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Sam Nosirrah Sep 2015
Those feelings tend to show
And somehow before you know
There are shirts on the floor
And a lock on the door

Those hands run down your leg
Forcing you to turn and beg
Lips meet in a passionate moment
Sharp breathing and knees bent

A sudden gasp and sigh
As a hand rests on his thigh
Fingertips find familiar curves
Minds race through the hot nerves

Feeling him push next to you
Every thought of what you'll do
Everything becomes so close
He's what you want most

And then one final kiss
Now we crave,
that touch you'll miss
Just a ***** Rhyming Couplet
Sam Nosirrah Jun 2015
You sit and listen for so long
To every single love song
Then one day it hits you
I feel that way too
You listen to him singing
And know from the beginning
He's what those words mean
He's the one you have always seen
the words fly by in a rush
He notices your cheeks flush
Laughs it off with a playful sigh
Has no idea whats really inside
When the love song stops
And his next song pops
You hold back every word and tear
Because the friendship is so dear
Sam Nosirrah Jun 2014
The trees only grow with the sun and the rain
Then people with the happiness and pain.

The leaves endure the heat and the storm
Some people have both and that's their norm

The bark grows but can always crack
It happens to us so much we have tracks

The branches are strong but not always true
Sadly the same can be said for me and you
Sam Nosirrah Jan 2013
The anticipation shoots through my soul
Thuds of my heart and world as a whole
The plan falls together but with hesitation
Back and forth of this presentation
The difference in the event starts to show
How can it come to be and no one know
Laughter from the crowd about a new Gift
Spirits fly around in fear and joy, **They Lift
Sam Nosirrah Dec 2012
Turned the corner onto a road I’ve never seen
Volume rose and the car sped faster than it’s ever been
The whole world stopped as we flew by
Sunglasses and clouds in the sky
No lyrics left his mouth but music filled the space
White knuckles on the wheel and red in the face

His big blue eyes fight off the tears
His features try so hard to hide the fears
My happy boy is a hard and tortured man
Should he walk, even if he can?

Force a beautiful smile for a neighbor
Staying together has become a labor
Walks close beside me with care
Our hands come to brush as if a dare
His eyes meet mine the pain screams
He has to crack a joke, fake smile beams

Aggressive flash of an attack
And a shocking thunder like crack
In a round fenced off cage
Every movement shouts his rage
My happy boy is old for his age

His big blue eyes fight off the tears
His features try so hard to hide the fears
My happy boy is a hard and tortured man
Should he walk, even if he can?

The sweat drips down his cheek
The pain is gone from this whole week
The joy bleeds through the pain he felt
The real smile comes and his heart begins to melt

His big blue eyes fight no more
His features beam, and cheeks are sore
May happy boy is a hard and tortured man
Won’t be walking because he never can

— The End —