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samantha xx Jan 2017
i will smile brighter than i
ever had before
to sear this pain onto you
the worst nights are the ones when you make me cry in my dreams
samantha xx Sep 2016
you once lived between the spaces of my words and the gaps between each breathe i took

i was once happy with me with you
under a blanket of blue
but only love's all maroon and i guess the heart that bled red for me
no longer burns a bright white hue
i miss you so much it feels like i can drown in mid air
samantha xx Feb 2016
if grief is a long dark table that calls for you to come to it alone, then forgiveness is a shipwreck that isolates you with nothing more than broken wood and half torn mast. forgiveness is a long bus ride that stops every while for passengers, but never seems to stop for you. its when you are the demon within yourself, refusing to let go of your own bleeding heart and yet aching with a desire for love and acceptance.
if grief is a long dark table that calls for you to come to it alone, forgiveness is a painfully bright surgery table that only you can operate for yourself.
samantha xx Jan 2016
can you blame the wallflowers if they decide to climb over and around fences, smothering them inch by inch with their leaves because no one tended to the fences?
it is in their nature, as it is in my nature to shy away like a vampire.
but what can i do if the only thing im craving for now is the sun?
samantha xx Jan 2016
i hope you stay as
the most beautiful mistake
i have ever made.
please dont turn around and smile as though nothing's changed.
samantha xx Jan 2016
words that ran empty
unable to dissipate
this one emotion
  Jan 2016 samantha xx
I have a wrist watch on my left arm, and I find it pointless
because, I still can't control time.
If only I can ...
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