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6.8k · Dec 2016
Sanjukta Nag Dec 2016
Our bodies are facing
The arms of dawn.
Conflicts of our skins
From night's reverie
Floating with fading purple.
Still lost in the depth of
Your starry mouth,
Particles of me
Merging into the universe.
Mingled thoughts
Under mingled fingers
Making galaxies crumbled
Time after time
Inside my closed eyes,
As I'm being washed by your
Warm luminosity.
I'm overwhelmed as Merged got selected as a daily poem. It means a lot to me. I'm grateful to all the poet-readers of HP. I wouldn't be able to achieve it without their support. Thanks a lot ❤
5.5k · Oct 2015
Sanjukta Nag Oct 2015
Chorus of morning leaves
Paint trees deeper in happy green.
Sunrays ricochet
From your eyes to my lips.
Maybe we are dying
For heaven has stepped down between us.
Heartbeat resonates
All over the sky
Carried by the wild wings of
White doves.
5.3k · Oct 2015
Sunrise In Galapagos
Sanjukta Nag Oct 2015
I rose with chilled air of dawn.
Holding the baby sun on my palm
I ponder at his mystery of liquefaction,
That spreads the hidden gold of Eldorado
Over my shivering shoulders.
I wish if I were a flamingo
Waiting on one leg
For the perfect moment of sunrise,
To dissolve all of my tints of pink
With his melted gold
On the blue lagoon of Galapagos.
4.3k · Apr 2016
The Snowman Theory
Sanjukta Nag Apr 2016
Once I met this girl
On my way to a desert of snow.
With a bucket and shovel in my hand,
A bit of chill on the spine,
I was trying to make a heap of snow
Then maybe a man of it.
She sat there for hours,
Watching me, smiling with fair cheeks,
While I saw her transforming bit by bit.
A carrot appeared on the nose,
Green scarf of a childhood winter
Cuddled her cold white neck,
And a fuzzy hat sat on her snow-head.
My baffled voice asked,
“How did you do that?”
Without opening her lips, she answered,
“Just dreaming bigger.”
I am thankful to my friend Tulika for this poem, who taught me that dream not only can be of making a snowman, but can be of becoming one.
2.9k · Oct 2015
Morning coffee
Sanjukta Nag Oct 2015
I like the way your last night skin
Burns the iciness,
When the first reddish ray of sun
Penetrates each pore of your bare back.
And every time I touch
The mocha colour of your skin,
Fragrance of caffeine
Seeps in through my nerves
To make me intoxicated.
Now, there is no doubt left, that
My morning is going be good.
2.7k · Oct 2015
He Barks Like A Bird
Sanjukta Nag Oct 2015
My snowball-like puppy barks like a bird,
Whenever that sparrow enters my window
Like a sudden sunray of winter.
She perches on a luminous spot
To sing him the sweetness of nature, that
She composed when dawn kissed her feathers.
He rhythmically stirs air with his thin white tail,
And concentrates ******* imitating
The morning song of little sparrow.
Days walk like this on my room
Resonating with their twittering symphony.
Now I think, maybe it's not only a music lesson
But a chapter of learning the secrecy of flying.
'Cause yesterday afternoon I dreamt,
My puppy flew out of the open window
With his two new glittering wings of sparrow,
Singing the brightest song of freedom.
2.4k · Oct 2015
Shooting Star
Sanjukta Nag Oct 2015
The worst nightmare of a Star is
to fall from the sky
dissolve over the horizon.
A shooting star is never meant to fulfil your wish, as it can't even change its own fate of falling down!
2.1k · Oct 2015
Sanjukta Nag Oct 2015
Long arms of moonlight are stretching out
To the gigantic ocean,
For touching those soft curls
Of her mahogany coloured hair.
Eyes more azure
Than Pacific's quiet dream
Glowing too bright,
Embarrassing the fluorescence of water.
Resting hands on the fair *******
She is floating on her back
Gazing at the blessed purple sky.
While silvery cream of starlets
Is nourishing every wet curve
Of her slender body, with
Gentle caress.
But the unfortunate humans are
Still unable to witness
The mystery of her beauty,
Which is carefully confined
Inside the secret chest of Mariana Trench.
2.1k · Sep 2015
More Moons
Sanjukta Nag Sep 2015
When the soothing lights of your eyes
Exchange glances with the sun
On the colossal blue,
Colours start swimming around me
Like dazzling butterflies.
And my silly heart
Bewitched by your majestic charm,
Still revolves around you like a mere satellite,
Inspite of visualizing that
You have more moons than Jupiter!
2.0k · Jan 2017
If Humans Got Wings
Sanjukta Nag Jan 2017
Looking at the birds
Little girl thinks,
"How sweet it would have been
If I had wings."

