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694 · May 3
hannah baker
poetic fleur May 3
in a damp room
    with red puddles.

she found what she wanted.

a big smile that never
appeared on her face.

happy wrinkles near her lips
and her round eyes are shrinking due to happiness.

she saw that all
with something bright
in front of her,

as her eyes slowly closed.
"a lot of you cared, just not enough"
- Jay Asher.
poetic fleur Jun 14
i stood by the ocean
without fear i looked up to the sky, to the sun
and remembered the jokes that you said on that night
"my arms will always makes you feel warm, right?"
and i just laughed
i wish i could say, "it is."
while i was in your arms and look into your eyes.
"i love you since the first we met and always be like that"
inspired by "sending my love to heaven" by Janica Nam Floresca
300 · May 16
dear parents
poetic fleur May 16
i'm dying
while you see me smiling.
#depression #anxiety #pain #parents #smile #dying
294 · May 4
never have i ever
poetic fleur May 4
felt like you were torturing yourself by still living in this world?
i have.
266 · May 2
summer depression
poetic fleur May 2
she wanted a winter
she wanted the cold
she wanted the darkness
she wanted herself

she is cold and alive

but it's summer.
179 · Aug 22
broken-hearted person
poetic fleur Aug 22
when you grow up, you will be heartless
when you grow up, you will realize no one cares but you
when you grow up, you will need sleep for 24/7
when you grow up, you will need a good midnight drive alone
when you grow up, you will read this and saying, "i'm so good at predicted."

— The End —