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I love the way you look at me
With blind admiration
I love the way you kiss my lips
When you had no idea what I want
I love the way your face lights up
With a smile as blood drips down your neck
I love the way a needle makes you
Flinch when I drive it home
I love the way our perfection lies
On a bed of quicksand

I love the lakes of fire
That erupts in my stomach
With every sip
I love the faces that shift and change
With no warning
I love the way the classic white coat
Hugs my body tightly
I love your blindness most of all

I love that as I sit across the table
With such dangerous thoughts
You have no clue
I love my schizophrenia
I love that it’s not you
Not knowing,
Does he miss me?
When he thinks of me…
Does he miss me?
Or regret…
The wrong we have done.
Is it wrong to think he misses me?
Not knowing… is killing me.
My heart sinks deeper…
As I wait,
Not knowing…
I wish he would respond...
This burning inside my chest
is to much for me to take
I can feel my heart beating
My lungs weeze
From trying to breath
through the pain
my ribs crack
under the pressure
from holding in the sobs
My throat twiches
from the effort to
hold in the words
My heart is braking from the
Absense from you
 Jul 2013 Sara Ellen
a Kiss
 Jul 2013 Sara Ellen
Kiss me, and you will see how important I am
bend your lips on me
and see coming out of my mouth my soul
my soul will come to you again
 Jul 2013 Sara Ellen
Clara Belle
Eu gosto da forma como me olhas
eu gosto da forma como danças
e como
o teu carinho me leva
pelas estrelas

or is that too cliche?
because I’m feeling
a hundred other cliches
rising to my lips
as I attempt to describe...

I like the way your warm fingerprints
trace the invisible paths along my arms
And how your eyes light up
when you listen
or how your breath runs away
when we’re pressed
soft and hard together
Scented musk and coconut

I like the time we spend in silence
The soft fluttering I get just from
looking into your eyes
Makes me wonder
what you might be thinking
or feeling…

Your name snuggles against my contours
caressing my shoulders
seeping into my thoughts

And it feels nice
This is me
This is him
Together me and him
Our desinty’s collide
Our world divides
But we stay put
Hand in hand
And foot by foot
It’s us not him and not me
We’ll reach for the stars
And the stars will set us free

Again this is not a love story
This is me
This is him
This is us.
 Jul 2013 Sara Ellen
Lauren Pope
What we had didn't matter to me.
Didn't mean anything to me.
Without you I feel free.

Your touch of my skin didn't make me feel.
Because I knew it wasn't real.
You're nothing to me.

The words you said didn't captivate me.
Enamor me.
It was just an act,
I'm sure you'll agree.

You were just a game to play.
A heart to betray.
You're worthless to me.

You're a ghost to me.
At most you'd be,
nothing more than
a mind to ****.
A stupid schmuck.

I just needed to lie for a second.

Because my lies are your realties.
I'm done with the formalities.

It hurts. Because I cared and shared
all that was the mess of me with
somebody as unworthy as you
because I thought I knew
who you were and your intent with my heart.

I should've seen from the get that I was
just another
twit you could mold and fool.

I'm sorry.
I just need to lie again.
For a moment.

I'm fine now.
I'm strong now.
It doesn't hurt.
I'm moving on.
I'm better off.
I feel alive.
I'll be okay.

I just need to lie for a second.

I'm glad we had it.
I don't regret it.
I'm glad I opened up.
I'm glad I shared my trust.

Sorry for the lies.
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