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Sarah Elaine Mar 26
our friendship fell off a bridge
- or maybe it jumped -
I don't remember.

I can't.
I shiver at the thought
the niceties and how are yous
clouding all the unlapsed judgement

pretending that those late nights still hold weight

Holding on to the crocheted rope as if it will hold us together
through anything more than a thought
Sarah Elaine Jan 7
never been hit that hard
why am I so hurt?
  Jan 6 Sarah Elaine
Don't mind how you start,
It's how you finish that matters.
January 6, 2019 - 12:37

Keep getting that bread!
  Jan 5 Sarah Elaine
Polaroid sunshine;
I'm a pyramid scheme
people want to watch
drop dead
in a bowl of soup.
Sarah Elaine Jan 5
no one cares
til someone pulls the trigger
Sarah Elaine Jan 5
forgotten words i did not write
speaking softly in the night
finding lovely ***** of light
hold them, slowly, til it's right
Sarah Elaine Jan 2
I choose strength
I choose love
I look forward
Not above
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