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With hope
A face is seen as beautiful in it natural form
Evil lurk around,
Making it difficult to live in hope.

With hope
Life is seen as beautiful
With vines around it,
Making it difficult to hope for more

With hope
The birth of a baby is seen as beautiful
With it comes a cry,
Making it difficult for it to believe in hope

Nothing is as plain as it seems
This poem is written to show us we all have to live with both the good & bad of life. Life isn't always as we hope it is/will.
The journey is gloomy
The path is dark
On the valley of death
The child is brave
Death will come to all
So, why wait in the comfort
Our lives can be more beautiful
Even on a dark path
If only we know
No journey is certain
Dare to take the risk
This poem was spur from the fear of marriage, the changes it brings, the expectation & the Africa idea about what marriage is.
  Apr 2017 Salamat Kunmbo Sulyman
Where does hierarchy begin?
    Is it where the strong is on top,
and the weak step upon?

Where does your dignity be placed?
   Is it where your always be the winner,
no matter what, even it has bitter taste.

Is SURVIVAL really that cruel?
That some of us are just a tool,
a fool for the strong to be cool.

No, it can't be that bad
yet reality is quite sad.

Despite our hard beginnings
Life still is beautiful
that losing isn't everything.

Dignity is placed -
where you respect yourself the most
and Hierarchy isn't important
to where your love is...

© Pax
yeH! a new poem, a longer one and it's been long i haven't rhyme like this. a bit hard when you have limited vocab, my apologies for its simplicity and many thanks for reading.
Nature as we see it
Maybe the sky isn't blue, it is white
Maybe the stars aren't twinkling, but confused
Maybe the sun isn't shinning, but cursing
Maybe the moon doesn't light up, but filled with darkness
Nature as we described it might not fit
Nature in it self can't be defined
This poem spur from people's believe that  God is nature and anything from God  can't be faulty. So we tend to describes this natural things based on our beliefs. Refusing to see its other end, in which beauty is based on it diversity

— The End —