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山水 5d
films being a way of release
orchestrated so finely so that one may
be greatly exalted to an effect
for everything I find withheld
the dam suddenly weakened
waves violently awakened
lands that know endless drought
finally collide, unionized soulfully
washed over with sudden movement
in that lies
the advent of revitalized life
The way things flow so easily in the abstract space we call the mind,
disappointment only finds the lack of essence when written down.
It all is decorated with excess, ornaments of recycled theatricality
山水 5d
death possibly being the only last remaining catalyst
to incite change
so many sacrifices to some god,
though behind the veil it was always through
the realization of ones own humanity
that the waves begin to suddenly soften
and through chaos of every cell— vying, whirling for survival dancing toward the point in end
did life spring forward,
cherishing that which means everything
more consciously, mindfully, steadily
child, ohh child, not of time nor space
but of presence, of no forethought, of no past
linger on in these innocent moments
these pure enjoyments
山水 Mar 21
There is only light in hell
here, endlessly here
outside of here
lives on in  
illusory dreams
in this realm of the living
will only be the death of me
山水 Mar 20
one makes a mistake of expressing themselves
in the wrong light,
in that impressions
from false waves
mistakingly rise
from mist of feelings,
can in clarity,
in observance of each individual droplet
one transcribe,
vibrant ripples,
山水 Mar 9
In dreams
tears I wept
chest wailing, well swelling
pleading for you not to go
In silent presence
you knew you your grip couldn’t hold
before I had woke
I knew, you had already let go
In dreams
I repeat what could have been,
twisting and turning to sequence
remnants covered by
the seething quiet
cold leftovers
I never wanted
though expected
山水 Mar 9
Mirage’s curtain fell long ago
Leaving sand and drought
those caught in its thick wake
With earthed hands
make use of the water they have
to build sand castles
Water doesn’t set, it evaporates
It’s essence flows somewhere else
Fixation finds its way through loss
Not what should have been found
Under distant flames rage, we too become meaningless
for all that couldn’t hold, we too,
are hills of grain
山水 Mar 1
all my life so far
do I seek for absolution
in death I’m in love with
there, things can be found
within the dense tar
in clarity, renewed
removed from skin of old
tarnished are these ways,
only to let go
i’m at constant peace
in the deconstructed states,
design brought into
inferno’s grace
i am being
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