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Dec 2016 · 611
Saheed and sadya Dec 2016
White fairies, glide and sparkle.
Shimmering in beaming street lights, dismembered by howling wind.
Dec 2016 · 1.2k
Tiny euphoria
Saheed and sadya Dec 2016
Tiny euphoria, relax like the world is made of all the good things. And how I wish to bottle the moment of his,and  when he realizes that not everything is made of twinkling lights and all his favorite things, I'll grab him and hold him closer, protect his heart from all his heartaches. But for now I revel in the thought of the moment when he was blanketed with tiny euphoria.
Dec 2016 · 535
Shooting star
Saheed and sadya Dec 2016
Silver you shine. Light years to you.
I'm small from here; I'll  make a wish when you shower.
Dec 2016 · 741
Autumn leaves
Saheed and sadya Dec 2016
Rustling, dancing together down the street.
It's time,persimmon galore,together we meet.
The earth we'll rest.

— The End —