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Sampson May 2014
We have slip ups, but we were meant to be, only you truly love me
Far above just my reason for functioning my heart is pumping for your love plea
Forever more you are my beautiful decor I wish we could kiss each even more
We are in love with each other souls to you I succumb
I wish we could agree to throw it all away all the dirt and decay and the minute after we fight to agree to forget it as hold each other through the night
Why can't I make it clear that I want you here at all times even in anger a world without you is like making small talk with a stranger
Please I want us to forgive each other immediately  next time we fight and hold you my love through the whole night
Sampson Feb 2014
Fantasy minded ******* and binded **** kindness ethics I don't mind it regular social norms I don't live by it the inside if my head during this is totally quiet

  Deep cuts in the mutt hydrochloric **** you can ******* in between the violent ruts

  Engage in the regular norms of reverse mentality, it may be cryptic, but it's cliche so really they're is no abnormality

Suicide is a biological abnormality
Jesus accepted death and doubted his mortality  
But you'll die tonight an enigmatic causality

A vision of johova speaking to burning flames while a pentagram of blood and spirits call my name
   A tragic masquerade of hate turned into mallevolant beautiful evil if I **** your tonight that will be a favor with no equal
  Affection is no fix to so called anti social disconnection it's because I've been baptized by the blood which you'll be drenched in  
    Dark travesty who could happen to see ? A malevolent masterpiece of murdering  your infernal travesty    
For the light is not ending or bending for your masquerade of humanity is ending
Leaving you cut with a razor causing scars which they'll be no mending      

sending to the er don't wory about blackouts and spazms you won't see psalms
     A knife point is a nice point to stick in between joints my hate anoints, the 3 leaf clover won't keep you safe from a razor ,Wes craven I brazenly imitate doing Beelzebub a favor when I wet the place
Smash your ******* face then leave the organs shifted out of place with tool of steel kept on a fuckkng plate, get wiser to my torture crate
  Concealed body's liter all over the place with hydrochloric acid it's they're fuckkng grace to leave the world seeing my face
When the f did I write this ? Ha  I don't really remember but I found It on my phone I was probably ****** up. Anywhoo frank zito is the name of the antagonist of the 1980 classic "Maniac" go watch it. This poem seemed very zito esq
Sampson Feb 2014
Master of puppets cease the chatter and ruckus find what life's sum is 
Climb to the summet notice the smell will be pungent 
I can see his sights clear I hold no fear you froze in the middle like headlights on a deer causing the cataclysmic fate into which you peer 
I'll try not to get too wordy, to many word patterns while I chop this rhyme up in fury tell me what might the cure be ?
Lines lay down like corpses in a morgue dissecting you into a gord you life hangs by a thread or cord 
Empathy is something I can't afford 
Bitterness hate enacting my raging states leave you stiff In a lake 
Your body's bloated like yeast in a cake you existing was a mistake 
Your a ****** and who's body was turned stagnant your mind devoid of thought life in fragments rigamortis leaves you muscles tight together like magnets 
**** it , the bay harbor butcher with looks like Ashton Kutcher leave you with cuts you can't sutcher
Put ya in a state of endless suffering no pain subsiding or breaks ,there will be no buffering 
Let it end ,feel the life you want go and the agony tear your mind apart slow, you have nothing left to learn that I don't know I will forever domineer your soul
Sampson Feb 2014
Learning to hate means you learn to stop loving yourself.
The saltwater seems to give your thirst a clarity but what you do not see is that it will leave you in a more dehydrated state that ever 
I try to give others my poison but instead I take the dose an wait to watch them die like a fool 
And even though my journey is clear the goal seems like a last resort almost in human 
I can't imagine what love feels like and when I see what you offer me to seems like a Joke and I foolishly denied my love 
Why would you love me, do you not see the hate radiate through my bones ?
The agony and dark impurity that is my soul, the disassociation with basic emotion and the savagery and emptiness that I feel in my most intimate of times 
How can one with such passion and life force love an empty void as myself 
The desire to feel pain and see it because pain cradles me with its completely numb and tight grasp never letting go but never blinding you like love 
Until I accepted her love hate was my love 
I could gage my hate and feel it, control it 
Now that love holds me I am but a passenger in it's intense journey,
Unlike hate where u play as the captain on an never ending journey to which there is no purpose.
I am cast into a life vessel with my soulmate and I don't want land to reach us 
Thank you my love and life for saving me from myself and showing me what compassion and love is , you are my great and eternal love and I am humbled
For without you the good in me would die and I would Be without purpose only hate would drive me only empty disassociation from what is real 
Your love burns for me and I am to much of a fool to accept it, 
how can I ever give back to you what you have given me ?
Sampson Feb 2014
Nothing left for me to say
I refuse to hurt you 
But you're love reaches many, my love is selfish 
I can feel you miss her 
I know why you cry 
A part of me Is glad it's not me 
The other part sees the severity of this 
I wish I made you feel those passions 
But I guess I knew what I was getting into
I never should have expected you to only love me, let alone love me most 
My heart is so empty and cold 
And yours grows And expands white warmth and cant seem to shrivel in the cold, leaving you empty 
As your tears pour and your soul aches I only wish I could mend it 
My heart is broken for you and myself because I can never be her,
And I only wish I could make you forget with my love 
My heart hates her for what she did. And I wish you could be happy with her where your heart belongs
Life is a cruel game sometimes you can't help who you love and I know she would choose me if she had the choice, but love is not a choice 
Sometimes I wish her passions were as innocent as mine and I was the only person in her heart
Her love is bigger than I, it is bigger than she understands and I put no blame on her for loving another
I don't Deserve her heart as a whole 
What love have I given to have it ? 
I've always beloved you must pay it foreword 
My dear Emily I fear your love and admire it so, your depth is why I love you so, so unlike me ,so beautiful
If I could only see you love the one who you deserve, and feel the love back
But on a selfish note , Isn't it a tragedy it's not me ?

— The End —