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Aug 23 · 77
The Wake
Sara Aug 23
How could you not see?
That you were giving them your all
While all they deserved, really
Was the recklessness with which they treated your soul
How could you not see?
That you were burning all your candles
While they so easily
Blew them all out, without the least what if
How could you be so oblivious?
So blind?
Why did you let them treat you like this?
Why did you waste all that energy and time?
But now you know,
Oh so very well
It's all clear to you now,
You'll never settle for less
Jul 1 · 123
Sara Jul 1
What is wrong with me
What is wrong with my heart
Why can’t it let go?
Of the people who cause it nothing but hurt
Why does it search for excuses?
Why does it hold on?
Why does it keep excusing itself?
When it has every right to move on
No more heartache
No more tears
From now on
Nothing but fierceness
Power of the mind
Power of self-love
I have to protect myself
From all that can go wrong
I said my goodbye
I said my be well
I will not surrender
No I will not sink in another poisonous well
Nov 2019 · 170
Save Yourself
Sara Nov 2019
Break free
Break free from your chains
Your demons
Don’t let them drown you
Don’t let them defeat the good in you
Who knew
Life would do this to you
Turn you from a pure soul
To a wretched one, lost in this messy world
A soul
That has lost all hope
All faith
A soul that.. might not see the light
A soul that.. is struggling to feel alive
It’s somewhere in you
That beacon of light
It’s hard to find
But it is, nonetheless, the cure to your mind
Oh, that mind of yours
That fragile, yet powerful creation
It can be deemed a curse,
It can be a blessing, a salvation
Who decides which it’s gonna be?
You.. it’s you
And you know it
You are just lost in the process
And what a difficult process it is
To set your mind straight
Nov 2019 · 160
Sara Nov 2019
She's dead..
With every single breath she takes,
With every word she utters.
She's dead..
With every thought, every idea
Her dead soul lives,
Lives and how shall her soul ever exist..
Nov 2019 · 120
Sara Nov 2019
Because we all need that ray of hope
A hope to live for
We allow ourselves to delve in the darkest depths of sadness
And forget that what we’re looking for is already within us
It’s a tough place
A tough battle
And, somewhere along the way,
You just get stuck in the middle
And that, my friend, is the most dangerous phase
You think you’re doing okay
But the fact is
You’ve stopped looking for that hope
And you start wondering, why were you even born in the first place?
It’s a critical question
A critical situation
You must not let this twisted life
Get the best of your mental state
Try your best to heal
To bring yourself to life again
And if you ever need a friend
I’m here, and I won’t leave until you smile again
Nov 2019 · 130
Bittersweet Truth
Sara Nov 2019
As you go on in life
You come to a -perhaps astounding- realization
What you once thought to be a world full of love
Becomes a desert, a certificate of your loneliness
All those you thought knew you
All those you thought believed in you
They are just observers behind glass
Lost in their own world, far from you
You come to realize
That your world, in fact, doesn’t revolve around them
You try to recenter your life
On what matters in the end, on your end
You are loved
You are surrounded by people that matter so much to you
But you start to comprehend
That your life should be about you
It’s an important revelation
A life-changing wake up call
So stop wasting time,
And press that restart button
Nov 2019 · 222
Abominable Darkness
Sara Nov 2019
Smiles are souls
Eyes are speakers
Both are confused
Both are keepers
Why to frown?
When you can smile
Why to drown?
When you can swim
Yes,I know
Life is harsh
But what can we do?
Other than live and rush
We've become in a desert
Empty of life, empty of conscience
All cares about his reserve
All abases his master sense
Why can't we abate our sick souls?
And try to transcend ourselves
Even if to the world of dreams
At least it's better than our selfish selves
Why is it always that I care for you?
Or you care for me
Why is it that we can't hold our hands together?
And fight the world
For you and for me
Can you do that for me?
Can you stay loyal and never betray?
Can you share the same heart?
Or is it too hard for you not to miss the train?
If your answer is yes
Then please be my guest
But if not
Don't buy me a ticket to death
Be my right hand
Be my motivator to change the world
And I promise if you do
I'll open my heart a land written for you

— The End —