks so fine, yeah he looks so fine
And now you know that he’s already mine
Yeah he picked me out from the misfit crowd
And someday we’re gonna get outta this town
He looks so fine, yeah he looks so fine
And the time we spent was sublime
This is an imitation of a fun, sixties, Shirelles-type song.
800 · Mar 2010
Sarah Ellis Mar 2010
My Heart has been asleep.
Boa constrictor
coiled --
with all his strength.

Heart numb,
there is no feeling
constrict --
tighter, tighter --
I cannot breathe.

He releases my Heart;
he does not want it
any longer.
Heart still asleep --
I cannot move.

To move is to feel pain.
Heart mangled --
he slithers away,
so unfeeling --
he cannot love.

But slowly,
light, dark,
light, dark,
Heart begins -- ever so slowly
to tingle.
722 · Mar 2011
The Last Cowboy
Sarah Ellis Mar 2011
There’s never been a man like Grandpa Hayes
‘Cause all the tales about him must be true:
Broke sixteen horses less’n seven days
And stole the Rancher’s girl in only two.
He lived for eighty years ‘cause he was skilled,
An expert shot who never came out worse.
His .32 was from a man he killed
The only one who’d ever shot him first.
A family curse what made him ride so fast
‘Cause lightnin struck his daddy graveyard dead
They say it turned his uncle into ash
And then it got his cousin in the head.
So Grandpa spent his life outrunnin clouds
Just lookin for a truth he never found.
666 · Mar 2010
Sarah Ellis Mar 2010
So I cannot say "I love you"
One more time
Those words, they taunt me
For they do not rhyme

I'm through with words
And they with me
I'll still my lips
And finally speak.

Here, my love
Are the only words
That can be said
They rhyme, they dance
Let them float over your head

Listen to the whispering wind
Hear the calling flock of wren

Feel the tides around your feet
"Steady, strong"
Feel the way your heart can beat
"The sweetest song"

Look up to the sun at noon
See the whitest, fullest moon

I cannot say "I love you"
One more time
Those words, they can't explain
As well as mine

I'm through with words
And they with me
I'll close my eyes
And you'll finally see

That here, my love
Are the only words
That can be said
They rhyme, they dance
Let them float over your head

You have shown me
You have made me
With you, I am
"Steady, strong"
Together, we make
"The sweetest song"
I need your
For you, my love, have made me
Sarah Ellis Oct 2010
The gnat upon my letterpress
Truly cannot sense
How far apart the world it knows
Is from gods and men.
It sits upon my novel
Walks across the page
The words of Charlotte Bronte
Have become its stage.
And yet it knows of nothing
More than eat and sleep
But it crept across her knowledge
And now is in her keep.
630 · Mar 2010
Sarah Ellis Mar 2010
I can see you from all the way up here
The sun is bright
I forgot how right
You feel

It's been too long since I held you
There's not a cloud in sight
And I just might
Fall down
In love with you
All over again

And once the roots end
Another set begins
And the branches cascade above
As you walk further
Into the forest of my endless love

Keep walking
I'll never leave
I'm above you, I'm below you
I'm the branch, I'm the root
I'm the swing that
Was always made for two

There's a tree for every
A branch for every glance
A leaf for all the laughter
And endless sunlight
To grow an endless romance

And once the roots end
Another set begins
And the branches cascade above
As you walk further
Into the forest of my endless love.
600 · Mar 2010
Sarah Ellis Mar 2010
See me in a white dress
On top of the hill
Find me in the sea of faces
On the midnight street
I'll stand in the topmost window
That only shows me you
Above all the nothing
This is where we'll meet.

While I know
One should not be defined
By another
I know better
That I do not exist
Unless I hold your hand.
This is why I wait endlessly
Why I love ceaselessly
It's all that pumps my heart
And I'll do all I can.

