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Samantha Jul 2016
I am foolish to think he would ever see that I crave his attention but if I say anything I'm crazy I want affection touch me kiss me all over show me you want me tell me all the things you said before or where they just false emotion's because u couldn't have me every second sacred I mite find happiness in someone else's arms this hurts worse I love him and its not enough I used to feel this connection but it's fading you don't look at me with the same eyes and I know once more I have lost you and I tried so hard so hard I lost myself somewhere in the middle of all this chaos I wish he could understand but he just hurts me more his words are cold he looks at me like he has made a mistake but tells me it's just cause he's tired I know better I'm so lost I feel like I won the battle but lost the war.
Samantha May 2016
Foolish girl what's it going to take
How broken do u have to be to make his ego shine yr just a trophy in his case of manipulation
He can't love u .
Don't u see it!  he breaks u down
He knows he's got u the ball has
Always been in his Court girl and he don't play fare.
I'm in love with a monster
Samantha Apr 2016
I fell in love with a man that had no heart to love back with. when I met him he told me this he told me not to get comfy for love he did not believe a heart was ment to be broken for his was gone nevr to be seen .
Samantha Nov 2015
I can feel it slowly seeping in it happens every year about this time all from months before I know that's why I don't like to be alone .

— The End —