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2d · 284
Don't say anything like, "Don't say anything".

Sara Fielder © Sept 2022
6d · 50
apparently, we have endangered ourselves
in the process of protecting ourselves,
and everything in between scampers
into the den to try and defile, but it all works out
in the end, still may I remind you that all the
rhyming in the world won't save you, and it is as if
not paying attention wasn't the worst thing you
could do because it is. Period.
No one can conquer that level of assurance.
That might even be what they were referring to
in the bible when they spoke about the sword of truth.
What is truth? It is personal. It is individual.
Sharp enough for you?

Sara Fielder © Sept 2022
Sep 12 · 91
i'm powerful like the gentry. cuz
I can

**** time
with my phone.

Sara Fielder © Sept 2022
Aug 27 · 66
When you have a hard time bringing yourself
from being mad, watch yourself watching yourself.
Then try watching yourself hear.

You'll see sound.

Sara Fielder © Aug 2022
Aug 27 · 94
Of Sleep
at the end of the day when I lay my head down
on the pillow, Boom! a sturdy poem rides in
on its word horse so that I
have to get up out of bed to write it down.

This wasn't one of them.

Sara Fielder © Aug 2022
I thank God I can do things most fat people can't.

Sara Fielder © Aug 2022
Aug 27 · 235
Fruit Salad
Ambrosia. The sound it makes is better than it even tastes.

Sara Fielder © Aug 2022
Aug 26 · 135
Other Half
My husband is the best parent I've ever had.

Sara Fielder © Aug 2022
Aug 26 · 130
it would seem,
on some level,
there is going to be fear.
Always fear.

Sara Fielder © Aug 2022
Aug 26 · 238
for some reason I get calm watching Clean Master
sweep Ad Junk off my phone.

Sara Fielder © Aug 2022
Aug 19 · 32
Tonto Basin
stay calm and come out shooting I said
in advance of the impending attack of dusty desert
bandits, a hundred-degree thunderstorm upon us buffeted
the camper shell and raindrops fell hard against
our fiberglass surrounded by Socorro cactus raising
up their Gumby arms in praise of Thor who I was sure had
caused a problem for us bringing a flood of water
with dark and starry wind whose breath had seemed
to ******* alive for the first time since
our last notorious escapade.

Sara Fielder © Aug 2022
you ignore the long-lost phone number
coming across your cell phone face, then
delete the persons voicemail before
they were even finished speaking.

Sara Fielder © Aug 2022
Jul 26 · 43
Levi (3) & Lila (7)
Children can find the cracks
in your fortress wall ~
are able to crumble your
hidey- hole to bits and leave you in a puddle to
question where its architecture ever
came from in the first place.

Sara Fielder © July 2022
Self control is highly underrated.

Sara Fielder © July 2022
Jul 21 · 106
Well then,
my romance is as flatulent
as a t.v. addict.

Sara Fielder © July 2022
Jul 20 · 68
The livestock don't have
any money for gas because of the Chinese
so they soak themselves in
social media mass destruction,
ghosts hiding behind the toilet in the internet bathroom
aliens among aliens all about to implode
taking themselves for granted, figures of their own imagination,
muffed hearts grating in confusion allowing the cat
named Wanda to pitter patter the apartment
with her puny paws on purpose
Time never slows down fast enough
to listen and as long as they think
they are happy the World continues to move through
them like water in a recycled wave.

Sara Fielder © July 2022
Jul 19 · 58
Nothing to obstruct the eye for miles.

On that day, and in that age,
the land was flat and bald contrasting against
a mass of sky-blue backdrop.

America. The Great Plains.

Six million hides roamed a century ago
gently grazing blue green grassland waves
until Dodge City,

and all you saw was blood everywhere, and all you heard
were buffalo huffing their dying breaths.

Sara Fielder © July 2022
Pain in my eyes like Aloe Vera plants.
Silly putty legs without ovaries.

The robots are unapologetically wrong.
The real demons return with different names.
No, that's not a lie. It so happens that
massive things can be done without any consequence.
And by the way, who designed it that way?
Handing out hand-outs when they should
all be on their knees.

You and your too much food.
You and your too much food.
Big fat walruses with hydroponic fur.
I'll take my medicine.
I'll take my shoes off inside the house.

I sprang from my father's head and
mother swallowed me ~ gave birth to
the Milky Way so that our souls moved
into our livers. We all turned into
grocery story magazine stories gone wrong.
But I don't care about that.

Mainly, it's the priests.
I'd like to stick them in my steam-trunk.
I'd like to hang them upside down when
they break the glass.

