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Rashid Nawaz Jul 2015
I am standing on fire
Latterly .... Dust
On the tinny, thin string of hope..
But here you relate me
To the past?
And My silence ..
Are the words of my heart
Wanting you to know
When patience slays love
Rashid Nawaz Jul 2015
Let it be,
A thought...
As Half sunken
Half neglected
Mere pieces of me you are,
Scattered upon the floor
Like a broken glass
My feelings.....
Rashid Nawaz Jul 2015
Calm .....

Like a Dead Sea shell
Like a flowing wave
Disturbed by a pebble
In a stood memory ~
You will find me there
In the last glimpse of eternity
This poem is About me and my feelings
Rashid Nawaz Jul 2015
Those infinite pains
GaZing upon conflicted thoughts
As I see from no where they came
Moon may hide!
Sun may stop giving shadow
As I followed you in dream
In the empty shelves of my heart
I kept, Moon to the left
And sun to the right
But how can i see beauty?
While the moon fades
And Sun drowns!
I may fall too
To what you said
But when I woke!
The dream was gone
Rashid Nawaz Jul 2015
a wild rough presence
and each carved muscle
are the art of God!
to skin it's Desire
and to flesh it' affection
beneath a creeping thought
I lay fertile,
Vanity, gluttony, lustful sins
I pardon,
gluttony is of your love's hunger
that I desire
and those I commit
are lustful sins
Rashid Nawaz Jul 2015
Bow you Wisdom
Spit away your pride
As I speak to you!
a holly word
So Shall It be
Rashid Nawaz Jul 2015
You may write me down
In your twisted memories and thoughts
Like a history!
Tie me to the sadness
As I chase myself..
Into the wildness of love
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