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Sana Jawa Oct 2017
When we are born, we make our first promise.
A promise to abide by society’s rules and expectations, and to fulfill the status quo.
We are only to be what society deems correct.

It is a dictatorship and a repression of individuality.
A production of a row of robots, each the same in their monotonous design.
Fully functioning machines - not a nut or bolt out of place.

But if you dare to misstep or if you try to rebel -
no one is to blame for the inevitable consequences of your actions but yourself.
Because society shapes us, and we shape society.

And this allows for all hatred and discrimination to fester.
Slowly accepted norms in our God Fearing, Deteriorating, Splintering world.
Separated by what we look like and not by who we are.

Standing out and being different is unarguably wrong.
More deplorable than being scared of what is divergent, unfamiliar and what we frown upon.
That this vicious circle of sameness goes on and on.
This poem is a representation of what I fathom of the relationship between people and society as an entity in itself. I explore the fact that society and the people part of it influence each other. As a result of our actions, we feel we need to succumb to society's expectations to 'fit in.' We are sometimes, unfortunately, scared of the 'different and unique' and prefer to be the same as others - to fulfill the status quo. The poem is an extreme representation of this notion.

— The End —