Who's with me? Who's with me?!
Let's band altogether to stop chewing gum.
Become as old as the stars.

Sara Fielder © July 2022
Jul 2 · 102
Have you ever noticed that you
sometimes get
what you wish for?

That's the reason I need to be
really careful when I
think things like,
"Effing arrogant *******,
why don't you just leave?".

Sara Fielder © July 2022
Jun 22 · 107
St. John's Wort
flower spies me through its periscope after
bumblebee abandons.
i lay upon the grass mattress
the diatomaceous earth being
tilled beneath by worms in cordial, unfazed shifts.

didn't I place that greenery there? predetermined what its
width and breadth would be in accordance with
the grave I dug for roots to go in,

imagined i could control the seasons, boasted
special fertilizer and city water would subjugate
the plant from dying,
took for granted that it would
with absolutely no attention
just the same as I do.

Sara Fielder © June 2022
Jun 22 · 187
The vengeful ego sun-bakes as heart
races different scenarios it can latch onto.
A steamy argument ensues with voice of reason ~
the long-suffering protagonist. The sucker.

But on the level, it isn't "fixed",
it's merely tolerated until it finds its way toward
the land of never-forget.

Sara Fielder © June 2022
Jun 20 · 251
The bravest thing that you
can ever do is keep
your mouth shut.

Sara Fielder © June 2022
Do not ask for favors lest you are prepared to pay in double.

Favors are nothing more than myths.

Sara Fielder © June 2022
May 28 · 87
It vibrates before it even begins.
The moping, stony chinned silence.

I anticipate nothing.
I anticipate what I am going to do next.

The void stiffens.
It has a way of causing hysteria.

I am too afraid to ask,
"How did we ever lose our way?"
"How did our love become a contest?"

I am no more than a mattress
on the side of the road, and I know it.

Sara Fielder © May 2022
May 27 · 341
Mirror Mirror
You reread your old poems
to get to know yourself better.

Sara Fielder © May 2022
May 27 · 71
I rose from bed this morning,
this morning I did rise,
And before the day had e'vn begun,
an urge to close my eyes.

But the light through the window beckoned,
another chance today,
To change it into something,
that'd make a better play.

At a table with some coffee,
gearing up for work,
When a hummingbird like a dart shot by,
poked by invisible fork.

He hello-copped the feeder,
I think he winked at me,
as if to say, "I drink, you blink,
and then I speed away!"

Another sip Sumatra, another sigh I sigh,
Again he buzzes by bejeweled, an iridescent Sprite!
Acrobats, contortionists, have nothing over him,
Pearlescent tiny hoverer with scapulas that bend.

At eight bells now it's time to leave,
I lift my landing gear,
So long sweet things reminding me,
that beauty lives near here.

Sara Fielder © May 2022
May 18 · 170
A Last Purge
we live according to the
moments we create and their
preconceived outcomes alongside

trying to remember the ones
that got away from us

trying to get back what we can't

forgetting the faces of those
who abused you

wishing you'd asked your parents more
about themselves before they died

trying to remember the things you
thought you'd never forget like

I had a brother Patrick once.
I left him somewhere.
A full blooded brother. I think he lives in Arkansas.

His eyes were cornflower blue, and he had long double-lashes.

Sara Fielder © May 2022
May 18 · 79
The Idiot!

The one who participates in
unproductive relationships.

The one that fails to ignore
their mistaken identity,
and does not anticipate
good intentions to backfire.

You are the cook
whose meals are less than

You are the friend that phones.

The daughter that won't be
manipulated, the mother
that is concerned, and the wife

who won't give her husband
regular blow jobs.

Sara Fielder © May 2022
May 17 · 128
Daily Grind
It's probably not a good thing
to be so wasted,

at this hour,

at my age,

but on the bright side,
I like the sound
my mouth makes when
it's humming.

Sara Fielder © May 2022
I. Don't wear your apology like a badge.

II. Don't get others to do your bidding.

III. Watch your back but quell paranoia.

IV. When they say you have no sense of humor,
tell them they have no class.

Sara Fielder © May 2022
May 17 · 74
My mind is in the dollhouse.
Episode 3, and I still don't even
know what's going on.

Concern became
an argument of her own invention,
but in the end, it's just a bad
joke we're playing on each other.

Her phosphorus fangs
and me the irritating
fly inside her soup.

I am conflicted about her magnificence.
Giraffe-necked, insulting every man's dream.
She hammers nails into my chest with her distain.

