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Santana Oct 2012
Most profound, sincere and true
This love i have found in you

As if it cannot be fathomed in this world
At least not alone
As if the human mind cannot fully define
And now it feels as if only we know

True love

And this love I have found in you
Neither begged nor borrowed, bought or stolen

My heart has never felt this pure
So I'll spill the fragile thing
Just for you

I guess I'll remain in love for sure.
Santana Oct 2012
one day
we will be
running fearlessly
towards the sun

until then let us frolic in the darkness
find our own way home
and we will be laughing
cause they will never fathom
the things only we know

you and i
cannot be defined

and that is what it's like when
symmetry souls

if you leave
i'm afraid i will lose the light
when you go
i'll be forced to find solace
in my sorrows

the love here burns bright
you won't ever have to feel frightened
i'm here
Santana Sep 2012
Always with our hearts
Seldom with our souls

keeping a stare locked

this is what we do
in darkness
in the sea of blankets and pillows
and I repeatedly lose a little of myself in you

I love it all
I suffer an urge of wanting you more and more

You and I

Symmetry souls aligned
in darkness
from dust
Santana Sep 2012
vir die geordende paar letters wat jou naam uitspel.

want jy bedreig my geluk soos 'n dors parasiet.

vir die monster wat jy in staat is om te wees.

jy maak my bang, jou kaarte is onvoorspelbaar
en jy speel satireis sonder reels, grense of stippellyne vervaag
tussen wat joune is en wat bly eintlik myne.

jy vat en gee dinge wat moes bly,
jy kom en gaan en verwoes
ons bly agter, 'n stukkie gronderosie
hou op,
want ek is nou moeg.

want jou griewelike vure brand helder warm,
ek is bedek met die paraffien wat jy oor my uitgestort het.

jy wat gevul id met ongesonde nyd
raak jy nooit moeg,
om so vieslik te verwoes?

'n Onverdiende tug
beloon my met somber wanhoop
Ons almal nodig nou 'n bietjie rus,
die leemte wat jy vul sal ons nie maklik mis.
Santana Sep 2012
Little girl
in my chest,
in my heart

Stay, a while longer

Let us frolic in the darkness together
and find our own way home
Let us covet lonliness
yet never feel completely alone
Let us laugh at them
for they will never fathom
all the things we know

We won't listen,
nor care,
nor give,
'cause we know more.

If you leave now
I lose the light
When you go
I'll be forced to find sollace
in my sorrow.

I will lose my way back home.

Little girl, little me

Santana Sep 2012
lion heart in my chest
tiger blood in your veins
i will kiss you when nobody sees
i will kiss you like i've
known no lonliness
we will love like we've
known no sadness
we will make believe
their selfish hands are
inadequate to tear
a love as such apart
you will always remain
the better part of me.
Santana Aug 2012
Lure me in with your whispered words
expand my heart with your
have it your way.

you still need me
but I have

nothing to feel
nothing to give
nothing to see.

Give me more
I still need you.

When it is all said and done,
who will be the one
running fearlessly
towards the sun.

You and I
Cannot be defined.

This is what it is like when
symmetry souls
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