See me holding a piece of you
A piece of us
His tiny hands outstretched
And suddenly
I cannot exist
Unless I hold his hands, too.
Find me on the porch
In an army of trees
Let the wind blow you to me
From a lonely night -- reach high
Feel the sun on your hands
And know that they are what keep me alive.
597 · Jan 2011
Branch of the Heart
Sarah Ellis Jan 2011
His love was a sort of
branch of the heart,
forever reaching,
with rough bark that
chafed the skin
and precious, sticky sap that
ran beneath the buds.
When it stormed,
its petals plastered the ground,
a dewy, soggy mess,
and prettied up the mud.
Until winter, and the weight of snow, when
it cracked, tore, broke
and fell without a sound.
593 · Mar 2010
A Kiss Goodbye
Sarah Ellis Mar 2010
A Kiss Goodbye

Sometimes when I’m up real late at night
Staring up at the pretty sky
I lay my head back onto the wet pillow
And close my pretty eyes.

Those dreams of you when you still loved me
Kept creeping in my head
But you ain’t here no more and I don’t know why
Hate to sleep alone in this bed.

And when I see your eyes looking back at me
And the dreams never seem to fade
It’s kind of sad how I’d hoped that you’d still come home
And look at all the mess you’ve made.

I don’t see how I was supposed to know
That when we fought and you slammed the door
That it was the very last time that you would come home
That I wouldn’t see you anymore.

You said that you were gonna take a plane
To visit some old friends
Said you had to get out, get away from me
Didn’t know that was the end.

And I couldn’t stand the September cold
Since it caused me so much pain
So I took a walk in the dark, wet night
My tears the color of the rain.

In the morning when I turned on the news
And saw New York uproar
Twin towers ablaze, I was in a daze
You were gone forevermore.

And the hardest part about you leaving me
Isn’t even that I cry
No the hardest part about you leaving me
Is that I didn’t get a kiss goodbye.
593 · Mar 2010
Sarah Ellis Mar 2010
Always forward turning
Past, present, future
All dizzy and blurred
The only thing I see
That stays so steady
Is your face,
     spinning with mine.

I can't tell you what a blessing it is
To have you
As a compass.

Thornless vines wrap us together
Neither of us fighting
It's a constraint I welcome,
For when I am alone
I am lost.

If we were pulled apart
And pulled away
Know you could find me
By my weeping.

It is when I am silent
That you should worry
For I might have passed.
Drowned, suffocated.
For the only air I breathe
Is yours.
587 · Mar 2010
The Eve to His Innocence
Sarah Ellis Mar 2010
The screams are heard
from the garden,
from the jungle of my thoughts.
They're so foreign
in tihs paradise
but they are kin
to the madness in my mind.
I wonder if there's a killer
an assassin of childen -- of peace
and if it will spread its misery
like a tsunami of blood.
But as I lay
in the garden,
the Eve to his innocence
I realize that the screams
are my own.
Sarah Ellis Nov 2010
Death is a thing unsatisfied
That creeps into the hall.
He taps you on the shoulder—then,
You smell the urging Gall—

He pulls you back into the Dark—
You hear the final Bell.
The Beast will celebrate the night
As he drags you to ****.

He steals you from your ill-spent life,
What man cannot—he takes—
You lose the light, the air—yet win
The promise of your Fate—

For once your soul is trapped below,
He rises yet again—
To wrap the hall in Dust—and hide
The footsteps where you’ve been.

It’s not enough to move a rug
To cover up your Stain—
So Death performs his spotless job
And feasts on your remains.
My imitation of Emily Dickinson's poetry
563 · Mar 2010
Guilty Kiss
Sarah Ellis Mar 2010

Love is never really what it seems
Love is never as it is in dreams
If love is going to be like this
Then I don't want your guilty kiss

I waited so long to hear you say
That you want to kiss me every day
I waited here for you to be
The man I built up in my dreams

You're the one I waited for
You're the reason for my open door
I don't like to pour my heart to men
They always hurt me in the end

I hate the way you say my name
Like I'm the subject of your game
I got caught in all your lies
'Cause I was foolish and unwise

