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Sani Jun 29
I could be a criminal hunting for your heart
But before that happens, before I spoke
You blinded me with your dirt

I could be a criminal hunting for your heart
But before I could make a move
You picked a dagger and cut off my shirt

I could be a criminal hunting for your heart
But before I try to hold the dagger
You jammed the wheels of the cart
a trash one~
Sani Jun 23
i cry all night as his mind changes—
change like the moon turns phases
i hold on to my own burned laces
the days are long at the end of my dresses

please, let me go if you don't love me back
i don't wanna know if you are burying our love in a sack.
a sad love poem is cute sometimes :)
Sani Jun 22
Sleepless nights and cigarettes
I breathed in the pain, out the money
Shaking on the floor, chewing rent rates
Call me sweet thing, call me honey
I keep on breathing in the pain
Out the money that you keep chewing
Dad don't appreciate girls this insane
Before he appears, let's keep running...
i thought writing bout a messed up teen would help me gain strength soooo~
Sani Jun 19
I took drugs all by myself
Thought that it would help my brain
But that don't know what's caring
Knows that hurting is funner
And now I'm a stoner

Sorry, dad.
My drunk custom haircut attracts much
Dogs bark at my so called smoke such

Sorry, mom.
The boy you chose me to marry
Ran away from me scarred
My lady killers are like me
Don't do lovely, we do hard

Sorry, brother.
I unlocked my chains
Snuck through the drains
Sped up crossing lanes
Stripped with Lil Wayne

I was forced to see the looks of me
Every colors that I had been
There were fakes, there were doses
I saw expired written over my faces
back at writing again after a long time~
Sani Mar 19
nights are some horrifying time, mom said.
don't be awake, say hello to the bed.
dusk refreshes her little mind and head;
she crawls to the desk with her cheeks painted red
she is inspired, she is pretty and pretty talented
she writes her secret death rhymes when light's faded.
Sani Mar 18
i walked through your ribcage
looking for it, craving for your heart
never mind me, it was never there
you were just a heartless non living art.

i fell for your garden of roses
touched the thorns that made me bleed
i skipped your love, leaving the gates
looking for yet another heartless breed.
Sani Mar 17
i'll pick up a rose to rose you tonight
i don't care if the moon don't show off his light
i'll walk the dark to rose you tonight
i don't care if the thorns cut, let people die

don't wait for me, i'll come at midnight
kiss the stars last time as you close your eye
you will wake up to my dead rose garden
you will wake up to me rosing you goodbye.
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