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  Mar 2017 Mozes
I linger at skin that clings
and hollow bones
that catch in the moonlight,
pausing at mirrors
that look more like
still-life paintings-
an empty gold vase
over here where my heart
used to reside,
a fresh green sprig
where there were once arms.

There is a sickness
sleeping in my hypothalamus,
heaving with every breath,
every step, every heartbeat.
I try to look at it
and it slips like sand
through my closed mind.

I smile, and it's not
my smile anymore.
Mozes Mar 2017
The Stitches of your
Mend my torn Heart
Mozes Mar 2017
your weakest days will be
as your strongest moments
  Mar 2017 Mozes
Tristan Huntington
There is a cemetery in your heart worth minding,
Where the bones of your lovers are always grinding,
The path in is simple; escape long and winding,
Love is so rarely mutually binding.

Dig me a grave there, keep me bound.
Hold me by the hair, through your fingers wound,
As you push me harder into the ground,
Till I am buried within you, my funeral mound.
She is the dark feel of the night
She is the mystery with no light
She hides away in her own pain
She knows how to drive me insane

No one can be as she can be
My gothic lover can never be free
I can see it all deep in her eyes
No one has seen the tears she cries

I know what I feel is wrong
My will slips and is not strong
She is sending temptation my way
I feel my soul wanting to stray

She is taking me down dark places
Teasing me as my body feels her traces
Kissing me and biting me with her lust
Not waiting and wanting my body to ******

I am lost in her body this very night
Each sensation inside her takes away the light
She wants me badly and our bodies glisten
Our sweat mingles as creatures of the night listen

My passion is ready, deep inside her it fills
She takes it all with her lust and her skills
Her body is hot and I can feel her heat
She wants me more as my heart will beat

All this night, until the light of day
She never stops for this is her wicked way
I surrender knowing that she will always win
For I am a prisoner to her desire and sin

She now vanishes from where she came
I know I will be back to play her game
No one can match her, there can be no other
I will always come for my gothic lover

copyright Chris Smith 2008 (revised 2009)
Mozes Feb 2017
She’ll take you on a trip
With just one kiss
  Feb 2017 Mozes
Dhaara T
The one who melts you
And sets your aching soul free
Will also **** you
Update (28/02/17): Edited it a bit. Thank you, Jim, for correcting me! :)

Read so many, and always wanted to try, but was often intimidated; today, after about 10 years, I dared to. My first attempt at haiku, how did I fare?

Also, numbering it, since I plan to dare to attempt again.
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