Please don't say you're sorry for this
I don't want your guilty kiss
I don't want you to break my heart
I just wanted you to take my heart

Love is never very real
It's nothing that you wish to feel
Everything you dream is fake
It will all fade when you wake

Forever I would dream of kissing you
Never thought I would be missing you
But I don't trust you anymore
Please get away from my closed door

Don't lean in to kiss me now
You've broken every single vow
Just walk away and leave me here
I want to drown here in my tears

Maybe one day you will see
That you and I were meant to be
But you're not the man I want to miss
And I don't want your guilty kiss.
559 · Mar 2010
Begging for More
Sarah Ellis Mar 2010
you cross the room, a shadow swift
i tremble in your gentle lift
my head hits sheet, my heart skips beat
must i beg to feel your heat?

my fingers tangle in your hair
the smell of sweat swims through the air
skin hits skin, i burn within
must i beg for this again?
554 · Mar 2010
What Lies in Between
Sarah Ellis Mar 2010
What is choice?
I did not decide
to meet you.
What is fate?
Could I have been destined
to need you?

Can there be
no maybes?
No gray
between black
white --
(Abyss between the cliffs,
the nothing between everything)
-- Only "will," and "won't,"
never "might."

My mother, my brother:
Is it fate the love they give me,
and choice I hand it back?
Is it unteachable, unbreakable,
the bond within a pack?
And what of love found later on
that seems of greater worth?
Could the prophetic mistress, Fate,
grow this love and that at birth?

Is it only fate to love the ones
And choice to love the one

So is it choice or is it fate?
There can be nothing in between.
Yet somehow,
though I did not choose to meet you,
or fall in love that day,
I would not have it another way.

No in between...?
I feel I have found the gray,
the twilight between night and day,
the little nothings in the everything
that make it all worthwhile.

It's in between introductions
and forever spent together
It's in between the sheets,
the covers of an album.
It's in between our smiles.
The in between is what we love --
What we live--
-- Whether choice or fate --
It's the bridge over abyss.
It's the love that stops your falling.
A second, a year, a look, a kiss.

This idea of choice, of fate,
it's unimportant, obsolete.
It matters only
What lies in between.
552 · Feb 2011
The Woman on the Bus
Sarah Ellis Feb 2011
Her hands were small, pruned,
looked clammy, very cold perhaps
with purple seeping up through
her tiny nails.

She twisted the ring on her left third finger
round and round, deftly,
as if she had been doing it for years.
The small diamond awoke in the dim light,
like a beady eye from a dark forest.

What she rethinking everything?

She looked up suddenly,
pulled ******* the brake cord yelling
and flew out into the night the second the bus
came to a pause.
550 · Mar 2010
Flame of Love
Sarah Ellis Mar 2010
I've held this torch
The light of my being
The flame of my love
for twenty years.

For a decade and nine,
the flame grew
it lit up my future
and I saw
how it would bring me
to you.

I carried this blessing
of hope and love
of being a hopeless romantic.
I've always been waiting
for you.

And in this past five-hundred twenty-five thousand
six hundred minutes
Just when the flame was dying
and the brass handle too heavy
You came along
and held the torch
with me.

And this is how we'll stay
bound together by the
flame of love.
For I'll never let go.
550 · Feb 2011
The Hunter
Sarah Ellis Feb 2011
I heard it
just before my campfire
slowed, oddly calm--
the howl seared my peace
from an unknown distance.

I could see it in the trees;
the nervous leaves shivered,
lost their snow,
perhaps wishing me to flee.

But the howl cut into my ears
and huddled there,
its feet scratching,
its fur bristling--

I shook my head free
but its breath smothered me,
hot, rank, ripe with waiting

An angry wind shoved the trees
and jostled the crowd of yelling leaves
urging me, run run
but the howl was all I knew--

Suddenly, I could taste what the howl wanted:
smooth fur and malleable flesh
that falls apart in its captor's teeth
before it knows to writhe,
simple, easy, like biting into a peach
and I savored the metallic tang of conquest.
550 · Mar 2010
Sarah Ellis Mar 2010
Defining love
is like describing a color
to the blind.