Looking at the girl
Caged birds sing,
**"No birds would be flying in the sky
If humans got wings."
1.7k · Jan 2017
Will You Be My Muse?
Sanjukta Nag Jan 2017
I've always been on this journey
Of floating with words.
Looking for you
I travelled across the
Sacred skies of many hearts,
Forming and breaking constellations
With the language of my ribcage.
For a thousand years
I walked through the veins of love
Wondering about the face
Of your ****** mind.
Your were the white heads
Of those tulips
I held each morning before smelling
Your absence inside them.
A constant search, still going on
As all the words of my poem
Keep running towards your smile.
Just answer me with your hands
Will you be my muse?
1.7k · Apr 2017
Sanjukta Nag Apr 2017
This dream is a sloppy forest
and you are the bird
who broods in a labyrinth of trees.
Time revolts,
the cage of sleep fractures
with the flutters of my eyelids.
I feel mortified
for uprooting trees one by one
from navels of the earth
only to see you safe at home.
Now the greens lay under my feet
and the sun looks blue
with your screaming feathers
scattered across the sky.
1.6k · Apr 2016
The Fairy Of Restoration
Sanjukta Nag Apr 2016
Like the stormy wind in a sunlit day
You always love to contradict me.
I tell you stories of monsters,
You transfigure them into angels
With your wand of positivity.
You tie my sadness in moonbird’s wings
And let it fly out of my earth.
Sitting amidst the emotional chiaroscuro
You play with soft words,
Paint new songs in your album,
Mimic the meowing of your honeyed kitten.
I sit back and wonder,
How do every time I witness sunrise
Whenever you let me walk deep
Into the core of your eyeballs.
And when I ask you the definition of life,
You unfold your slender arms
Like a Pegasus, and reply,
**“It’s about transforming from
One Avatar to another.”
this is for my friend Tulika, who helped me to restore the present chapters of my life.
1.5k · Jan 2017
Take Me Home
Sanjukta Nag Jan 2017
Everytime you bring me back from
The shore of infinity
Dragging my soul through waves
Sprinkling foamy stardust on my eyelids.
I open them
And find your shadow more pale
Than yesterday's dream.
You carry my wings
Your shoulders under my feathers
Expand wider than western horizon.
I melt and spread
Like a field of sunny tangerine
On your patient chest.
An ocean that is sweeter than freedom
Deeper than the blues of Pacific.
1.5k · Feb 2017
The Creation
Sanjukta Nag Feb 2017
On the barren
head of this plateau,
you're the midpoint.

A curious moon peeps
from the curve
of your neck,
flooding the
shoulders of solitude.

With a cello
between legs,
and a bow made
of moonbeams
you string those
rare beads of a tune.

Birth of sound
makes the sleeping
auras trembled.

