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Apr 2020 · 267
Samantha Apr 2020
at any stage —
a rose strikes beauty
Apr 2020 · 474
Samantha Apr 2020
I envy the sun —
for it always rises
Apr 2020 · 144
Samantha Apr 2020
I admire women
who could've turned
cold after everything
they've been through
but still choose love anyway

there's strength in that
Apr 2020 · 181
Samantha Apr 2020
the beauty of a woman
is seen in her eyes
because that is the doorway
to her heart, the place where love resides
Mar 2020 · 164
Samantha Mar 2020
I wonder if the cracks
in my heart
are glued with liquid gold
or strung together
like pieces of clothes
on a drying line
Mar 2020 · 197
Samantha Mar 2020
before you —
I used to drown in my sadness
never letting anyone close enough
to touch me,
now I drown in you
Mar 2020 · 104
Samantha Mar 2020
I wish you knew —
when you hold me,
you're holding my heart too
Feb 2020 · 851
midnight sky
Samantha Feb 2020
she collapsed underneath
the stars and only then
did she realize that she
was indeed exploding
Dec 2019 · 104
Samantha Dec 2019
she tasted like droplets of honey,
her skin shimmered galaxies
Dec 2019 · 70
hurting organ
Samantha Dec 2019
can they hear her heart?
the way it shatters
as it breaks
Dec 2019 · 268
Samantha Dec 2019
you cannot flourish as a flower
if you are putting yourself in a vase
Dec 2019 · 278
Samantha Dec 2019
if we combine our flaws together,
we could have our own garden

— The End —