You might say,
"Yellow is happy.
It is the sun,
a daisy,
a duckling."

You might say,
"Red is passionate.
It is a rose,
one's heart,
an apple."

But these are elementary, trivial words.
They are pointless.
The blind will only memorize your words.
They cannot truly know them.
They cannot truly know
That grass is green,
a bluebird blue.

In fact,
You could lie to them.
And most people will.

Color can only be seen,
just as love can only be experienced,
never to be conveyed in its true form to others.

And trust me.
Falling in love
is like seeing colors
for the very first time.
541 · Mar 2010
Taking Chance
Sarah Ellis Mar 2010
Flitter, flutter, glitter, gloss
The wings of hearts, the fear of loss
Quiver, shiver, tremble, shake
The dreams will last until you wake.

Crunching snow, prickling skin
Bristly scarf, blowing wind
All these things and many more
Have come to knock upon my door.

"Come out today and play with us
Why do you look so serious?
It's nothing more than taking chance
To lose your seat so you can dance."

"So what if you've no mind to dream
Or that you have no voice to scream
Just take a chance, you'll see it through
Then nothing will be troubling you."

Giggle, wiggle, hope and pray
Please don't wait another day
Crying, trying, prance and dance
It's nothing more than taking chance.
504 · Mar 2010
Sarah Ellis Mar 2010
Once we have lost ourselves in dreams
The river ripples slow.
Whilst wind has ceased from swaying trees,
The dust falls where He strode.

A shadow finds a place to rest.
Our dreams pass lasting hours.
The silence warms us in its nest.
The rain pours gracious showers.

The cries of birds are silenced by
The leaves of autumn hues.
'Til morning comes and darkness dies
Our minds are still subdued.

The stars sit on my windowsill
But soon it shall be morn.
The bright blue sky, though early still
Shall flags of light adorn.

Those kindred hearts of old ones near
Shall keep ours beating still.
The purity of memories dear
Will our minds surely fill.

Around my feet I feel the sea
Her waves, my dream, they coax.
The splendid sea, she calls to me
Her whispers not a hoax.

The mountains pray upon their knees
For clouds to pass the moon.
The moon man sees the lonely trees
And sends a wind to swoon.

Once silence broke from whistling winds
The ripples start their dance.
The birds have stirred for nighttime's end;
A new day's given chance.

We children wake and rouse and blink
To greetings of the sun
Though stars no longer shine and wink
It's morning; night is done.
494 · Mar 2010
Sarah Ellis Mar 2010
i walk.
i run.
i jump.
i fall.
i fall.
i fall.
i call.
you catch me.

i walk.
i run.
i jump.
i fall.
i fall.
i fly.
i soar.
you pushed me.
485 · Mar 2010
The Fog
Sarah Ellis Mar 2010
It's been quite a time
Since I saw, saw your face

Watched you leave, leave my world
Gone without, out a trace

Though I try, try I may
To bring you to my eye

The mem'ries that I had
They've all, all run dry

And my mind has forgotten

And now you are something
Less than a memory

Like the fog
That sets
When you wake
From a dream
That's what
You've become
To me
462 · Mar 2010
Sarah Ellis Mar 2010
i feel the spirits all around me
i am desperate to capture them
explore them
they dart from my gaze
affecting my dreams

i cannot look away from that
which i cannot see
462 · Mar 2010
How I Shine
Sarah Ellis Mar 2010
So I've fallen in love
And it is beautiful
The leaves are greener
Red, orange, oh
What a cold morning
I don't mind
'Cause I can still feel you around me
And oh,
How I shine.

I have to find
More ways
Than "always"
More colors
In the light waves
I have to find
A sky of stars
With blazing flames
As bright as ours
I have to find
A word for love
That says it stronger
Our own forever
That lasts much longer.

I have to show you
Why my heart beats your name.

