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Feb 10 · 43
s Feb 10
“I’m helpless when I’m oceans away”
but I’m still trying
but I’m still giving
but I’m still praying

“Oh, I wish I could feel your face”
but until then, I’m patient
but until then, I’m learning
but until then, I’m waiting
Feb 10 · 107
Flip flop
s Feb 10
Your indecisions.
I will not stay where I am
unwanted. Your choice.
ramble, idk, feels
Dec 2019 · 297
standards [urdu]
s Dec 2019
Bunyaad ko bana te huwe,
mein apne aap ko nahin bhool sakti.
Rough translation

While building a foundation,
I cannot forget myself
Dec 2019 · 44
earn it.
s Dec 2019
I’ve learned to steel my heart;
box away emotions bursting to come out.
Waiting for these walls to be taken apart,
stubbornly holding back with a pout.
Is it fear? Is it caution? Is it smart?
Show me what you feel, without a doubt.
Ball is in your court
Nov 2019 · 196
snowy mood [haiku]
s Nov 2019
A touch of coldness
Thin frost— and now I’m closed off
Thaw me out with warmth
slowly. show me.
Nov 2019 · 395
differences [haiku]
s Nov 2019
my parents taught me
opposites don’t just attract
they also connect

a feeling you’ve never felt before
hard times don’t last. Overcome.
Nov 2019 · 127
becoming a better You
s Nov 2019
When you make a mistake, and fix things,
you learn and glow.
When you welcome the lessons this brings,
you blossom and grow.
you become better than ever before
Nov 2019 · 137
s Nov 2019
“You changed my life for the better.”

Sitting across from one another,
on a quiet summer afternoon,
Papa spoke to Ma.

“I became better, because of you.”

My eyes widened.

“I would’ve been lost without you.”

I tiptoed away.

“It didn’t happen suddenly,” she chuckled.

Comfortable silence blanketed the two.

I’m glad that I chose you.”
Nov 2019 · 206
s Nov 2019
It looked awful
It felt even worse
For a moment,
vision was laced with uncertainty

My heart tugged
I saw you
I. Saw. You.
vision cleared about what to believe—
in you.
Nov 2019 · 679
have no expectations
s Nov 2019
I don’t rely on anything for my happiness
That is of my own

I once made the mistake of wishing
“Want” is to be disowned
You don’t need “things” in life to be at peace
Nov 2019 · 89
s Nov 2019
A loose thread holds us together
fragile heartbeats of a mother
aching breaths of a father
Nov 2019 · 403
s Nov 2019
like, love, and in love
knowingly feeling all three
heart full— choosing you
Oct 2019 · 666
s Oct 2019
I can wait, so take your time
I want to hear you unwind

Slowly tell me everything
Just know that I’m listening

Nothing you bring is a burden
I’ll sit and wait when you open
Happiness isn’t the only emotion that I want to know with you.
Oct 2019 · 294
s Oct 2019
You laugh,
but I’m the one left breathless.
s Sep 2019
A childhood spent playing around caskets,
peering at the mournful glances,
leaving flowers in several hundred baskets
daughter of a funeral home director
Sep 2019 · 350
s Sep 2019
There’s some sunshine left on the grass.
I pocket it, and hope it lasts.
Sep 2019 · 199
contrasts [haiku]
s Sep 2019
Hot wind and shivers.
Blue sky and darkened waters.
Nothing else around.

I dreamt of cold shores
and prayer beads, breathing in
small waves of warm sun.
Sep 2019 · 1.4k
s Sep 2019
what can a flickering candle say
to a blazing sun?
Your gleam steadily brightens my world
Sep 2019 · 736
weathering II
s Sep 2019
I’m surrounded by a storm.
his soft lips
gentle nips
The subtle touches feel warm.

I’m surrounded by a breeze.
his growling sound
carnal cries drown
The needy aches feel ease.

I’m surrounded by a fogbow.
his smoky eyes
riding out highs
The shared worlds feel a glow.
“I can’t wait to see you again”
Sep 2019 · 1.0k
shy away
s Sep 2019
puzzled by his brooding stare
my heartbeat quickens

static lingers in the air
my posture stiffens

I glance down at the table
then back at his eyes

to dancing fire— playful—
a sensual surprise
“You look good today”
Sep 2019 · 834
s Sep 2019
a finger lingers on my lips
carefully touching pulsing heat
I wonder how this love will taste
First kiss
Apr 2019 · 301
s Apr 2019
The curse of mortality:
handing everything over day by day
Apr 2019 · 1.2k
s Apr 2019
I lose myself in a memory of scents.

cigarettes and Chanel
spices and Spring

I lose myself in nostalgic fragments.
Jul 2018 · 3.5k
koko ni (here)
s Jul 2018
the place I belong
is submerged in your essence;
found and deep within
safe and sound
Jul 2018 · 9.7k
s Jul 2018
If you cover me
as a fog

Then I will warm you
as a sun

— The End —