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written January 3rd, 2017

"Hypocracies flood my mind, time after time

I'm not fine, I'm lying when I say these things in my mind are just all composed of rhymes and lullabies

To get me by

Time flies, yet compositions on white boards and ideas of how I want to be are at an intertwine

Inside - it's one thing

On the outside - I can't compromise"
Go away the sour Kreepy memories,
I will definitely be crazy to relive you,
You're a bad experience - a good lesson.
Take away all the mysterious mysteries,
I will not be again a scapegoat for you,
Not a game as I am not your ******.
And I will start afresh this year now.
New Year Resolution: To UnLove The Non-Deserving

My HP Poem #1361
©Atul Kaushal
the survivors of Auschwitz
put god on trial in absentia
and sentenced him to death.
a fitting end
for a supposedly
omnipotent deity
that couldn’t be bothered
to lift a finger.

if the cross was god’s
critique of power
then why is fascism
on the rise once more?
if Jesus died
for the lost sheep,
then why are politicians
evoking his name
while banishing refugees?

where was the love of god
when our cluster-bombs fell
on kids playing soccer
in Palestine
and U.S. drone strikes
stole the lives
of a wedding party
in Yemen?

if god is not surely dead
then he was never real
in the first place.
Stendhal had it right all along:
god's only excuse
is that he does not exist.

but i met a girl
who so loved the world
that she’d give her life
for a stranger in an instant.  
her name means “helper.”
she is fragile as bone
and sturdy as ancient oak.
she is the only tangible reality
in a world henceforth
without gods or masters.

and i’m watching her wither away.

so i petition
the nebulae
watching over
this pale blue dot
not to avert their eyes.
this heroine of mine,
made in the heart
of a dying star,
would sacrifice her life
for the least of these.
but i am selfish.
i want her to stay,
to stand up and fight,

and if the universe conspires
to take her life, then i will find
the tomb of god and bring
him back from the dead
just to strangle him again.

stay with me, always,
through the long night.
help me heal this silent planet.
if god will not love this earth,
then we will.
heal us of our war, our hate,
our addiction.
i cannot abide a world without you.
I am a magnetically charged vessel
of negative spaces
attracting shards
of dangerous intensity,
while spitting out electricity
only to find my passions
fading in the delusion
of this *******-up ether.
The other time death greeted me warmly,
On the night of Christmas Eve I slept.

But I woke up to have a frozen body,
Enter I did a fearful living nightmare.

Lost was my control over myself,
On my own limbs I lost free will,
Very late I seemed to regain it,
Enter I did a frightful thought,
D**ying unloved by someone truly.
I seem to have a disorder with my body temperature which may be related to my blood pressure falling too low when I am asleep.

My HP Poem #1355
©Atul Kaushal
'Twas the night after Christmas and I lay curled up in bed
With my hair wild and frizzy and my face a bright red
I had cleaned and scrubbed floors, I had cooked and I'd baked
I had done what I could; made curries and cakes
I had gifted many presents and received many too
From books and lip colours to green socks and red shoes
I had prayed and thanked God for his love and kind ways
I had prayed for mankind and for happier days
But something was still missing - I felt it in the lull
I felt restless and edgy, a wee lost, a tad dull
I thought and I pondered - then it dawned upon me
I was missing my poet friends, and writing poetry -
So I wrote this little poem to send love across the seas
Prosperous and healthy may you all always be
I wish you much happiness, peace, hope and light -

And now to the West I wish a good day, to the East a good night.
I thank all the wonderful poets here for their support and encouragement. Thank you. Happy New Year! **
You're late for your funeral
Good cause I don't want you to be just a numeral
another number on a statistic
Time is a killer and it's sadistic
Let's be realistic
although you have wisdom
of sages
I don't want time to take you although it rages
You mean to me the world and more
I am sure you will not need to go through heavens door
Right now for sure
Hold on a little longer
Linger in this life
For our separation would cause me much strife
Don't let time take you into its void
Where I cannot follow.
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