Ancient souls explode,
fragmented forces
drink fresh
1.5k · Apr 2016
Pebbles Of Sun
Sanjukta Nag Apr 2016
I can still remember that dusk,
We stepped out in the drizzle to collect
The pebbles of sun.
They kept swirling in the airstream,
So soft, so free like your thoughts
Inside my ribcage.
Cold sprinkle made some of them wet,
Some even vanished before we touched their senses.
Mostly oval and round shaped,
With the playful brightness of seven colours.
You moved through them,
And let your skin absorb their vivid glow.
Fragments of violet brushed your eyelashes,
Hair accepted the waves of green.
While I placed
Sensual conjugation of orange and red
On your palm.
And it blushed like the primitive dawn,
The dawn of creation
When sun had first dropped its pebbles,
On the bare chest of earth.
1.4k · Dec 2016
Constellation of Dreams
Sanjukta Nag Dec 2016
Pillow is pampering the softness
Of your left cheek,
While the right one is revealed
Towards the cold of night.
A smile, so pink like a lustful rose
Rolling down from creases of your lips.
But the wonder lies inside
Your honey eyes of fascination,
Where bright blue constellation of dreams
Is built like a castle of light,
That shimmers only
With the blushful touch of love.
1.4k · Sep 2015
Sanjukta Nag Sep 2015
She uttered the word,
With a smile on the corner of her lips.
They were sitting on a stone bench
In the green shade of a huge chestnut tree,
Leaning against each other.
His fingers were playing with her brown hair,
While his rapid heart was fancying a kiss.
“What? ” He replied,
Lifting an eyebrow out of curiosity
For that unknown word.
She began, “This is the sound of…”
But his heart was not patient enough
To hear more, and instantly
His supple lips touched those soft lips of hers.
Pa – *** – smik
The sound occurred.
She winked and he giggled in joy
As the mystery of poppysmic was unlocked.
Poppysmic is the sound, produced only when lips are kissed.
1.3k · May 2016
The Daisy In A Vase
Sanjukta Nag May 2016
Through the stormy desert
Your thirst staggered for days,
And ends up sipping
Fresh experiences as consolation.
An ocean of memories inside heart
Constantly combusts like wild flames,
Yet seems so peaceful
Like the rough skin of an extinct volcano.
You believed in my words, that,
One can’t grow larger than sun,
Or be more skillful than Orion,
Weaving luminosity over
The edge of eastern horizon.
But one can be the daisy in a vase
Who dreams every night of blooming
Like a star, with shimmering aura,
Writing fates of humans,
As if she can pick them, pluck them now,
From life, whenever she wishes.
We are all like her,
Craving for a ****** dream to live with.
And in the mirror of life,
Trying to reflect it time after time.
1.3k · May 2016
Universal Us
Sanjukta Nag May 2016
Here, in this
Revolving island,
Surrounded by spacious galaxies,
Crumbling and growing
In chorus

You and I
Stand still, astonished,
Make love beneath
The faces of sunlit raindrops,
Promising forever

A third eye
Behind the forehead, sleeps
Throughout infinity,
Still we enlighten and paint
Each other's heart with our aura’s
Burning colours

Over our hundred years
Old soul, mortal us,
Wearing the coat of stardust,
Changing faces,
Arrive time after time

Through this intense
Whirling ride on a boulder
Called earth, we meet
In the middle of somewhere
And begin our
Beloved meaning of life
1.3k · Oct 2015
Scarlet Night
Sanjukta Nag Oct 2015
Shivering boughs of trees
Painted invisible strokes
On the warm atmosphere
Of our midnight secrecy.

Black mountains of moon
Melted on blanched sky
To deepen the colours of
Cupid's clever-conspiracy.
1.3k · Mar 2017
Bring Me Back
Sanjukta Nag Mar 2017
If I ever lose my house of words
In the bleak land of asleep flowers,

Read me the map of love
Sing me the silhouettes of life
For the sake of the blood we moulded into shape.

As the moon inside this head
Always will reflect
The sunbeams of your tangible thoughts.
1.3k · Jan 2017
Away From Home
Sanjukta Nag Jan 2017
Sighs of the afternoon forest
Grow faint
Like ripples on the water
One after another.

Moments so close yet distant
I place on your lap
As the heart belongs to the wild.

Icing up the evening
Mountain blues of your eyes are
Now quiet at my palms.

