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Sandra L Qian Apr 2014
I look in the mirror and see a stranger
Long ago I knew this person
But no longer.
The stranger looks so sad and tired
Whipped beyond recognition
Longing for yesterday
When the stranger was younger and prettier
When she felt like she cut through the wind
As she ran down her long lane
Coming home after school.
She felt invincible and magical
Like she could do anything
She set her heart on
Now this stranger that she sees
Drags her down with the heaviness
Of defeat
And heckles of what could have been
She tries not to look in the mirror
Because as long as she avoids the stranger
She can still feel the glimmer of her long ago self
Hiding, waiting for the right moment
To let her wild side come out and play.
Such a long word to describe something
So long ago forgotten
Until a stranger in the mirror
Makes you remember
The person you left behind so long ago.
The person buried inside
The stranger in the mirror.
Sandra L Qian Apr 2014
I knew it all.
Sometimes I sit and sort through memories
Memories of times I felt slender and beautiful
The world was mine when I was so young
Smart and funny,
I thought I knew it all.
Couldn’t wait to be older
More independent and tall…
How amazed I am that I am now independent
But not tall at all?
Time went so slow when I was a child
Days drug by and I grew wild
Feeling smothered by rules and tethered to home
How wishy washy I was.
How much I felt alone.
I sought approval while pushing it away
Saying I didn’t need it but craved it the same.
Crying and feeling so sad
Then wiping away the tears and trying to feel glad.
Adapting as well I could as time went by
To normal life experiences and pain
Not always winning but I sure as hell tried.
Sandra L Qian Jan 2013
wickedy dickety
loop de loo
You jumped to conclusions
and landed in poo.

wickedy dickety
loop de loo
This life is mine
and nobody asked you.

wickedy dickety
loop de loo
You jumped to conclusions
and landed in poo.
and now all who know you
say peeee-ewwwww!
Sandra L Qian Jan 2012
dire straits means the world awaits
a motivational move from you
make yourself known as a person full grown
and get ready to see the world anew.
Sandra L Qian Jan 2012
bitter be the heart that seeks
a tender loving touch
only to swivel in fear
when the touch comes near
and the love becomes too much...
Sandra L Qian Oct 2011
For one small moment
You let me believe
Believe in the stars
And everything I dreamed
Dreamed of a time
That all is good and true
That love was mine
Mine… according to you
Sandra L Qian Oct 2011
Itty bikini

Barely there as people stare

Strings slip and all bared
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