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Samantha Lobo Oct 2011
I wanna keep chasing those sunsets

I wanna catch those beams in butterfly nets

Those illuminating rays that capture my breath

I grieve at dusk, but I’ll never forget

Spending my day, chasing those sunsets

I shudder at the moon with its cold blank stare

Glaring at me intently, in the cold night air

Return my sun, I crave its warm embrace,

I stare at the sun as it recedes into space

And the shadows settle in upon my face…
Samantha Lobo Oct 2011
Twinkle Twinkle little star

How I wonder who you are?

Full of lies and false pretense

Lacking conscience and common sense

Shallow enough to manipulate

Those shattered souls to compensate

For your shortcomings, but soon you’ll see

Those empty shadows all fleeing from thee…

And yet…

Up above the world so high

all alone I sit and cry

Until I face my greatest fears

And see myself through cloudy tears

I’ll change my ways for love alone

Through this cracked and broken world I’ll roam

I’ll search until my tears run dry,

To find my diamond in the sky…
Samantha Lobo Oct 2011
I saw him for the first time in the rain and I wanted to whisper his name

The very next day I passed by the bus stop, there he was, but it wasn’t the same

And I stood and I stared, wondering if he could ever care about someone like me,

So I walked away, hoping he might stay, just a little bit longer in my dreams…

Maybe in time, I’ll think of a line, or be more inclined to talk to him

Just a moment in time, where he could be mine, my dream’s wearing thin

They called his name, and she was to blame, for taking him away from here…

If only he turned, and glanced in return, he might want to hold me near…

But I was alone, broken and torn, left in the rain to mourn that day

I wish I had told him, I wanted to hold him, but I didn’t know what to say…

Lost on that street, feeling so weak, by the bus stop I knew, he was my world

I’ve never felt colder, they patted my shoulder and said, “Better luck next time girl…"
Samantha Lobo Oct 2011
She shuddered, scarred soul

Speechless, seduced so sweetly

Silent surrender
Samantha Lobo Oct 2011
Broken hearts that could have been

Untold memories we could have seen

Faithful promises we could have made

Powerful emotions that would never fade

Expressed a love we could never hide

Exposed the truth when we could have lied

Experienced adventures great and small

Followed the tune of nature’s call

No one could predict what we might have saw

As we fled from the world and left them in awe

But you closed the stables that let us run free

You silenced the birds that sang to me

You burned the branch that reached for you

You barred the door you should have walked through

You neglected me when you should have cared

You walked out on me when you should have been there

And now I’m so lost without you…
Samantha Lobo Oct 2011
As we lay beneath these fields of wheat,

Victims of love in our final defeat,

Wondering whether our sins will show,

Accepting the fate all lovers know…
Samantha Lobo Oct 2011
So just tell me what I want to hear,

Lie and say that it’s going to be fine,

And tell me that you’ll hold me near,

And tell me that you’ll always be mine…
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