We're only a thousand miles
Away from home.
1.2k · May 2016
Flying Colours
Sanjukta Nag May 2016
Golden warmth of sun doodled
Something on her cheek.
Like the resurrection of soft dawn in Alaska,
Gradually she opened her cheery eyes
And whispered inside my numbness,
“I can make colours fly.”
Slumber shattered into pieces of bliss
As she entangled the tenderness
Of her fingers, and
Her palms in synthesis,
And made it fly like a mythical butterfly.
My amused self asked her curiously,
“Where are the colours?”
Holding her dancing butterfly
Infront of my eyes
She replied in a honeyed voice,
**“Those are flying amidst your insight.”
1.2k · May 2016
Sanjukta Nag May 2016
Like the melting of
Sun’s burning
On the azure
Breast of ocean,
My soul’s
Ignited desire
Finds serenity
The sacred mirror
Of your
Ever-spring eyes.
1.2k · Apr 2016
Ordinary People
Sanjukta Nag Apr 2016
On the window glass,
Moon breaks into cold pieces,
Sudden taps of noisy wind play
Domestic music all the night.
We do have some
Dialogues of our conjugal ceremony
As lyrics, and some
Regular soliloquies of awakened eyes.
They roll down gradually
From the bedside table
To the cashmere carpet on the floor.
Embroidered daisies and doves,
Mock our innocence there.
As we are black, and blank, like
The moonless sky above the Dead Sea.
A sea where fishes do not live,
To celebrate this
Unbearable heaviness of reality.
1.1k · Oct 2015
Wishing Well
Sanjukta Nag Oct 2015
If I only had one wish to make
I would have wished your eyes to be a Wishing Well,
So that I could drop all my dreams about you into them
And I know you will make me lucky someday.
1.1k · Apr 2016
Sanjukta Nag Apr 2016
Carries me into the core of existence,
The love in your voice.
Deeper than ocean's secret,
Mysterious, yet promising like the
Silver linings of sun.
My enlightened soul sips the freedom,
And roams through
All the emotional translucency.
For she knows,
True journey of souls only begins,
When there is no possibility of ending.
1.1k · Oct 2015
Sanjukta Nag Oct 2015
Flood of yellow lights
Rising from your navel,
I can sense euphoria, as
Darkness dies on my lap.
The universe is too small
Or our souls – enormous.
Let us both become sun,
Constant nuclear fusion
Will keep our love warm.
1.1k · Mar 2017
Sanjukta Nag Mar 2017
We taste distance
And moments keep dropping
Little by little
From our melting hands.

Stories on your skin
Like a room full of silhouettes
Escape my touch.

Silence stands between us
Revealing an unknown script.
We read to us life.
1.0k · Apr 2017
Love Looks Green
Sanjukta Nag Apr 2017
When our home first felt the dark
You illuminated your thoughts,
And light flooded the porch of moon.

Poems were born, and I fell for you
Deeper than sun's root inside wind.

Like a child's friendship with colours
Fills the gap of rainbows,
You inked my words with voices of spring,

Turning love's tint into unaged green.
1.0k · Oct 2015
Road Of Love - Haiku
Sanjukta Nag Oct 2015
Empty road of love
Laying roses on chest, waits
For your blushful feet.
991 · Mar 2017
Vanishing Point
Sanjukta Nag Mar 2017
When you are the book
Laying down on my infinity,
I read your caves
With closed eyelids.

Over the surface
Light exhales warm colours
Paying depth to my strokes.

I sit between the in and out
To draw a vanishing point.
905 · Dec 2016
Evening Comes Home
Sanjukta Nag Dec 2016
Hanging downward
Leafy branches try to taste
The tangibility of earth.
Melted sundrops on the plains
Roll with grass blades
Welcoming the dark
To kiss his tangerine love.
Songs of the returning wings
Make the sky more grayish-green
Than those foggy heads
Of awaiting trees.
Wearing a cloak
Of tomorrow's  serendipity
Evening comes home.
903 · Sep 2015
Sanjukta Nag Sep 2015
May be there is music in my blood
And your love has the hands of a pianist,
For whenever you touch me
My whole body illuminates melody…

May be there are words in my soul
And your love has the passion of a poet,
For whenever you hold me
My whole body radiates poetry…

May be there is nothing common between us
Except the love that inhabits our heart,
But whenever you kiss me
My whole body feels our unity…
886 · Sep 2015
In Love With Winter
Sanjukta Nag Sep 2015
He hated the frosty bitterness,
As his blue veins were clasped by
The numbness that winter offers.
To him, it was like falling through
A bottomless pit, where coldness
Eagerly enveloped his body with
The shroud of dark dead hopes.
It was season of depression then.

