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Sanna Tirkey Jun 2018
When all my world had turned to grey,
Colour had gone and nothing stayed.
      Reality was harsh to withstand,
      Dream was the only solace.
          When all seasons grew worse,
           An Eastern wind was the only support.
Someone from east;
   Predestined or preplanned from heaven,
   Blew soothingly in my life then.
        A bond much stronger nurtured within,
        Something was clear ,would last forever.
            Someone was the change,
            Shooting stars had crossed the sky again.
Life had never been so beautiful before,
Colours were brighter and vibrant more.
   Knew not I then, rock heart replaced
by softer when.
    Tuning of life had slowed down,
    Rythm of heartbeat had paced up.
        I knew that Someone was the
  Looking in the eyes of love ,
    I knew I had found my precious man.
   Colours had never gone, seasons
  were not the same.
    He was the change, he is the change.
    He is the one, he is my gain.
Its a poem for all people who love their partners a lot and are thankful to them for being there in their lives . Just like me for  My love, I m very grateful for having you in my life. A small gift , a small poem dedicated to you.
Sanna Tirkey Dec 2017
Ashes turning to grey,
   Fumes becoming lighter.
No more words to say,
   Fire inside is larger.
Burn it down , far away
   Give your story a new writer.
        Don't worry my Dear
Time will make out it's way,
    Learn more to become a fighter.
See off the memories and pray,
    Life ahead is much brighter...
  Mar 2017 Sanna Tirkey
Sometimes I wonder if you still think of me,
In all the ways you used to.
Eyes wild in the moonlight,
Thoughts escaping in sentences too quick to process.
Shy chuckles,
Hands too cold, waiting for yours.
An ache for adventure,
You knew exactly where that lead.
Sleepless nights we'd sit beneath the stars,
And wonder if all of this was just a dream.
I hope you still think of me,
Because I know I think of you.
The sun so bright the epitome of life
Contrasting dark green coconut leaves
And white sands blue seas
The place where hearts keep dreams. ..
Come see :)
Come see
  Mar 2017 Sanna Tirkey
Cold, lonely shower.
Watching the skies turn dark grey.
Soft piano notes.
Sanna Tirkey Mar 2017
"Hey It's me",  replied my reflection
Startled by the voice , I look at her.
      A lovely smile on her face,
      Blushes on her cheek,
      Perfect glow beyond imagination.
I came closer to watch her carefully.
She was full of excitment.
World seemed a positive aura.
        Rubbing my eyes I just stared at her.
   ****,  I missed her smile.
   Missed the love look in her eyes.
Surrounded in hustle-bustle , I never noticed her.
For me , she was seraph of the moment.
"How's your life"? She asked next.
      Her words thundered in my body.
      Look on her face was sarcastic.
  Something I had lost long, something I still could become...
       Mirror of my life was in front.
Sanna Tirkey Feb 2017
I can feel the cold  breezing,
          brushing pass through me,
Chilling me within in spine.
      My body , frozen lifeless.  
Watching the snow flakes dancing in the sky.
I can feel,  I can see but fail to think.
I can feel the winter numbness.
             I close my eyes.
And all I see is Myself in the lap of Winter.
     Possessing me ,  holding me tight.
         My forehead resting on his.
         I'm warm and He is too cold.
    Securing His face in my hand, I gaze in His eyes.
   I can sense , He's not same as before.
  Which is why I conclude,
             Winter is harsh no more.
In love with winter.
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