I gesture surrender turning stove off,
and decide to hold up the bathroom
fort as she reloads.

Sara Fielder © May 2022
May 11 · 128
Now and Again
In conversations with myself I
say things like, "Where do
bees go when it gets dark?"
and " I wonder what it's like
to mush a Husky.".

Sara Fielder © May 2022
May 11 · 94
Sugar and Spice
They text their Dad
to tell you
Happy Mother's Day.

Sara Fielder © May 2022
May 11 · 81
God is an egotist,
and I pray He will forgive me
for saying that.

Sara Fielder © May 2022
May 11 · 312
treadmill of life,

     I recognize the way you've
outpaced me into the wreck
I have become.

Sara Fielder © May 2022
"Your words have no worth until
you're read", I said.

He said, "We repeat the same mistakes
hoping for different outcomes.".

I said,"Did you get that from the Bible?" He said,

"I learned it from experience."

I said, "I am just a cliche', you are
deep and resonating.".

He said, " In North Carolina, especially.".

Sara Fielder © May 2022
You could write a poem to be
read by those
on the side of Truth but
truth hurts doesn't it?
It stands alone.
It doesn't benefit either way.
It doesn't mock you, and it
doesn't kiss your feet.
By the time justifications are realized
it's too late for your questions
to be viable.

Sara Fielder © May 2022
May 6 · 243
Insight #99
The only thing I really like about myself are my sneakers.

Sara Fielder © May 2022
May 3 · 102
Yellow sky with
starlings zinging by,

a crack of wind whips
tree arms into tangles,

it storm-troops disappointed
out of sight,

as baritones inform that
farms are mangled.

Shotgun blasts of hail
thrown hard it hits,

my windowpane with
nature's angry fist,

I shoulda headed West on 51,
but sorta didn't care if it came on.

Sara Fielder © Apr 2022
May 3 · 78
They won't remember anything you say.
Your words are like weeds and sand grains.
Your words are lost upon empty modernity.

And what about Care?

It is as foreign as heaven because a ***
of quarreling egos doesn't know how to
make peace while it competes for attention.

Sara Fielder © May 2022
Apr 27 · 82
Random Write
Dear Pandemic of Solitude,

I am grateful I can still put two words together after
two years, and that the body I borrowed still has
a little time left to be returned.

Outside, the sound of rain makes things real.

The sound of the thunder rages amongst winds frustration.

I say, "I lack, therefore I am".
I say, "I am but a craving for more when and
at the same time, I know that to lack
I am correspondingly full".

Sara Fielder © Apr 2022
There I was watching god play with his toys.
He gives me the thought that
"A thought makes something happen
intentionally, or unintentionally, and there is a
consequence that the universe desires,
and all fingers of blame are sidelined."

That's what he thought.

Sara Fielder © Apr 2022
Apr 26 · 172
I'd Say
They say you can't un-ring a bell which is like saying
you can't un-hear the things you wish
you hadn't heard which is like saying
you can't forget the things you wish you couldn't
remember which is like saying
you wish that you were stronger which is like
saying you aren't good enough which is getting
us nowhere I'd say.

Sara Fielder © Apr 2022
Apr 26 · 58
Carry them on your shoulders
Sing to them
Push the swing
Apply Bandaids
Tuck them in
Chauffeur to and from school
Refrain from picking their friends
Teach them right and wrong
Teach them to drive
Fix the favorite foods
Allow them to breathe
Wait for them to call,
put you on hold and
then hang up on you first.

Sara Fielder © Apr 2022
Apr 26 · 58
Go capture the lavender sky
in your pink lemonade cup.

Question the wonder of
Catapiller cilia tails.

Doubt not the Sun as it toasts
Earths crumbly crust.

Float on the dust in the
air ducts to vacuate time.

Sara Fielder © Apr 2022
Apr 23 · 113
The smoke curls.
I imagine I ride up it.
I ride. Swirl.
Curl as an incense scent.
Her sins, my sins, your sins.
I don't expect you
to understand.

Sara Fielder © Apr 2022
You know that something's done right when it can't get any better.

Sara Fielder © Apr 2022
What you think of yourself
is more important than
what others think of you.

Sara Fielder © Apr 2022
Apr 23 · 241
It's just the two of us now,
and i find i talk an awful allot.

To myself.

And I'm a great

Sara Fielder © Apr 2022
Don't focus on what others might
think of you when you do for them.

Disregard what they might
do for you in return.

Focus only on the good you might
do as it's being done.

Sara Fielder © Apr 2022
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