But on one chilled silent morning,
His eyes saw the girl of his dream
Standing on white carpet of frost,
Catching snow flakes, an icy drop
Touched her soft lilac lips lightly,
Making his aroused heart to melt
All of the ices with burning desire.
Warmth came back in his senses,
Heart awakened from drowsiness
By the sunny glance of her eyes,
That let him fell in love with winter.
It is the season of affection now.
851 · Apr 2016
To Begin With
Sanjukta Nag Apr 2016
Another dawn begins,
Golden fingers of sun seem like
Scribbling the lost map of
El Dorado on your unconscious cheek.
Oh how I like to watch
Every little movement of dream
Behind the sleepiness of your eyelids,
Fading away bit by bit.
Then a deep breath,
Adorable fluttering of eyelashes
Reveals your awakened irises.
And I feel being welcomed again
Inside that sacred cave,
Where I found the desired key
Of fruitfulness last night.
841 · Oct 2015
Forest Is Your Middle Name
Sanjukta Nag Oct 2015
Maybe Forest is your middle name
For your body grows so green with kindness.
Soul like a hungry leaf of morning
Constantly absorbs the rays
That our love emits.
Freedom of wild song birds resides
In your mind,
Still your root is so strong
And head holding itself higher,
Is reaching for sunshine.
While these poor lungs of mine
Only inhale the oxygen of happiness you offer.
Moreover, the vastness of your heart
Shelters all of my desires
Under the serene shade of comfort.
814 · Sep 2015
Apple Is Just An Excuse
Sanjukta Nag Sep 2015
A man and a woman in an exotic garden
Plucking mellow fruits and musky flowers,
In the crystal clear waterfall of infinity
Hand in hand they are taking shower.

At night he weaves blue dreams in his eyes
She wears crimson shyness on her cheeks,
While innocence and experience starts to play
The most secretive game of hide and seek.

They don't know how to ignite fire of desire
Though firewood of passion is surely ready,
He has the magnetism of a majestic lion
Her voice is sweet like nightingale's melody.

Their togetherness is unaware of any science
Only throbbing heart is filled with chemistry,
Both of them always feel curious to discover
The tree of knowledge's hidden mystery.

Soon Satan with the forbidden fruit appears
With joy she makes a glass of delicious juice,
They drink and desire burns to let us know
That the apple is merely just a silly excuse.
Was Satan fully responsible for what happened in Eden? Or there were already some seeds of desire in Adam and Eve's mind which was just watered by Satan!!  ;-) :-D
786 · Apr 2017
Allegory of Muddiness
Sanjukta Nag Apr 2017
It's raining in my hallway
and only yesterday I removed
my skin from your raincoat.
The dumb walls now stare
at each other
with your portraits
hanging on their drippy chests.
Your charcoal hair melts
flooding the glacial cheekbones
and messes up your lips.
I wonder how a little stain
on your shirt
used to make you irate.
Now your waterlogged selves
are hanged in my hallway
being muddy from head to heart.
782 · Dec 2016
Afternoon Speaks
Sanjukta Nag Dec 2016
Inside the warmth of an afternoon café
Her romantic eyes
Clicked pictures of the fallen sun,
And how its golden pollens
Rolling down from
Her lover's caffeinated cheek.
Empty chairs around them
Empty dishes and cups,
Unsaid emotions of people already left
Stirred the silence inside her.
Behind the window glass
She felt another world revolving,
Devoid of quiet laziness.
Festival of various faces with
Running colours in hands
Flying words in hearts
Were re-cycling the myth of time
Or maybe moulding some lives out of it.
Her amazed self collected
Those moments or movements,
Like a child snatches from the wind
Pebbles of rainbow after rain.
And when he asked her
If she wanted to take anything,
Without opening her lips
She answered,
"I have just taken in everything."
This poem is the reflection of what my friend Sreeja had experienced on a particular afternoon in a café. I'm thankful to her for this poem :)
736 · Sep 2015
Poetry Of Life
Sanjukta Nag Sep 2015
You are my unsaid words.
I am your unfinished thoughts.

