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Sam Knaus Aug 2020
I close my eyes and I can feel the notes flow through my blood. My heart beats faster, my breath catches, every nerve in my body simultaneously more alive than ever and decelerating to match a sultry voice that sings of slowing down.  
I close my eyes and I see my grandfather, young. A fire, smoke billowing into the night, smooth tapping toes and closed eyes and a soul that knows more than it ever wanted to, a soul that sings secrets effortlessly to those receptive enough to hear them. Hands that move like water, burned into my eyelids, a voice decadent and rough that soaks into my skin and the sound tears me away into a reality I was never a part of, but always dreamed of. Smooth, soft, full of laughter, full of longing, full of feeling. Full of soul. Tapping toes, tapping hearts, tapping fingers on fret boards for listening ears and listening souls.
Sam Knaus Aug 2020
nostalgia for a time i've never known chills me to my core, and i'm left with what? the rumble of a car engine, pattering rain drops, and a memory of your voice? grainy television sets and spotty radio signals lend way to a time i see only in daydreams and fake memories, and i can see you everywhere i look. i see a world where nothing matters but us and our concrete sunsets and our breath painting constellations in the air, where everything is simplistic, and beautiful, and i see a smile that tells stories i dream of kissing free.
July 31

i was tempted to call this "sharp jaws & sad eyes" but i don't think it's long enough for a title

— The End —