Your soft words
Pump through my veins
Your smile
Can stop the rain
Your heart
I can't believe it's mine
And oh,
How I shine.

So I've fallen in love
And I am alive
For the first time
In a lifetime.
431 · Jan 2011
With the City
Sarah Ellis Jan 2011
True, their marriage had far beyond ripened,
it had aged with the great city.
But that majesty was dashed
when the emperor's wife
had the veil--lifted from her eyes,
much like it had been years ago,
to find her leader
with that Young Woman,
whose eyes still bore the veil of

The wife ran from the room, unseen,
to rejoin the flowers, the setting sun,
still thankful
for at least her own wisdom.
418 · Mar 2010
Sonnet No. 1
Sarah Ellis Mar 2010
I push against my skin and make it wrinkle
And thus I shove away the years of time;
I wait for dimming bluish eyes to twinkle
So I can be reminded they are mine.
My graying hair still sprayed with sunlit blonde
Can stay alight when candles fail to burn;
My voice a parch'ed rose can still respond
As if it has so much yet still to learn.
The journals masters wrote of earnest truth
May envy mem'ries found in my old mind;
I can't excite my spirit like in youth
But find it I much wiser and refined.
And yet I feel that it has been my heart
Where love has reigned that let me get this far.
408 · Mar 2010
Sarah Ellis Mar 2010
Home is where my heart is
And right now
My heart is tying his shoes
Getting ready for the day
He's tall
He doesn't see me watching
His skin smells like some
Distant memory of my past
When the grass was tall
And the sun was warm
Like the sky had never even seen a storm.

This morning
I choose to lay in bed
And watch him dress
He looks at me, winks at me
Tells me to get some rest.

Other days
I might've followed him to the door
To give him
Just one kiss more
I might've had doubt
He would return
I'd have needed to be reassured.

But last night
The clouds unveiled the moon
And by it I could see his lips
And what I read there
Had my rays of doubt eclipsed.

And now I know
That certainty comes
In the shape of pale blue eyes
And home descends
From those stormless skies
And it's easy to rest
When I know what's mine
It's easy to sleep
When I know that I'll have my heart
Until the very end of time.
385 · Mar 2010
Sarah Ellis Mar 2010
i was worried love had forgotten me
and dreams were all i had

that shooting
ignored my wish

and loneliness shouldn't feel this bad.

i clung to what came to me in dreams
pretended it was a gift from the

o     o

i hoped he was as real as he seemed
and i would feel him soon

and though the face in my dreams wasn't clear
and i'd never heard his voice
i didn't have to see, i didn't have to hear
there was no other choice

the wind b  l  e  w
and i knew
it was you

i forgot how to be alone
i felt you and knew I was home.
347 · Mar 2010
Sarah Ellis Mar 2010
Tears merely

w i k e
r n l

the page.

Why not t u  r   n

it instead

And see what a new chapter brings?
340 · Mar 2010
The Best Words
Sarah Ellis Mar 2010
I cannot feel cold,
Not ever,
Ever since
You gave me your coat
On that first night.

I've never seen
A brighter moon
Never as many
And it's as if
The sun rises
Only to see us.

You just make this kind
Of poetry --
Trying to put into words
And make more beautiful
This perfection which cannot be
Improved --
Quite... impossible.

The best words
Are the ones
That need not be said at all.
333 · Mar 2010
Sarah Ellis Mar 2010
The wind, it whistles through me
I'm hollow
I'm nothing
I'm running
And the sun is rising.

The wind, it calls you through me
I'm see-though
I'm nothing
I'm running
And the sun still rises.

Just when I thought I had nothing to give.

You're standing at the top of the hill
I'm empty
But you see me
I'm something
And the sun is high.

Nothing, nothing
Could fill me
The way you do
I see the sun through you.

The wind, it holds us both together
I'm full
I'm waiting
I'm yours
And the sun is setting.

The wind, it brought us here together
Just when I thought I had nothing to give
I'm ready
You're running
I'll follow
To chase the sun.

— The End —