Striving together in synthesis,
To form the poetry of life.
670 · Oct 2015
Body And Soul
Sanjukta Nag Oct 2015
A Greek godlike figure of yours
Is caressed by my body
Countless times,
Under amorous eyes of moon.

Now, let the hands of my heart
Enter inside of your being,
To lit the torch of your soul
With holy light of a lifelong love.
607 · Oct 2015
Unfathomable Love
Sanjukta Nag Oct 2015
Fragments of fire stand like blade of grass
On the threads of my awakened nerves.
Compass succeeds here frequently
To detect similarities between east and west,
As sweetness is flowing like a river
Towards our measureless Mediterranean Sea.
All of my blues turn into phosphoric orange
Without any bruises, that
A reckless sin can cause in the darkness of desire.
Seasons mingle together to create a new spring,
Since your flexible fingers are blooming like petals
On every inch of my crimson skin.
598 · Dec 2016
Holding On
Sanjukta Nag Dec 2016
Your promises are wintry sunrays,
Streaming into my pupils
Through the festival of skyscrapers.
Here on the road,
Cold gray stones are lying still,
To be caressed by your mustard gold,
Saying, "Hold."
And I'm holding,
Moving yet clinging to your song,
Like gravity admires every moment
The tangibility of earth,
The way sensibility overflows from
Its liquefied core.
Peaceful easy feeling surrounds me
Whenever you open your lips.
Voice, subtle and slow
Paint my walls with a glow that only
Speaks to snowflakes.
And I collect them, thinking
How they will melt on your hidden skin
That is so pale and bright
At the same time.
Patience it is,
Between us, letting me draw words
One after another,
Letting me hope that
I can make you come back
To a home, that has no ceiling no floor,
Only arms,
Constantly ricochetting
The pure silence of my prayers.
579 · Oct 2015
Sanjukta Nag Oct 2015
Silence of last night
Laying on the pillow
Waiting to be touched
By the liquid sun.

Sleep draped eyes
Opening adorably
To steal a morning kiss
From the loved one.
576 · Nov 2016
Hidden Seed
Sanjukta Nag Nov 2016
Maybe your hair is blue now
Blue like the song of a mocking jay,
Sweet and cold.
Talking to the wind,
Drenching under the faces of clouds,
Waving at serenity.
Towards the landscape
Your feet smiles to happiness,
The white of your scarf softens,
Soften you start moving inside my eyes.
But I keep it still,
Quiet like the fallen particles of sun
On each of your pores,
Who run miles after miles
Inside your skin
Along with the prairie's wings.
There I am a hidden seed,
Sleeping through the eternity,
To dream you near.
573 · Sep 2015
Sanjukta Nag Sep 2015
Million particles of tangible emotions
Whirling in the ever thirstful atmosphere
Of intoxicated Edenic earth.

A little drizzle of Eve’s moist fondness
Will start combustion on the compassion
Of Adam’s languishing heart.
569 · Oct 2015
Are You There?
Sanjukta Nag Oct 2015
The light that burns darkness
Still sleeping above faint sky

World is splinted with woods
Steel is constructing mankind

Removing the portraits of life
They play the game of smoke

Happiness crossed terminator
Reddening my eyes with moan

Let me discover my reflection
On pupil of Your evident soul

Lift me up with Your firm arms
For staircase demotes to Hell

Tend my existing solitude and
Whisper, “It’s still not too late.”
547 · Mar 2017
Seeking Life
Sanjukta Nag Mar 2017
Few truths in the unexplored blues,
Their smokey heads sway
Inside your eyes.

I perceive us with your touch.

Holding out an arm
Everyday you point to the distant,

Though our naive feet don't know
How to read a map.
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